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We have allowed the Separatists for too long to spread blatant lies on every possible aspect of the present debate on Telangana-Andhra. So much so that a large section of gullible people of Telangana, and a few in Andhra and Rayalaseema, take these tissues of lies for granted. Even the educated and the aware in the Telangana region have been browbeaten into believing these canards to be the gospel truth.

One such example is the concocted comments supposedly uttered by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru during his visit to Nizamabad in 1956. Every separatist and his brother quote what Nehru was supposed to have prophetically said about Andhra-Telangana merger. BJP’s Sushma Swaraj also thought it wise to jump at the opportunity in Lok Sabha recently when she quoted these infamous words.

Jawaharlal Nehru, she said, had compared the merger of Andhra and Telangana to a matrimonial alliance having ‘provisions for divorce’ if the partners in the alliance cannot get on well in future.” According to a Times of India report, she quoted Jawaharlal Nehru’s 1956 statement,where he had described the merger of Telangana in Andhra as the marriage of an innocent girl with a mischievous man a description that not just drew fierce opposition from the Congress, but also found resonance throughout the calling attention motion, almost turning into an emotional debate

Sarvey Satyanarayana immediately latched on to the quote as is wont with the Separatists. “As rightly mentioned by Sushmaji, Panditji said that Telangana is like an innocent baby being married to a mischievous boy, an Andhrite. They should live together for long. If this baby demands divorce, it should be granted. … (Interruptions) ” he is reported to have said.

But are these comments attributed to Nehru true? Where and how did the Separatists get this quote?

We are reproducing the entire speech of Nehru in Nizamabad in 1956, which is his first and last visit to the place. Nowhere does the then Prime Minister say the words that he was repeatedly and misleadingly quoted as saying. In fact, throughout the speech, Nehru mentions the need for Andhra and Telagnana to live together, to forget petty issues and focus on building the country.

Here a few extracts:

Hyderabad does not belong only to Telangana

“India does not belong only to you or me but to all of us. Bharat Mata does not belong only to the people of Hyderabad or Uttar Pradesh alone. All of us are parts of India and the whole country belongs to all of you from the Himalayas down to Kanniyakumari. You cannot tell me that Hyderabad and Nizamabad belong to you and Allahabad and Delhi to me.. I too have a right in Hyderabad just as you have claim to the Himalayas, Delhi and other places.”

Don’t Quarrel over Petty Issues

We often quarrel over petty issues, about our provinces, language, etc. If you think like that, you will be giving up this great handful of earth. So you must always bear in mind that the whole of India is like one huge family to which all of us belong. Whether we live in the north or south, irrespective of the religion and caste that we belong to, all of us are part of big family. We stand or fall together.”

Intimidation No Solution

“I mentioned the riots and loot and arson in Bombay, Orissa and other States in which many people were killed. As a result the atmosphere was vitiated by hatred but it had no impact on the decision regarding Bombay or Orissa because you must understand quite clearly that the problems of a great nation are not solved in such manner. Otherwise, the country will be ruined.

Greater Andhra for Greater Good

“In these circumstances, it seemed improper to have two separate states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The new outlook pointed to a greater Andhra.”

“The people of Andhra and Telangana have to lead their lives and progress as parts of the larger entity, India. Therefore petty arguments and tensions will lead nowhere.  I hope all of you will accept this new proposal wholeheartedly and put it into practice. I want that you should become a part of greater Andhra and benefit by it.”

National Interest is Paramount

“However, why should the question of Madras, Bombay, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra or Punjab loom so large before us? The important thing is India.”

While this is the truth, while Nehru actually advocated merger of Andhra and Telangana, while he passionately advocated against parochial tendencies, the Separatists have been indulging in travesty of truth. They have been spreading disinformation and resorting to perjury. This falsehood is now found everywhere, in every piece written by various journals on Telangana issue, as if it were the received word.

The other statement that is frequently quoted is about the “tint of expansionist imperialism” in merging Telangana with Andhra. Which Sushma faithfully repeated in her Lok Sabha speech. She said a statement by the then Prime Minister Late Pt Nehru appeared in the Indian Express issue of the year 1956, in which he allegedly said that he was skeptical of merging Telangana with Andhra State, fearing a “tint of expansionist imperialism” in it.

The truth is different. While Nehru used the words “taint of expansionist imperialism”, he did not specifically use them in the context of Andhra-Telangana. He was most likely talking about the Samyukta Maharashtra movement, about which he spoke even in the speech quoted above.

Here is the entire speech of Jawaharlal Nehru in Nizamabad in 1956. Title of the Book “Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series Volume 32: 1 February-30 April 1956

Nehru Speech at Nizamabad


  1. Chandra Mohan Nellutla says:

    I would appreciate the Language skills of the Admin. At the same time, I think it would have been better if you could have provided the source when you call the Rival Camp quotes as blatant lies. When you have provided this information it would be more beneficial to your readers if you could paste a complete scanned copy of the entire speech without your edits/deletes. For me these are Selected quotes from Selected works of Jawaharlal Nehru through which you are unable to justify why Telangana Proponents Quotes as blatant lies?

    • admin Admin says:

      Thanks for the comments Chandra Mohan Garu. I hope you have seen the entire piece on this. We have actually copy pasted the entire 1956 speech of Nehru in Nizamabad. We have not, I repeat, NOT given selective quotes, but the entire text of the speech. Pls check once again.

    • admin Admin says:

      @Chandra Mohan Nellutla Sir, the link for the PDF copy of the speech from Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru is now available at the end of the above article.

  2. Thanks for your Reply. Once again, let me repeat my request. I had already read the entire Text. I was asking if you have any scanned copy of the Newspaper dated March6, 1956(The Indian Express) or do you have the scanned pages of the Book that you are quoting?
    If you beleive that the Telangana Proponents are quoting the wrong quotes, why should we beleive you when you failed to supply the actual copy?

    • satya says:

      @Nellutla, You can find the actual copy in parliament archives (where prime minister’s official speeches are preserved) and can happily prove us wrong. Or else u can purchase the book here

      The stocks are available. Hurry up

      • Well Mr. Satya,
        Until then Do not write something like”We have allowed the Separatists for too long to spread blatant lies …” and pose as if you are Satya- Harishchandra. It was here I found something written against the quoted lines as expressed by Telangana Proponents. If you feel wrong about those then the Onus is on you to provide the scanned copy.
        I was trying to help the Writer by advising him to prove his credibility by providing the actual proof. The writer himself/herself says that they have presented the actual text completely unedited. It proves a point that they are in possession of the actual copy ( I hope they did not dream) and as such it should not be difficult for them to provide us a copy!

        • satya says:


          1st you will ask for proof when someone says ‘Nehru didn’t utter those words’. After it was given, you will ask for ‘scanned copy’. After which you will ask for video copy of Nehru speech. Later you may say the video is edited and we only believe the eye witness, what ex.Nizamabad MP said. So the issue will come to square one.

          >> I was trying to help the Writer by advising him to prove his credibility by providing the actual proof.
          Thanks for your help. Now tell…. 1. once the author provides the scanned copy of the text, will you accept that the separatists lied and mislead people on Nehru’s speech?
          2. Will you accept that unless until separatists provide some authentic proof, what ever they are telling is not credible?

          You guys do not take any onus on the lies u spread, but try to do all sort of ‘randhranveshana’ when some one comes up with proof.

        • kali says:

          The PDF copy provided above is not a dream, but very much real. I could see it, hope Nellutla too can!! At least now, he can stop all that babble and recognize who is Satya Harishchandra and who is Goebbels!!!

        • satya says:

          This is the telugu translation of what Nehru spoke in Nizamabad. I have compared it with the one posted in this website and it is a true translation. I am not sure in which news paper it was published and when.. The time stamp on my system was shown as Mar 2010. Please correct me if wrong..

        • Yadav says:


          If you think whatever that was said by Nehru to be Gospel truth , then you should respect the formation of Andhra Pradesh which was done by his blessings , why be partisan you want to hear or read only which is suited to your seperatists view & not that is visible to the whole world the Gr8 Andhra Pradesh.

    • admin Admin says:

      Chandra Mohan Garu, We are surprised at your naivete. I have already provided the details of the publication, which is Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru: 1 February-30 April 1956, Volume 32.

      You can also see the PDF File that is provided now. If you want to be more sure, you can actually buy the book from Oxford University Press. Check this website: The book contains the authentic copy of the speech and authorized by Nehru Memorial Fund.

  3. Yadav says:

    After reading the speech , infact for the first time . I fail to understand how come people from Telengana were afraid before the meger that people of Andhra would take away there land , jobs ,education.

    How come people of Telengana before hand knew this would happen was there an akashwani or gods had landed in this land of wealth & proclaimed this would happen. This shows this script has been readied well in advance & the same old movie with new star cast is played every decade or so.

    This script should be sent to oscars for the best script or screenplay , but the saddest part is end is not written properely thats why it failed to be nominated. Please let the scriptwriters stand & take a bow.

    Long Live Andhra Pradesh

  4. One important point in favor of the site’s argument is that late Sri KV Ranga Reddy, the grandfather of separate Telangana movement, nowhere referred to any version of this purported saying of JAWAHARLAL NEHRU in his speech at Nizamabad or anywhere else for that matter. I may be corrected if somebody finds any such reference in any corner of his autobiographical writing, but I could not locate it despite my strenuous effort.

  5. sharma says:

    Dear friends! It is nearly 55 years that the purported speech by the erstwhile PM of India was made in the Nizamabad town.
    On 26.5.2011 nine congress MPs have given notice in Parliament to the effect that the speech of Nehru was twisted and the remarks on the ‘innocent girl and rogue boy’ and their marriage(sic) and the option to be separated whenever the alliance is not workable.
    Nine MPs would not have given the notice in Indian Parliament unless they are convinced.

    I am one of the settlers for the last 55 years and many of the shouting and innocent students were not even born at that time. . I faced the brunt of 69 separatist movement and my education (PUC) was delayed by about 14 months. No colleges, no schools and every 4th day on an average was a curfew days. Many of our students(the then)have lost their lives.
    I doubt all the injustices that have been perpretated on the people of Telangana were not even talked from 1972(separate andhra agitation) till 2001 (the year of TRS) and these thirty years were peaceful!

    It is not true that the agitation is continuous is not correct. Thirty years of total 55 years were peaceful and the people were emotionally united and that is the reason many people from all (telengana and especially andhra) have shifted to Hyderabad by selling their lands there.. There was exchange of small holding of lands to the cash and no body looted any body.
    Give a rupee coin to a small toddler and try to take it from him. Nobody is weak enough to be cheated and that too in many thousands. The bargain must be beneficial to both and hence the transfer of property.

    Forget about the past. Now many promises are being made. 1. one job for one family 2. three acres of land to every family etc., People will realise how empty are these promises among other equally absurd promises.

    For a minute take that Nehru did mention about the innocent girl and rougue boy… who is threatening to kill, maim, displace and beat..Who has vandalised our ancient poets and leaders. Who says that Nannayya oppressed Pothana as Nannayya belongs to Andhra and Pothana belonged to Telengana. No murmer was not heard from the other side. not even murmur…

    Who is rogue boy and who is rogue girl.

    To prove the separtist aspirations, they even gone on record that Andhra gods and Telengana gods, Andhra language and Telugu language.

    There is a mass hysteria when we talk on the subject.

    I love telangana as best part of my life is spent here. I love this city as I adore the Tirupati, the above of sri venkateswara.
    I have graduated from Osmania and PG from Osmania and we have never had any ill feelings among our students that is being witnessed now. I am referring to the 1969 agitation. The writing on the walls with obscene mention of andhra ladies was of course there, and there were stray incidents of hooliganism and not the elite who can argue with solid facts.

    Now the educated lot are obsessed with their arguments and it seems to me that they do not listen to others at all. See the TV discussions, one meek andhraite will be planted in the group of four to five people and he would be shouted down with the’ tape recorder; that is ..’our water.. our jobs,,our coal etc., (try to get a kilo of coal from the colliries and andhraits supposed to have looted all the coal..etc,., and water too. How water which flows downwards can be taken away. If that is the case..why the successive irrigation ministers were mum..

    There are points and counter points.. but not distortions..

    Nonetheless, my love to Telangana is as strong as yours..My request is put the right things in right perspective. No bolstering up wth the unwanted acrimony. Jai telangana..

  6. sarma says:

    Excuse me.

    The date of notice in Parliament is on 26th August 2011 and not May.

  7. Ravi says:

    @Admin -It is true what has Nehru has said about Telangana.The fact is that he has said it in Nizamabad on the same day.But it may not be in the speech (read out speech which was pre-written) and which has made into the book you mentioned.He may have said on teh sidelines of the event or speaking to media or informmally.This has made it into the press.Pls refer to the next days Indian Express and Andhra Patrika and correct your self

  8. sabari says:

    For exact news paper copy:
    Go to
    & search in archives for “Visalandhra -> March 7, 1956″.

    Of course, I would be suprised if you can see the TRUTH even now.

  9. savaalreddy says:

    dear sir…. do you think that all unpublished version words or comments are false… here the question is wether nehru commented on merger or not.. only collection speeches of nehru is not enough… only people who attetended the meetings( note meetings… not meeting) in nizamabad on the mentioned day can say the truth. you have it? just reffering some books… is not enough.
    if it is the case… in a.p.educational text books you donot find any mention of “the great telangana armed struggle against nizam”. taking this as an example do you decide that such struggle is not occured?

  10. savaalreddy says:

    నిజామాబాద్లో నెహ్రు ప్రసంగంలో ఉన్నది ఇది ” హిమాలయాల నుంచి కన్యాకుమారి వరకు à°ˆ దేశంలో అనేక ప్రదేశాలు, భాషలు ఉన్నాయి. కానీ à°ˆ విశాల దేశంపై అందరికీ సమాన హక్కుంది.సమాన బాధ్యతలున్నాయి. దిల్లి ఒకరిది, నిజామాబాద్ మరొకరిది అనే భావాలు తప్పు. దిల్లి నాది కాదు.నిజామాబాద్ మీ స్వంతమూ కాదు. దిల్లిపై మీకెంత హక్కుందో, నిజామాబాద్ పై నాకూ అంతే హక్కుంది. à°ˆ ప్రాంతం à°ˆ ప్రదేశానికి చెందినదని , à°† ప్రాంతం à°† ప్రదేశానికి చెందినదని ఇటువంటి వాదాలు తప్పు.- à°ˆ దేశంలో ప్రతి ప్రాంతం పైనా ప్రతి వారికి సమాన హక్కుంది”..
    ఇదీ నెహ్రు అన్నది…… ఇందులో హైదరాబాద్ ప్రస్తావన లేదు……
    you can find this exact speech in news papers (andhra patrika 7-3-1956, vishaalandra same date).
    my question is that how the hyderabad entered in your socalled speech. it is just because you people wish to make hyderabad a contraversial issue. to make a claim all this hasbeen done.

  11. Yadav says:

    Its really funny logic has any Indian need to lay claim on Delhi , then what is this nonsense Hyderabad has been made controversial to lay claim on it, what claim tokka kaadu its our capital, you people are living in a fools paradise created by KCR,KK,Kodandaram & others.

  12. rachana says:

    It is strange that chandramohan would accept the hindu reporter’s quote with out asking the source..may be the reporter also was unknowingly recycling the oft repeated rumour !
    lagadapati ( while sharing the tv camera with ktr ) claimed that nehru never said like that and declared that he would resign if nehru’s alleged quote was proved to be correct.Till this date trs did not come out with soild proof

  13. The news item dated 3-11-1956 posted in this Visalandhra blog itself contains the below passage, from Nehru’s speech dated 1-11-1956:

    ఆంధ్ర తెలంగాణాల ఏకీకరణ

    ఆంధ్ర, తెలంగాణాల విలీనీకరణ ఒక వివాహమంటిదని చెప్పవచ్చు. అన్ని వివాహాల వలెనే దీనిలోకూడ కొన్ని మంచి లక్షణాలున్నాయి. కొన్ని చెడు లక్షణాలు వున్నాయి. ఉభయులకు శ్రేయోదాయకంగా యివి వర్ధిల్లడానికి అవకాశమున్నట్లే, విభిన్న స్వభావాలమూలంగా ఘర్షణలు బయలుదేరి పరిపాలన నిర్వహణకు అంతరాయం కలిగే ప్రమాదమున్నదికూడ. అందువల్ల ఎదుటివారి అభిమతాన్ని గ్రహించి సర్దుకుని పోయే నేర్పును ఉభయులు ప్రదర్శించాలి.

    So it is amply clear that Nehru did use the metaphor of marriage to describe the merger of Andhra and Telangana, and I think quite wrongly. The real example should have been one of estranged brothers again uniting together – విధివైపరీత్యంవల్ల వేరైన సోదరులు తిరిగి కలిసిపోయిన ఉదాహరణ – but anyhow the speech of 1-11-56 of Nehru is clear that he wanted the union to continue, and in case of any troubles suitable adjustments to be made by both the parties to avert separation. He wanted that such skill of adjustment should be shown by both the parties.
    As such I think Nehru should have spoken in the vein of ‘ek masoom ladki ki ek natkhat ladke se shaadi ho rahi hai’ even during his Nizamabadad speech of March 1953 and that expression might have been ex tempore, reported in local papers or not reported at all. I don’t doubt the truth of the legend. However, I already made it clear that the analogy was quite wrong and ought not to be used by Nehru. However, his 1 November 1956 speech is more clear and desires both the parties – with equal responsibility and skill – to keep up the union.

    • Yadav says:

      It means seed of disintegration was sown by Nehru & Congress in the minds of people of Telengana. If by Nehru,s logic this was marriage then what one can describe the integration of 600 princely states to Indian union , then they too have the right to divorce?

      If at all his statements were used out of context by people of Telengana he should have corrected himself to give the right perspective during his life time , did he doo that???

      This Nehru is not at all a tall leader as he is being made out to be , he was after the PM post only , he was the catalyst for the formation of Pakistan & India being disintegrated . He & his family are not at all suited for ruling our country.

      • Jai says:

        You want to find a villian to be blamed: Nehru, Ranga Reddy, Chenna Reddy or KCR! Your chronic refusal to acknowledge the wishes of the people is the crux of the problem.

        Gurajada wrote “దేశమంటే మట్టి కాదోయ్, దేశమంటే మనుషులోయ్”. The people are supreme in any democracy, not leaders. People’s aspirations, not language or past history, is the true rationale for states. Time to add “దేశమంటే భాష కాదోయ్” & “దేశమంటే చరిత్ర కాదోయ్” to these words of wisdom.

        • Yadav says:

          Then why do you need a Chana , Donga Reddy , KCR to lead you to wake you from your slumber. What were the people doing when integration was done at the first place sleeping or were herded by your dora,s, where was the peoples wishes at that time were we not in democracy??

  14. As for SavaalReddy’s fury at citing Hyderabad where Nehru mentioned Nizamabad, the real meaning of that passage is not about this or that town or city. What Nehru said was that entire India is the region of all Indians and so you cannot say one person alone has right over Nizamabad (or Hyderabad) or the other person alone has right over Delhi etc. He wanted people to imbibe an all India nationalistic spirit hinting that in that event there will not be any bad blood between different regions in the country or the state.

  15. savaalreddy says:

    my straite question is how the word “hyderabad” enterd in the given article? nehru not mentioned it in his speech. to prove it… i gave the news items of andhra patrika and vishaalandra. any one have doubts … i am ready to send the paper cuttings (but i find no provision in this site. please tell me how to send pdfs or tiff files). “nehru mind set… nehru opnion… nehru dress code.. all this arguments are unnecessary.

    • Phanindra says:

      Any news paper can’t publish exactly each and every word from a meeting. Andhra Patrika and Vishaalandra have translated the Nehru’s speech on that day. It could have happened that during this translation they have missed it or may have edited it to reduce the print papter. However, the books that are referred and published independent of either Andhra OR Telangana editors or publishers should be considered as factual as they can bring the truth on what Nehru had spoken in that meeting. Jai Hind!

  16. savaalreddy says:

    MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA conveniently used the Nehru’s speech dated 1-11-1956 for his argument.
    but i am asking why he missed the part of same speech …. that given below.

    “కొత్త ఆంద్ర మంత్రులు, శాశన సబ్యులు ఇక్కడ ఉన్నారు. వారందరికీ ఇది పరిక్షా సమయం. ఉదారంగా వ్యవహరిస్తారో లేక సంకుచితంగా వ్యవహరిస్తారో ఇక చూడవలిసి ఉంది. అన్దరినీ కూడగట్టుకుని పోతారో, లేక దురహంకారంతో వ్యవహరిస్తారో చూడవలసి ఉంది. ”
    ఆంద్ర పత్రిక శనివారం నవంబర్ ౩, 1956

    he clearly said that he will “look” the future. he also used the word “durahankaaram” what it shows? to whom about he mentioned?

    • prabhakar says:

      Why not read then pro-Telangana paper (with caption తెలంగాణ జాతీయ దిన పత్రిక in as late as 1957)?

      He clearly said that he will “look” for future. Good. Then what he did when so called exploitation is going on? How come he had “durhankaarulu” in his own party?

  17. I never ‘conveniently quote’. Savaal Reddy forgets that I have quoted from Andhra Prabha whereas he is quoting from Andhra Patrika. Naturally there can be differences and omissions in the reports of different newspapers. But the essence is the same. Savaal Reddy is so obsessed with the current artificially created aversion to the word ‘Andhra’ and directing it to ‘Seemandhra’ only that he forgets in those days ‘Andhra’ was used to refer to Telangana leaders also. They were all leaders of Andhra Mahasabha. Especially in the passage given above the reference to Andhra Mantrulu is a reference to ministers of entire Andhra Pradesh not just seemandhra or Telangana and he wanted both the parties to be responsible. So kotta Andhra mantrulu means ministers of Andhra Pradesh.

    How Hyderabad entered instead of Nizamabad? That Savaal Reddy should ask of the editors of Nehru Selected Works. None here knows it. Perhaps Nehru himself might have corrected when it was going to press. Nothing unusual for a writer to change when a speech is going to press.

  18. savaalreddy says:

    sharmaaji.. you said ” Nehru himself might have corrected when it was going to press.” ok… ok…. why not you apply the same to nizamabad speech? he might have deleted the “divorce part” from his speech. isnt it?

    • rachana says:

      OK savaal reddy! Let me agree with you .Nehru himself may have deleted the divorce part from his speech.What does it mean? Why would one delete one particular word or phrase from his own speech?Only when he feels that word or phrase has been erroneously used
      Even allowing your logic there are two possibilities 1) Nehru never used the divorce part 2)He used it and later edited that out .In both cases it literally means Nehru never meant the divorce part.Period.

  19. Yadav says:

    Nehru used the word that is the reason you people are asking for divorce???.

    Why dont you go & ask your first chief ministers family why he agreed for integration in first place?/// You will get the answers why sing the same tune taught by KCR & Kodandaram, anyways one sawal who was the teacher of Kodandaram???

  20. savaalreddy says:

    MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA gaaru…. nehru also said the following words….
    “అందరి భయాలను తొలగించి అందరికీ న్యాయం చేకూర్చి రక్షణ సమకురడానికి అనుగుణంగా పరిపాలించి ప్రజల విశ్వాసాన్ని పెంపొందించు తారో లేదో చూడవలసి ఉన్నది. మనం విశాల హృదయంతో వ్యవహరిస్తేనే దేశం అబ్యున్నతి చెందడమే గాక మన కీర్తి ప్రతిష్టలు గౌరవము పెంపొందుతాయి …..”
    అటు తర్వాత ముఖ్యమంత్రి శ్రీ సంజీవరెడ్డి ప్రసంగిస్తూ.. ప్రధాన మంత్రి ఇచ్చిన సలహాలను తప్పకుండా పాటించి వారు చూపిన మార్గాన్నే నడుస్తామని హామీ ఇస్తున్నాను. అట్లా చెయ్యలేక పొతే మా ఉద్యోగాలకు రాజీనామా ఇచ్చి వైదొలుగుతాము.
    andhra patrika 7-11-1956
    if “Andhra Mantrulu” is reference to ministers of entire Andhra Pradesh …….the words “bhyaalu” refers to whom? to whom nehru asked for assurences? everyone knows who express “bhayaalu” at the time of merger.

    if we should go to burgula family… you people too sholud go to nilam’s family for not fulfilling the promises given to nehru.

    and my question “how the word hyd entered in the “given” article above” remain unanswered.

    • rachana says:

      Savaal reddy gaaru,
      This is with reference to the bhayaalu word.
      During razakar time many t-people fled to andhra areas and took shelter and enjoyed andhra’s hospitalityThen andhras heard many stories about those razakar atrocities.Naturally many andhra people had fears about coming over to hyderabad where they had to face language problem too.There were aprehensions on both sides.Your question about why hyd instead of nizamabad was already answered.Nehru may have changed it


      • savaalreddy says:

        if Nehru may have changed nizamabad to hyd. then why this article included it? even after the evedence submitted why the comment in the article “Hyderabad does not belong only to Telangana” not removed?

    • If you carefully read the item you cited: ‘andari bhayalu’ means fears of all – it is not just exclusively fears of Telanganites, though those may be major. And ‘we will follow’ means the collective of cabinet – which includes Telangana ministers.

      I have already clarified as to how ‘Hyderabad’ entered. You write to the publishers of Nehru Selected Works and enquire from them if you still have doubt. Because Nehru was in Nizamabad he might have said Nizamabad that time. Next when he came to Hyderabad city, he might have spoke in the same vein and changed it to Hyderabad then. This is usual with leaders who have to change their speeches slightly as per time and place. Finally when it came to putting in print in Selected Works he might have thought to change it as Hyderabad. And after all Nizamabad is a small town in Hyderabad State. Why u make so much fuss of it?

  21. Yadav says:

    Now you are absolutely right , we should discuss the real issues why the integration was done & why the promises were not kept.

    But the ordinary Seema Andhra public was not signatory to the promises made , then how they can be blamed , for the ills of the people of Telengana , similarly for the ills of Rayalseema & Andhra people should we blame people of Telengana & we should no the real reasons for accepting Hyderabad as the capital of AP, if Kurnool would have been capital there would not have been any demand for seperate Telengana!!!

  22. savaalreddy says:

    rachana gaaru….

    your argument..”There were aprehensions on both sides” find no evidence. it is true that only telangana people expressed thier aprehensions.. before state reorganisation commitee… their aprehensions mentioned in the SRC report clearly. no andraa people expressed Your so called “aprehensions” before SRC hearings…

    • Yadav says:

      Reddy garu, the aprehensions from Telengana people would have been purely on the basis of return of Doralarajyam & not from common SA people. SA people were never under any Doralrajyam hence didnt have any apprehensions.

      Now when in this 21st century also in recent KCR,s meeting there was not even one speaker from BC,SC,ST population of Telengana then we can understand who all would have given the representations infront of SRC 50+ yrs back??? I think this clears the air on SRC it was just farce!!!!!!!

    • Phanindra says:

      Obviously there should be apprehensions from both sides. Ministers hailing from Telangana are also part of Andhra Pradesh. Subsequently there are chief ministers hailing from Telangana too. Therefore, those ministers should not think one sidedly. Please don’t think narrowly.

  23. savaalreddy says:

    yaadav gaaru
    it is you asked me that “Why dont you go & ask your first chief ministers family why he agreed for integration in first place?” so i replied in the same sense. now you are asking….”the ordinary Seema Andhra public was not signatory to the promises made , then how they can be blamed” it is very clear that telangana people not blamed SA people for the ills.
    AND your another argument….”if Kurnool would have been capital there would not have been any demand for seperate Telengana!!!” is baseless. if hyd would not have been capital then…. there would not have been any demand for merger from your side !!!

    • Yadav says:

      reddy garu, what was so special about hyderabad that all the seema andhra politicians agreed for the merger for that reason, if you can throw some light on that & enlighten us?.

      Anyways kohinoor which was found in the mines nearby was already taken away by the britishers on a lighter note!!!!!!

  24. Yadav says:

    Regarding formation of Visalandhra or Andhra Pradesh, I submit there was neither any popular movement nor any demand from any influential sections or interests for merging Andhra and Telangana. it must have been, then, a pragmatic and strategic decision taken in Delhi to prevent Hyderabad from raising its secessionist head once for all. The principle of forming states on linguistic basis came in handy and Hyderabad state was trifurcated permanently and merged with three different states thus losing its homogenity and distinct identity. It will be interesting to note that Junagarh and Hyderabad both of which tried to avoid signing the Instrument of Accession were brought to heel and merged with erstwhile British administered states to stamp out all feudal traces.

    The last week of May 1954 [was/is] a very important week in the history of Hyderabad. That week the Fazal Ali Commission had visited Hyderabad for collection of opinions from the people of Hyderabad. In this context a special mention needs to be made about an important development. About six weeks before the arrival of this Commission, as per the decision of the Hyderabad Pradesh Congress Executive Committee, the meetings of delegates from Andhra, Maharashtra and Karnataka were held separately. These meetings were intended to decide as to what recommendations have to be conveyed to the Fazal Ali Commission regarding the future of the State. Maharashtrians and Kannadigas had resolved in support of United Maharashtra and United Karnataka. But differences arose among the Telangana delegates. Dr. Channa Reddy had raised the argument that Telangana should remain separate and led a powerful group in its support. In this meeting [of Congress delegates from Telangana] Thirty three [33] delegates supported separate Telangana whereas thirteen [13] supported Greater Andhra. Among the total 100 delegates remaining 54 delegates abstained. On the whole it was resolved that there were two opinions among the Telangana delegates and both the opinions were to be conveyed to the Fazal Ali Commission. As per the Congress rules and regulations, there was only one Pradesh Congress for the entire Hyderabad State and there was no provision for such separate delegates’ meetings of the three regions. For the first time, regarding [the crucial] issue of division of the State and subsequent tasks, such separate meetings of delegates has taken place even though there was no [such enabling] provision in the Rules. And some people [strongly] felt that it was not a proper course, and Sri Pulla Reddy had accordingly raised an objection in that meeting also. Be that as it may, two definite factions had cropped up in the Hyderabad Pradesh Congress. One was the Greater Andhra faction and the other Telangana faction. The impact of these factions was to make itself felt at every subsequent step.

    This clearly shows to keep the feudalistic starnglehold on the innocent people of Telengana , this issue was raised by the Reddy Dora,s & as the mythics are trying to create an impression that the people were against the merger is absolutely wrong. Why go that far today also you can see on TV,s you will find only pink color wearing rowdies on the roads we would be mistaken if we take them for common people of Telengana.

  25. savaalreddy says:

    Yadav gaaru.. you may not aware of the fact that in 1952 idli samber goback movement and 1969 the separate telangana movement started and continued by backward clases. not by reddys are doras…and not by politicians. A large people belongs to BCs and Scs participated in it. even in hyd city the number was very big. later the movement captured by upper clases for various reasons. (lack of political representetion etc.)
    the separating (some clases from movement) tactices is an old formula!!
    tears are enough … wipe them out!!

    • Yadav says:

      Reddy Garu, Yes BC,S & SC,s have been all the foot soldiers for the dora,s , who sit in there AC rooms without participating in the agitation.

      You have hit the nail on head as there was no political representaion for FC,s hence jumped into agitation & not for love of Telengana & its people.

      You people have shed lot of crocodile tears on the students death just to come to power , doing politics over there dead bodies & declaring bandh only when a person with Reddy surname dies , why didnt you have bandhs on 600days for 600deaths which you are claiming, were they not from Telengana or there sacrifice is lesser than Doras.

      You people have tried lot of formulas , with same script , why dont change to something new??

      • I know and I have seen almost all my Telangana native friends and other acquaintances also relishing Idli and Sambar very much and singing its praises. And if some fanatics were hypocritical and gave or giving such slogans ‘Idli Sambar Go Back!’ that only shows their stupidity, parochialism and blind hatred. And then, after all, Idli and Sambar are more identified with and generally owe their origin to Madras and Tamil Nadu than Seemandhra.

  26. savaalreddy says:

    yadav garu…you use the word rowdies…… do you think srikaantaa chary who sacrifised life for telangana is a rowdy..yadayya …ishaan reddy.. venugopalareddy… yadireddy..all are rowdies? tellme the grand father of telangana prof: jayashankar is a rowdy? rowdies extract money.. takes lives….. not sacrifies lives!!!
    and one more thing you should know that allthe reddys in telangana are not FCs. ex; chinnaareddy in mahaboobnagar. all the raos are not doras.

    • Yadav says:

      Reddy Garu , I didnt know they were all affiliated to TRS?. I have spoken of TRS rowdies with pink color & never about the students who sacrificed there lifes & please dont drag me into this kind of cheap politics its best suited to people of Telengana only!!!

    • prabhakar says:

      savaalreddy gaaru,

      we can interpret Nehur’s statements as suits us. But it is worth to interpret together various statements of Nehru at various points of time. For starters you can take
      On 1st Oct 1953 he made statement of Imperial Expansionism (Quoted by every T-vaadi). Incidentally in same chat he made his stand clear on division of Hyderabad state. He was against division.
      On 5th March 1956 at Nizamabad he gave elaborate explanation for why he reversed his stand on division of Hyderabad and also favoring larger states. Larger states was stand of not only just Nehru but Congress High Command. You can find the same in resolutions passed in 61st national meeting of congress in Punjab.
      In Nizamabad he also categorically said that united AP was announced after careful study of arguments from both sides. And he advised both sides to put the past behind and work together.
      Would Nehru talk of divorce after such elaborate explanation?
      Maybe, you think, I guess.
      I would recommend you to read 7th March 1956 edition of various Telugu papers. But you will definitely question motives of papers published from outside Hyderabad.
      So just ignore all of them go and read Golconda Patrika of the same date. You read headline (featuring statement of KV Ranga Reddy, not Nehru) and also editorial.
      Once again you may doubt GP also was in league with Andhra papers. Then go back a little and read GP from middle 1954of on wards.
      I would grateful to you if you can show the divorce statement in GP any day after 5th March 1956.

      BTW, I cannot guess your age. But your attempt to apply term rowdies all people is rather childish and understandable. But if you are a grown up. It is foolish and will denigrate mindset of Telanganas in front of world.

    • Yadav says:

      Savval, I petty Jayashankar as he would be happilly RIP now, otherwise KCR would have used him to carry his files as he did in N Delhi when he had gone to meet Chidu!!!!

      If the father of your so called dream state had to go through such humiliation at the hands of Andhra lineage KCR , then where will you run savaal if at all he becomes CM of dream state , because as per your earlier statement you dont like idli sambar , hope you will have atleast grass or leafs to eat.

      • savaalreddy says:

        yadav i agree you people have the best art of misinterpretation…. and you people should know that kcr houners jayashankar sir with “padabhivandanam” many times !!! all andrapradesh audiens watched it many times in t.v.s too. even when he was a leader in TDP.. he never used to touch the feet of NTR like many other big leaders.. . and…. LEAFS!!..por yadav…. your symble ” gongura” is a leaf !!!

        • Yadav says:

          It has been proved to the world who has misinterpretated the facts !!

          It once again proves the hatred for SA people , its not in the culture of Telengana to give respect to elders , proved by KCR,s action.

          It means you have only left with………….. grass!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jai says:

          Savaal bhai, jungleeku kya maloom zaafaranoka mazaa? The fans of the megalomaniac actor empty dramarao will never understand the greatness of Prof. Jayashankar.

          The correct tit for tat for the so called tegulu atmagouravam cult started by the saree wearing, shava pooja fanatic was given by Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna. The maestro was so incensed by dramarao’s tantrums that he refused to play in andhera pradesh till dramarao was CM.

          • Yadav says:

            Ab Neech Kaminey Kutton ko battana padey ga ki Telengana bhi AP ka hi hissa hai jisme Dr. M.Bala ji refused to play.

            Inkey baap Jai Shankar ney yeh nahi sikhaya kya???

          • Yadav says:

            Waisey bhi becharey Telengana walon ka kya dosh, Jab Baap(Jai Shankar) hi mentally sick ho to auladon ka to bhagwan hi mallik!!!!!!

  27. Prabhakar says:

    Suicides and Crocodile tears

    I agree with you even staunch Smaikhya vaadis were afraid of questioning suicides and so shedding crocodile tears.

    Here is my take.
    Only brave people can commit suicides and not cowardly. It is well known fact.
    On the other hand a brave person with mission on hand will never commit suicide.
    There is a third category MAD either possessed or brainwashed.
    Even they would like to do it publicly to get martyrdom. Like terrorists.
    People commit suicides in houses and wells for personal failures.
    People with mission do it publicly like Srikanthachary or Surinder Singh Chauhan (in 1990 against Mandal commission).
    Another funny part of T suicides is elaborate and emotional letters. SA leaders like Chalasani Srinivas, verasivareddy are hardly known in those regions. But their names figure in T suicide letters.

  28. rachana says:

    Savaal reddy,
    May be there was a movement called idli-sambar go back in 1952,but the fact is just after two decades idli sambar and masala dosa have become the most popular dishes in telangana too.

    • savaaledyy says:

      rachana gaaru…
      the idli sambar goback movement is against employment for non locals … it is not particularly about any region.(idli- smabaar is takan as a symbel.)…… AND now you must know that idli sambaar is belongs to tamilians… not to andraass…

      • mr sava reddy

        if idly sambar represents Andhraites —

        who is KR Amos, a keralite – your leader
        swaminathan, a tamilian, TNGO ex-leader

        can u refuse them just because they were borne in idly sambar
        OR can u take oath, u people in Telangana does not eat in future

        • savaalreddy says:

          i told many times that Tpeople never feels to learn anything from anyone. what they want is to honour them and their culture. and your comment is ridiculous.may the amos and swaminathan were born in idly and sambar… born as malayaalies..and tamilians but their eyes filled with tears for T people,T employees apprehensions. thus they absorbed themselves in telangana life. but what about you people, who always called yourselves as brothers did for telangana? were your eyes have dropped of a single drop of tear etleast for the youth who committed suicides?
          and your comment on food…definitely T people does not eat anything if your rule continues!!!!

  29. savalreddy says:

    Yadav gaaru.. i know that you people learn the dividing politics from britishers well. if you read the suicide letters of the students you will realise to which party they either physically or mentally belongs.
    and.. lacks of telangana people responding to the calls given by trs and jac…. and parcipating in the agitations. you can not saparate the party and the movement.
    if you people afried of pink colour,and trs…it is not our fault!!

  30. savaalreddy says:

    rachana gaaru..
    idli sambar goback movement is against the employment to non locals.. its only a symble of the movement. for god’s sake its a tamil dish… not of andraass..

  31. Yadav says:

    Rachana , I thought this hatred for SA people was recent , after reading your reply this hatred was there before integration itself. This shows how insane & immoral is this agitation which targets the people from other region & the most saddening part is this has been going on for last 55 years or so.

    Either this congress governments at both centre & here are incompetent or complicit in this agitation to malign TDP & afterall who is the home minister here , with so much loss of revenue & destruction around no one is there to comfort the common man.

    I am no big fan of Nehru but the complete essence of his speech has been twisted to highlight only the marriage part in his statement & the bigger message which he wanted to give of Indianess has been lost in this madness.

  32. savaalreddy says:

    i dont know why my answers to the questions of rachana and yadav were removing ? …..

  33. @Yadav. Visalandhra movement was quite popular in Telangana during 1949-56. The separate Telangana movement picked up in towns only during 1955-56 that too due to the orientation of Fazal Ali Commission first and then due to its report. One may read the chapter on Visalandhra movement by Dr. Devulapalli Ramanuja Rao (ex-President, Andhra Saraswatha Parishadm Hyderabad; a native of Warangal) in his book Telangana lo Jatiya Udyamalu. For English translation of the same you may go to my another blog:

    • savaalreddy says:

      actually i donot wish to comment on big person like devulapally but everyone knows that comunists started vishaalandra movement and as a comunist philosopher devulapally naturally supports vishalandra too. nothing special is there if there are supportings arguments taken place in his book. in shiva puranam you can find all the arguments suports shiva not vishnu!!
      AND interesting point is you quoted the argument from ” Visalandhra movement” chapter and he is the ex-Presidentof ” Andhra Saraswatha Parishadm” Hyderabad too!!!!! how can you find telangana suported arguments?

  34. Yadav says:

    Sharma Garu, Thank you very much it is a very informative blog. It shows it was the political aspirations in Congress due to which there was a discord.

    If at all integration had to be stopped that was the best time , it wouldnt have been painfull , as of today after living for more than 55 yrs in AP & its capital Hyderabad people from all the regions have sentimental attachment to both the entities , people from Telengana may give it names but its really hard to forego this emotional attachment , its like two sons tearing down there mother & its sickening to see.

    Hope better sense will prevail, than the narrow political one upmanship.

    • savaalreddy says:

      yadav gaaru…
      your words…. painfull…. sentimental attachment to both the entities….emotional attachment ….tearing down there mother & its sickening ….etc… baapree.. bahuth huvaaa.
      but sir it is you quoted the words in one reply like this….”Waisey bhi becharey Telengana walon ka kya dosh, Jab Baap(Jai Shankar) hi mentally sick ho to auladon ka to bhagwan hi mallik!!!!!!”"” whahh great….

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal Garu , grt ness is on your part as you easily forget the words used by your fellow blogger you dont find any thing derogatory in those , my response was to what was said , this is the art to be learnt from people of Telengana & should be taught in all schools & colleges around the world. How to blame others for all the fault of your fellow tribes??????

        • savaalreddy says:

          if it is the case of teeching the blame game of andraass just scholls, colleges are not enough..universities are must. my dear friend… you the people blame tamilians for separate state. you people blame the same for madraass. you blame karnataka for bellary. orissa for barampuram… many times you blamed delhi for various resons. without having good arguments you started blaming karnataka on krishna water. even your blamming game and dramaas in connection with godawari water become threat and created terror in telugu people living in maharastra. is it enough… wants more ?

          • Yadav says:


            You blame us for everything & anything???

            I appreciate your love for Telugus in Maharastra oh forgot your first husband naaaaaaaaa????????????

          • savaalreddy says:

            yadav you fogot onething. we let our areas to maha and karntka…means we are in poistion of husband not wife…. and you separated from a big area means your position was wife not husband…. now you can understand who are you in andhra pradesh.

  35. I think this website should prominently display the Gaddar song (video) of a recent past when he was not victim (or become addict?) of regional chauvinism when he sung gloriously of ‘Telugu Talli pallelu’. So all this hysteria of separatism is nothing but pure opportunism on their part. See:

    • savaalreddy says:

      until the saparation done it is AP. if any one calls or quotes as AP it is not mean that he supported samaikyaandra. it applies the same for your quoted song sample. once sri sri wrote songs praising emergency. it means he suported emergency? he adicted emergency? what an argument…?

  36. Actually people of Hyderabad i.e. GHMC area are not enamoured of separatists. Of course, the OU is occupied by the separatist students and others but still a majority of people in Hyderabad would be happy at the continuance of Andhra Pradesh. Knowing this, TRS and TJAC are devising all sorts of tricks and measures to influence the city people also and browbeat them by Sakala Janula Samme, RTC strike, etc. Unfortunately integrationists are so afraid that they are not coming forward to unite and demonstrate. I hope some way out can be found where integrationists can be mobilised here and also in various districts of Telangana.

    • Yadav says:

      Sharma Garu absoulutely right we need to mobilise people who beleive in integration & its benefits to each & every one in AP but people need a platform to put there views strongly.

      This government & political enities have given a free run to TRS & TJAC, clearly the momentum is with them it would be very tough to break the stranglehold of seperatist. Government need to take very tough decisions to bring the house to order otherwise it would be too late to repent.

    • savaalreddy says:

      yyaaaa… it is the true colour of samaikyaandra…. it shows what actually you wants..ANd sir it seems you people are in a dream that you have a majority in hyd. but sir…most of the andraa people who are in hyd are govt. employees. find a good number in your offices. and in pvt offices you people chose andraa firms. they chose everyday you see your people. this applies to your residences. your office going and return timings you find your people. that maight be given this impression. but my dear sir.. the city is very big.. all the people are not neccessarily govt. employees. just ameerpet or kukatpally vanastalipuram is not the whole city. do you know addagutta? it a big slum in asia. you find no andraa there. hyd having hundreds of slums. you know parthi wada…dholpeta..shalibanda.. gouliguda… you people find there? rest of all take old city you dont find a single andraa family. there are so many basties in the heart of the city in which only telangana people live. there is a big world sir you dint see sofar…..and the people live there loves telangana but they dont come to roads. they cant spend their time because they are daily wage erners etc. if it is a case to come to roads and showing the strenght…. we are ready… you dare it?

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal Garu, that means the people on roads organizing strikes are people from SA , ok fine…………… we the people of SA have come to this city our capital nobodys “jagir” to earn livelihood not to do politics thats why we are working & you are on roads not the other way. By this you might have understood who is the daily wager & who is “g…….dda ballisinolu”!!!!!

        Get the hangover of you Kallu & Hyderabad state this is Andhra Pradesh , nearly half century has passed you are not getting over the hang over how funny??????

        Whole world is seeing your strength , how much more you want to show thats the reason your Congress Amma has also understood who is fooling whom with this logic of being repressed ,looted & suicides which for some reason happens when no one is watching & when the world watches its drama enacted ala Sholay no guts to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        • savaalreddy says:

          i can understand your frastration…
          and you are saying about kallu… ok then what about your culture that the naked dances in jataraas.. that to in festivals like shivaratri..vinayaka chaviti too… women stars dance and remove cloths one by one and you people wathing them with big eyes and watering mouth…. what type of hangover this my dear sir? and you may notice that an mla joins this dance in kostaa sometime ago and recently a VC join this type dance in his sendoff cermony in seema…

          in case of world… world have the reference of telangana and…telangana armed struggle.

          • Yadav says:


            I too understand your frustration on not being able to watch Vijay Shanthi doing the dance , any ways “Gadda Mukku” KCR is lucky you go to his place & see all the dramarao,s(KCR,KK,Harish,KTR) gyrating there, then your eyes will also pop up & your mouth will become slurpy that will give you a kick of your life time.

          • savaalreddy says:

            you seems to be a”keyhole watcher”"
            But dont think that all people are like you… some people have some disency and values…
            the culture of jatara naked dances… keehole watching is special for you. it not suits us.

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal, you have all the decency , but still know & talk about jatara of naked dances. Ok watching doesnt suit you just talking suit;s you & your ilk!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            once again you show your decency…..may god bless you!!

  37. Likewise the following poems of KALOJI (excerpts with English translation of mine as published in my edited LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 August 2010 issue) also need be widely publicized:

    తెనుగునాడు మనది ఐననాడు

    ఆ నాడూ ఈ నాడూ ఏ నాడును లోటు లేదు
    వ్యక్తి వ్యక్తి స్నేహానికి మనిషి మనిషి శ్రేయానికి
    సర్వజనుల సౌఖ్యానికి భారత సౌభాగ్యానికి
    ఆ ఈ నాడుల మధ్య లంకె కుదిరి మెలగునాడు
    ఆంధ్రుని అభ్యుదయానికి ఏనాడును లోటు లేదు
    ఆంధ్రాభ్యుదయమ్ము అందరిమేలును గన్ననాడు మనది తెనుగునాడు
    దేశమంటే మట్టికాదు మనుషులు అన్న మొదటినాడు మన తెనుగునాడు
    మనిషి మనిషిగ బ్రతుకవీలు సౌకర్యము ఉన్ననాడు మన తెనుగునాడు
    కొదువ పూజ్యమ్ము, గొడవకు తావులేదు,
    ముదము మురిపము పబ్బాల సంబరమ్ము
    అన్నపూర్ణమ్మ మన ఆంధ్ర పూర్ణకుంభ, సుజల సుఫల సస్యశ్యామలాంబ.
    లోటేమున్నది ఆంధ్రుని అభ్యుదయానికి
    భారతి సౌభాగ్యానికి లోటేమున్నది? …………………
    తెనుగునాడు మనది ఐననాడు ‘ జైహింద్’, వందే మాతరం.

    On that day or this day or any day there is no dearth of
    friendship between person and person, of welfare for
    man and man, for happiness of all and for India’s prosperity
    When conduct follows the link between that day and today
    Any day there will be no paucity of progress for the Andhras.
    Where the progress of Andhra ushered in good for all,
    it is our Telugu land; The first land to declare ‘country does not mean bare earth but its people’ is our Telugu land;
    Where men can live at ease as humans is our Telugu State.
    Here it is zero-deficiency and no place for troubles
    All happiness, fondness and joy of festivals
    Our Andhra is Mother Annapurna (Food-full Goddess)
    Well watered, good-fruited and green crops-rich mother
    Where the dearth for Andhra progress,
    Where the deficit for Mother India’s prosperity? …………….
    And when Telugu country belongs to all of us, then
    say also Jai Hind and Hail the Mother (Vande Mataram)!


    ఏ భాషరా నీది యేమి వేషమురా?
    ఈ భాష ఈ వేష మెవరి కోసమురా?
    ఆంగ్లమందున మాటలాడ గలుగగనే
    ఇంతగా గుల్కెదవు ఎందుకోసమురా?
    ఉర్దు మాటలాడి యుబ్బిబ్బిపడుటకు
    కారణంబేమిటో కాస్త చెప్పుమురా? ……………
    తెలుగు బిడ్డడవయ్యు తెల్గు రాదంచును
    సిగ్గులేక ఇంక చెప్పుటెందుకురా?
    దేశభాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్సయటంచు
    తెలుగుబిడ్డా! యెపుడు తెలుసుకొందువురా?
    తెలుగుబిడ్డవురోరి తెలుగు మాట్లాడుటకు
    సంకోచపడెయెదవు సంగతేమిటిరా?
    అన్యభాషలు నేర్చి ఆంధ్రంబు రాదంచు
    సకిలించు ఆంధ్రుడా! చావవెందుకురా? // ఏ భాషరా//


    Hi, what language is yours, what is this dress of yours?
    For whose sake this language and this dress you don?
    Why put on so much pretty airs
    just because you can speak some English?
    Or can you explain some reason why you feel
    so much pride and joy in speaking Urdu?
    Are you not ashamed at your ignorance of Telugu
    in spite of your being a son of Telugu land?
    That Telugu is the best among the country’s languages Oh Telugu child, when will you come to know?
    Hi, what’s the matter, why do you hesitate to
    talk in Telugu though you are a Telugu lad?
    You learn other languages, but neigh saying you don’t
    know Telugu, Hi, Andhrite, isn’t death better for you?

  38. Rayaprolu Subba Rao, a pioneer Telugu nationalist poet, though did not actively participate in movements, was inspiration to the Andhra national movement. Much of his adult age and career he served in Hyderabad and retired as the Head, Telugu Department, Osmania University. His poems are also worth publicizing:

    Awakening Address

    అమరావతీ పట్టణమున బౌద్ధులు విశ్వ విద్యాలయములు స్థాపించునాడు,
    ఓరుగల్లున రాజవీరలాంఛనముగా పలు శస్త్రశాలలు నిలుపునాడు,
    విద్యానగర వీధులన్ కవితకు పెండ్లి పందిళ్లు కప్పించునాడు,
    పొట్నూరికి సమీపమున ఆంధ్ర సామ్రాజ్య దిగ్జయస్తంభ మెత్తించునాడు.
    ఆంధ్రసంతతి కే మహితాభిమాన దివ్యదీక్షాముఖస్ఫూర్తి తీవరించె,
    ఆ మహావేశ మర్థించి యాంధ్రులారా! చల్లు డాంధ్రలోకమున నక్షతలు నేడు.
    తన గీతి అరవజాతిని గాయకులనుగా దిద్ది వర్ధిల్లిన తెనుగు వాణి,
    తన పోటులు విరోధితండంబులకు సహింపనివిగా మెరసిన తెనుగు కత్తి.
    తన యందములు ప్రాంతజనుల కభిరుచి వా
    సన నేర్ప నలరిన తెనుగు రేఖ,
    తన వేణికలు వసుంధరను సస్యశ్యామలను జేయ జెలగిన తెనుగు భూమి.
    అస్మదార్ద్ర మనోవీధి నావహింప జ్ఞప్తి కెలయించుచున్నాడ! చావలేదు,
    చావలే దాంధ్రజన మహోజ్జ్వల చరిత్ర
    హృదయములు చీల్చి చదువుడో సదయులార!
    Days when Buddhists founded universities in Amaravati town
    When numerous armories with royal insignia were set up in Warangal, and when poetry was honored with gusto like marriages in pandals in Vidyanagara and when the Andhra empire’s victory tower was erected at Potnur –
    Then did the entire Andhra progeny glow with
    divine sentiments of duty and great dignity
    And, oh Andhra, taking cue from that great emotional spirit
    Sprinkle the blessing seeds of rice today on the Andhra land.
    By its musical lyrics did it convert the entire Tamil community as ardent singers – our Telugu Voice,
    By its acute strikes did it become unbearable to enemy hordes – the Telugu sword,
    By its beauties did it inculcate finer tastes in the peoples of these regions – our Telugu horizon,
    By its long tresses [of cultivated fields] did it make the earth lush with crops – our Telugu land,
    As all these features overwhelm my moistened heart,
    I recall from my remembrance and shout – Died not, not dead,
    the very brilliant history of the Andhra people,
    O kind brethren, let us read it with ecstatic hearts!

    * * *
    I SUGGEST THIS WEBSITE OPEN A SEPARATE BOX/THREAD ‘TELUGU JATIYA GEETHALU’ and post all such inspiring and relevant songs and poems in it.

  39. savaalreddy says:

    peoms are good…kep them with you…and sing everyday. but sir.. poems are not life… vishalaandraa maight be based on poems.. but telangana based on experience!!! ….
    vishalandraa ninaadam is a dream… telangana poratam is reality.
    one thing we have to agree… talking or liking..or praising… loving telugu is not necesarily means .. suporting united state.

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal Garu, who is asking you to support united state , because you people cant keep anything united not even your “Hyderabad State” which was broken into pieces & you people kept mum shamelessly , but we cant let this happen to our beloved state of Andhra Pradesh , this is the biggest difference between people of Telengana & SA , not the language,food nothing else……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. savalreddy says:

    yadav gaaru…..
    its silly to argue that you people wont let to lose anything…..
    its madras you lost forever….for which you fight in the name of madras manade slogan for years … for the same potti fight and sacrifice for… and tungabhadra waters to karnataka… and of course the town bellary … barampuram too….
    and you said that “who are asking you to suport unite” ok …ok …
    act the both charecters of vadhuvu and varudu . and tie “tali” yourself.. who objects it?

  41. savaalreddy says:

    yadav gaaru…..
    its silly to argue that you people wont let to lose anything…..
    its madras you lost forever….for which you fight in the name of madras manade slogan for years … for the same potti fight and sacrifice for… and tungabhadra waters to karnataka… and of course the town bellary … barampuram too….
    and you said that “who are asking you to suport unite” ok …ok …
    act the both charecters of vadhuvu and varudu . and tie “tali” yourself.. who objects it?

  42. Yadav says:

    Savaal Garu,

    If you people are adamant on cutting the branch on which you are sitting , who can help!!!!! I am talking of Andhra Pradesh “mattu vadalara guruva”!!!!!!!!

    It seems you are toooooooooooooo obsessed with marriage , your earlier husbands left you i.e Maharashtrians & Kannadigas, now you want to leave your third husband its good god has given you ten fingers put them to good use!!!!!!!!!! we dont have any objection????

    • savaalreddy says:

      did your people did the same after separation from madraass….? ofcourse…. you people maight be the experts in that particular art !!

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal , why we married you after speration from Madras,as per Nehru,s statement….which you people quote very conveniently at any given occasion??? You people should tell how good we are in that particular art!!!!!

        • savaalreddy says:

          impotents have the Curiousity over their fitness…. naturally!!!!

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal, who is impotent is proved beyond doubt with Telengana peoples arguement infront of Fazal Ali commision you people cannot face competion hence wanted to run away from integration , you want all kinds of protection you are impotent & chakka’s.

          • savalreddy says:

            you dont know the difference between apprehention and protection. T people express their apprehention to the fazalali commission..not requested any protection. they wants to keep hyderabad state independent. but nehru annouced two regional councils to andraa and telangana.. thus you people got the protection.if youapply your theory you people are impotants too. and i wonder that you are a yadav and getting protection in the name of BC.. and saying that getting some protection means impotancy…!!

  43. Savaal Reddy, glad that you expressed or supported love of Telugu language. About Telangana you should realize that the present 10 districts alone are not Telangana, entire 23 districts and more – what you pointed out the lost territories of Madras, Bellary, Barampuram, etc. also fall or fell under Telangana. You may be surprised to note that Brown, who did immense service to the Telugu language, speaks of Kadapa and nearby districts of Rayalaseema as Telangana. There is a sixteenth century map showing coastal Andhra as Telangana. Nizam’s territories upto 1760s comprised entire coastal Andhra and present Telangana and Marathwada, Karnatak (Gulbaga, etc.) and Berar, etc. In 1798-99 Bellary (and Rayalaseema comprising Anantapur, adjacent Kurnool, Kadapa also) were added to Nizam’s territories but within 3-4 years ceded to British (so called Ceded Territories or Datta Mandalam). We are not particular about the name of Telugu land. In fact I want it to be changed to ANDHRA-TELANGANA-SEEMA. But the entire Telugu regions should remain united and in the regions lost (Madras, Bellary and Barampuram) all efforts should be made to keep up and promote Telugu language and culture, at the same time respecting those States’ official languages and culture and peacefully and friendly co-existing with them. The present 10 districts of Telangana, especially the regions of Karimnagar, Adilabad, Warangal around Godavari river are a sort of originating birth place for Telugus and as such the present Telanganaites have more responsibility and duty to keep up the culture and unity of all Telugus.

    • savaalreddy says:

      SHARMA gaaru…
      telangana.. telugu aagaanamu…all andraa fell under telangana…telangana is another name of andraa.. i learn all these harikathaas when i wear nikkars.. once whole india fell under tughlak dynesty. so what? once big part of andhra and seema fell under krishnadevaraya rule…. so you join karnaataka? once indian continent is the part of africa… you join africa?……… once again i am saying that having telugu as medium it is not necessary to stay in one state.

  44. I request the indulgence of the readers here to post this long piece of a Preface of Brown, with my comments which I posted in our blog as far back as in January 2011:
    SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2011

    Telangana means the entire Telugu land: Sir CP Brown confirms it.
    This is the preface of Sir CP Brown to his famous ‘Verses from Vemana’ – which fortunately for Telugu people -resurrected the lost memory and poetry of Vemana – which reveals that in his days i.e. early nineteenth century the entire Telugu land was known as Telangana. That is what we are saying. Telangana means the entire Telugu land and should not be limited to the ten Telugu districts as at present being done by separatists.


    This author has attained great celebrity in his own country and in the adjacent parts of India; some information regarding his country and language may however be acceptable to the reader.

    Telugu is a principal language of the peninsula of India. It is ancient; and has been highly cultivated. The nation of the Telugus was in former times very powerful, and its princes gave considerable encouragement to literature. The works of its ancient poets are numerous and very voluminous. It possesses a very scientific grammar, and a system of prosody nearly as highly polished as that of the Greeks. In this and some other respects the language is acknowledged to be more difficult than Sanscrit.

    It is peculiarly smooth and elegant in its sound, and the poets have cautiously preserved its euphony. Hence Europeans have called it the Italian of India. The student may at first think this remark, which is no new one, unfounded; as the pronunciation is strong and decided; and as the mixture of Sanscrit terms often gives it a degree of roughness. But the pure rustic dialect as well as that of the poets is altogether different from this colloquial language; in the pure dialect most of those Sanscrit words that had harsh sounds are softened till they are as smooth and melodious as pure Telugu.

    With Sanscrit it is closely connected; as closely as English is with Latin. But at the same time it is as truly original and nearly as copious as English. Like English it has borrowed its scientific terms from another tongue; and these Sanscrit additions are daily increasing. Thus the language is becoming less pure.

    During the eighteenth century, the incursions of the Mohamedans effectually crushed the literature of Telangana; it has fallen low; and the colloquial dialect has become equally corrupt–men are now rarely met with among them who can read or explain the classical authors of the language; a knowledge of prosody is yet more rare. (emphasis and italics ours – IMS.)

    Twenty five years of peace in Telangana under the British government have now afforded opportunities for some revival of literature. The establishment of the Honourable Company’s College at Madras, and the encouragement there held out to good scholars in the language may have effected some revival; but much remains yet to be done. No poem or classical composition in Telugu has hitherto been printed; and I believe no translation of a classic into English has been attempted.

    It now remains to give some account of my author, VEMANA, whose writings are peculiarly useful to those who study the language, the style being simple, and the variety of topics very extensive. These adages exemplify thousands of words inadmissible into more dignified poetry. The thought and connection are often abstruse while the terms used are quite familiar.

    Of his history, little is known. He was not a Bramin but a Capoo, or farmer; a native of the Cuddapa district and born, I believe, in the neighbourhood of Gandicotta. He lived in the beginning of the eighteenth century. It is said that in verse 707 he has fixed the date of birth which is believed to have been his own. This date coincides with A. D. 1652. The date is given in the cycle of sixty years; but which cycle is intended is unknown. Many verses, however, prove satisfactorily that he wrote in the latter part of the seventeenth century when the Mohamedans were governors of that part of India. His family was powerful, but he renounced the world and became a sanyasee or ascetic. He calls himself a Yogee.

    These verses communicate hardly any idea of his history or connections, and like all solitary ascetics (sanyasees or yogee) he has dropped his family name–calling himself simply Vema or Vemana at pleasure. This solitary life has led him to address all the verses to himself, which, if this be not recollected, certainly looks like the grossest egotism. This practice is far indeed from being peculiar to Vemana.

    [The name Vema and Vemana do not appear to be used by the Telugus of the present day. Vema or Vemana in Sanscrit signify a loom. (see Wilson's Sanscrit Lexicon, page 854, and the Sabdartha Calpataru Vol. II, page 199). I believe these names to have been practical titles alone, without a definite meaning. Thus it is well known that the titles or names of Dante and Hafiz were not the original names of those poets; the first of whom was named Durante or Durando (see preface to Cary's Dante) and the second Muhammed Shemsuddin].

    These poems have attained very great popularity and parts are found translated into Tamil and Malayalam or Canarese. Their terse closeness of expression sometimes renders them difficult to translate with elegance; but such passages exemplify the manly force of a language that in the common dialect is often weak and verbose.

    Of his aphorisms many have become common proverbs. Parts of them are evidently close translations from Sanscrit works, particularly the Hitopadesa andBhagavat Gita. In a few of these every word is pure Sanscrit.

    Vemana was evidently, in philosophy, of the Vedanta school, a disciple of Vyasa, whom Sir William Jones has (in the Asiatic Researches, Vol I, page 362) entitled the Plato of India. With the mystic tenets of Plato, those of Vemana closely correspond while his moral doctrines as closely answer to those of Democritus.

    These verses are chiefly of three classes: moral, satirical and mystic In the morals, many verses occur, breathing a spirit of devotion truly extraordinary in a Hindu. The satirical part is chiefly directed against the national religion and customs particularly against Bramins. None of it is personal. The mystic portion is chiefly of use as exemplifying the powers of the language. The reveries contained in this chapter are of a strangely abstruse nature and furnish a remarkable instance of a powerful mind searching for the light of truth which is lost in the darkness of heathen ignorance. The style of this and some other parts renders it easier to translate the verses into Latin than into English. I have, however, left none in Latin (aliess) that appeared to deserve an English one. To the more difficult verses I have subjoined a Telugu interpretation For some parts of this comment written in Telugu, I am indebted to two very learned Bramins who taught me the language, its grammar and prosody. They are Tippabhotla Venkata Siva Sastri of Masulipatnam and Advyta Brahmia, the Pandit belonging to the court in which I have the honour of being assistant judge.

    To the mystic portion I have appended such notes as appeared requisite. Further elucidations of the most ample nature will be found in the Bhagavat Gita, with Dr. Wilkins’s commentary and in Sir William Jones’s essay on the Mystical poetry. Poetry of the East appears in the third volume of the Asiatic Researches; It would be easy to refer to many other authors; but to save the reader trouble in an enquiry that can gratify nothing but curiosity, I have subjoined a short explanation of the system.

    Most of the Verses in Vemana are written in a ataveladi metre which consists of four lines; but the fourth line, with some exceptions, is a mere refrain or chorus in these words–Viswadabhirama Vinura Vema.

    It is perhaps impossible to meet with a complete copy of this poet in a manuscript of any antiquity. The principal sources from which this edition is compiled are nine. These were collected from Bellary, Cuddapa Madras, Vijagpatnam, and the city in which I wrote. Few of these copies contain above five hundred verses, none came up to seven hundred. The number, however, that I have succeeded in collecting is 2,100.

    Of the state of the manuscripts, it is not easy to give a correct idea. Errors of the grossest nature in orthography, metre and rhyme deface every line; and erroneous words are substituted to elicit a sense that the transcribers thought proper to prefer. Thus they have eluded many of the difficulties in thought or expression; and the corruption is indescribable in verse.

    Vemana having written the tadbhava word guramu (for gruhamu) a house, the copyists in defiance of metre and meaning have gurramu, a horse.

    To remedy such errors I prepared a general index to my manuscripts, showing the place each verse occupies in each copy. For the verses in no two copies had the same arrangement. By this aid, the true reading has, I hope, seldom been lost. the correct metre I trust never–the most frequent corruptions were substitutions of Sanscrit terms in defiance of measure, for pure Telugu expressions.

    To the remarks on mystic philosophy, I have subjoined a short explanation of Telugu prosody. The statements are taken from the Bheemana Chandassu, but the arrangement and mode of explanation are my own. Sir William Jones has remarked (As. Res 1-XVII on Panini) that “since grammar is only an instrument, and not the end of true knowledge, there can be little occasion to travel so rough and gloomy a path.” To teach myself The science, I was obliged to reduce the rules given by Bheemana in a very fantastic from to their real import; and a mode then occurred to me through which by degrees I learnt the whole with care. The original is so mysteriously complex that the failure of most aspirants even among Bramins to a knowledge of prosody is not surprising.

    C. P. Brown

    23rd Nov., 1824.

    • savaalreddy says:

      sharma garu….
      your effort is good… but sir…

      the telugu history is “brown”
      but telangana experience is “red” donot match !!!!

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal, This is what your father of so called Telengana state has to say on the Doras of Telengana.

        The Telangana leadership appended signatures to the Gentlemen’s Agreement without even procuring proper statutory safeguards over the very vital and life saving river water resources belonging to the perennially drought prone territories of Telangana. Sharing of ministerial births dominated the agreement. It is callous on the part of the leadership coming from landlords to ignore the drinking and irrigational needs of the entire masses of Telangana. Perhaps, the feudal forces wanted the continuation of backwardness even after the demise of Nizam’s feudal rule. The leadership developed through anti-Nizam armed struggle in Telangana was also swayed by the Coastal Andhra leadership.

        Even after the formation of Andhra Pradesh the Telangana leadership was largely constituted by landed sections of the dominant castes – Reddy, Velama, which had never demanded a rightful share of river waters. This projects the fact, although it needs substantiation, that the landed sections of the dominant caste leadership have interests in continuation of backwardness of Telangana as the development is likely to percolate down the strata which may lead to the assertion of subalterns and therefore, the likely shift of power from status quoist arrangements. It also shows that the dominant caste/class forces of both the regions have developed nexus and would only pursue the policy of underdevelopment in the backward territories of the State.

        This also shows his double standard in accusing the anti-Nizam struggle being swayed by Coastal Andhra leadership, but he needs substantiation in case of Telengana Doras , it shows one thing he was spoon fed & other how even Jai Shankar is afraid to put the blame on doors steps of Doras of Telengana for the underdevelopment of the region. If this is the state of afairs with Jaishankar then whats going on with common man i can understand. So please stop blaming people & politicians of SA for everything & get your house in order.

        • savaalreddy says:

          simples and samples doesnt matter. the given paragraph is not the jugedment that leaves andraas from their acts of harm to telangana. the conflict between clases like landlords and people is social problem that exists in any society with many faces. ex: in the face of ranga murder.. padirikuppam massecare…nirukonda and kaaramchedu conflict. the black and white in forien.etc… and the great telangana armed struggle is the result of it… it achieved partial victory… telangana society is aware of it… no need of crocodile tears… AND at the same time telangana people also know the necessity to keepoff the blind opposition in the name of cast. they know how to saperate milk and water. they know who is who.
          and your poor argument “”" the dominant caste leadership have interests in continuation of backwardness “”" is an outdated that i listened at my nikkardays… backwardness is the result of non availability of irrigated water.. jobs.. funds.. govt support…educational facilities and impartantly exploytation of semi fuedel andraass. loss of a job means loss for 10 members of a family.. loss for good living standard of the family… loss for children’s education thus future jobs from the same family… savingss.. investments.. we lost thousands of jobs…thus a generation is spoiled…
          the history of 60 years of united andrapradesh is the history of exploytation…colonism… cultural imperialism.

  45. Jai says:

    @Mallikarjuna Sharma:

    Sir, as a respected scholar I hope you can answer the reasons behind the below “paradox”.

    Many “lay” people assert that Telangana Telugu is different because of the influence of Dakhni (Urdu). I find this difficult to accept due to the following reasons:

    1. The Telugu language (written & spoken in all three regions) has several words influenced/derived by Urdu. Words like రోజు, ఆఖరికి, ఖబుర్లు, పరాయి, మతలబు, కచేరి, మజా, ఖుషి, బర్తరఫ్, సర్కారు etc. are a part of every day use as well as గ్రాంధిక (ప్రామాణిక) భాష. Gurajada’s epic play కన్యాశుల్కం uses “కంపెనీ నమక్” while Srisri used “మతలబులు, కైఫీయతులు” in his cult poem “ఏ దేశ చరిత్ర చూసినా ఏమున్నది గర్వకారణం”. The song “జోరుగా హుషారుగా షికారు పోదమా” is another example among thousands.

    All these words are based on Urdu, not Hindi. In fact, the direct influence of Hindi is possibly negligible. Similar sounding words were more likely derived from Sanskrit independantly and often with different meanings. उपन्यास means a novel but ఉపన్యాసం means a speech and likewise (आग्रह, विचार etc.)

    There are exceptions to the regional spread. There are Urdu words used mostly in Telangana Telugu (ज़बरदस्त, दामाख, खराब etc.). Unlike “derived words”, these are used exactly as in Urdu (e.g. no one says దమాఖులు). These can be considered as “loan words”.

    2. Telugu spoken in Telangana (and Rayalaseema to some extent) has severall unique words. Words like సోయి, లొల్లి, ఎరాళ్ళు, ఆమ్మ, శాఖం, బర్రె are not used (or rarely used) in the other regions.

  46. I have already said Telangana, especially the Godavari river neighborhood/catchment areas, are a sort of birth place for Telugu. The first capital of Satavahana, called Andhrabhrityas (Andhra servants – may mean Andhras who were servants or Servants of Andhra, either way), was in Koti Lingala, Karimnagar dt., Telangana. Later after many centuries we know of Kakatiyas who also ruled the entire Telugu land from Warangal. As such there are many root words of Telugu (accha Telugu) among the population here – more so than in other regions. There is no difference between Telugu of Telangana or Andhra or Rayalaseema, except for speaking accents and some regional peculiarities, which will be there for any language. As such we are all from the one and same family of Telugus and should be proud of our Telugu nationality. It is the sacred task of all Telanganites, who stand in a way in the position of elder brothers of Telugu family, to preserve the unit of our nationality, shun all separatism and work for the progress and development of the entire State and entire Telugu people irrespective of regional factors.

    • Yadav says:

      @Sharma Garu,with due respect to you & as the citizen of this state i would like to mention that the state(includes political parties) & the bureaucracy had equal responsibility on there shoulders to resolve the genuine concerns of the people of Telengana & other regions as well. When the fact is two regions were united with some gaurantees the government & buraucracy shold have been doubly carefull that those gaurantees needed to be safegaurded. I also find the issues which are blown up in a such a way like irrigation,jobs,higher position in judiciary,in the power structure for the people of Telengana should be taken seriously & we should try to resolve those issues to best of our abilities , without having any ego clashes with any section.

      If lands can be irigated in Telengana its good for the people there & for the whole state how can any body neglect that its criminal against the state. Similarly positions in jobs , i think all these can be resolved without breaking the state into pieces, if any wrong has been done knowingly or unknowingly the state should be ready with an apology , if we want the state to be united this is the least we can do & extend our hand to show the people of Telengana by our genuine actions in resolving there genuine concerns we can show we want inclusiveness & not divisiveness in this society.

    • Prabhakar says:

      Sharma gaaru,

      people may understand if we take example of English grammar. Why there is common noun where as we can do away with proper noun or just noun?

      Today there was a discussion on HM TV attended by 5 prominent professors of Telangana region. Respected Chukka Ramayya, Naageswar, Kodandaram, Haragopal and Ghanta Chakrapani. There is perceptible difference in accent and vocabulary of the 5 professors.
      But most important is Sri. Chukkaa Ramayya and Sri Sreeramachandra moorthy. There is hardly any T accent or diction in their accent. Sri Chukka Ramayya even forgot the infelctions of Telangana like చేస్తున్నరు, వచ్చిండ్రు.

  47. savaalreddy says:

    you may change the blood… not blod group! andraass are andraass… they never change their attitude. and conffetion not returns what we lost…
    “” Ashokuni vairaagyam… kalinga kallu tudava levu”"
    60 years back wrong group blood given to telangana in the name of vishaalandra. the results are wellknown. now telangana is in coma.. surgery is must !!!!

  48. Yadav says:

    May be after doing surgery also you may not come into your senses..?? We want you to live not die…??

  49. savaalreddy says:

    dictator wants people alive… to rule
    capitast wants labour alive…. to work
    colonialist wants a nation alive….. to exploit
    this is not humanity or brotherhood its just andraahood!!!

    • Kiran says:

      Savaal reddy exists to bluff and write nonsense… exploit

      It is not “movement” but just telanganaseparatisthood !!!

    • Yadav says:


      You are still dreaming to be the dora of Telengana ,hence your thought process is like dora. This is no estate of feudal landlords to dictate,colonialise to exploit , we are living in democracy brother not the other way round as you want to be.

      Your movement started on jobs being stolen,now that is being proved wrong from last 14 days no body is working in any office how long you will keep bluffing the general public.

      Usarvalli’s of Telengana????????????

      • savaalreddy says:

        i am saying the same.. the legacy of british doratanam.. legacy of british dividing policies…have no place in telangana…we all ready destroyed the fuedelist doratanam with telangana armed struggle longback. but in 1956 a nayadoratanam enterd in the name of telugu jaathi.. and united telugu state. we will send this out!!!
        and your argument of so poor! if offices locked… how your people attend and perform their duties.

        • Yadav says:

          You shameless creature you want 100% jobs in government , you people dont know how to talk,walk,work you want all the jobs????

          Go & read your mad Prof Jaishankars article properely then you will know who is destroying what, you cant even read properely what you will do with a seperate state????

  50. ‘చరిత్ర ఎరుగని మహాపాతకం’ మన తెలుగుజాతికే పట్టిందా?
    NTR జానపదాల్లో, చారిత్రక సినిమాల్లో, అన్నింటికీ మించి పౌరాణికాల్లో అద్భుతంగా రాణించిన, à°’à°• విధంగా à°† పాత్రల్లో మన దేశంలోనే తనకు సాటి లేరు (సరి లేరు నీ కెవ్వరూ) అనిపించుకున్న మహానటుడని తెలుసు. మహామంత్రి తిమ్మరుసు లోకూడ NTR నటన, వాచకం అద్వితీయం. అందులో à°ˆ పాట – ‘చరిత్ర ఎరుగని మహాపాతకం మన దేశానికే పట్టిందా? ‘ – మనసుల్ని కదిలించి వేస్తుంది.
    నేటి వేర్పాటువాద కల్మష రాజకీయాల సలసల కాగే వాతావరణంలో నాకు à°ˆ పాట గుర్తుకు వచ్చి ‘చరిత్ర ఎరుగని మహా పాతకం’ మన తెలుగుజాతికే పట్టిందా అన్నట్లు మనస్సును కలచివేస్తున్నది. కోదండరాం తదితరులు తమ సంకుచిత రాజకీయాల్ని అశేష సంఖ్యాక తెలంగాణా ప్రజల్లో చొప్పించి, మెప్పించుకోగల్గి వుండవచ్చు గాని పర్యవసానంగా ఒక్కటైన తెలుగు నేలను ముక్కలు చేయడంవల్ల వాళ్లు ఒడిగట్టడమే కాకుండా, వాళ్లమూలంగా మన తెలుగుజాతికే ‘చరిత్ర ఎరుగని మహాపాతకం’ పట్టినట్లే అవుతున్నది.
    And strangely this great song is also posted in a Pakistani website! See this URL:

  51. savaalreddy says:

    you are still in the same mania… that is telugu menia… i already clarified that loving telugu is not necessary to suport united state. now i am asking you one question “was that not a mahaa indian nation when you separate from madraas state?”
    ANd this jati..sodarabhaavam..integration.. all are the “DEVATA VASTRAMS” created by dictaters… imperialists…colonialists…for thier soft going rule and exploytation…..the benifisiaries are them.
    only humanity is eternal and universal !!!!!

  52. savaalreddy says:

    what jayashankar told…… what your people interpretted are need to tell us. go to your preacher lagadapaati..he is right and suitable preacher to you.
    if telanganaa movement is bassless.. why are you people wetting your
    phants? why all the cries? tears? and labalabasss.
    anyone fears to baselessmovement?

    • Yadav says:

      We dont need any preacher like you need to sustain your madness??

      Who is crying hoarse from last 10 years & especiallly after 10th Dec & till date whole world knows , why were you wetting your pants, why all the cries all these years , if your politicians have any shame they should ask for assembly session & discuss what are you people afraid off , if you think by barking you will get the state means you are living in fools paradise created by your dramarao,s(KCR,KK,Harish,KTR, now one Goud), you will only get “roti mukka”.No one fears your false movement because it will die its own death people are afraid of the madness around.

  53. savaalreddy says:

    may your preachers souls rest in pease!!
    And you must know…..
    the people who fights….. shouts
    the people who fears……cries
    agressor warns…surrender weeps…
    and your sujjetion of assembly..discussionss.. etc etc its all trash!!! who is giver… who is taker??
    and look.. look and look… how we get!

  54. Kiran says:

    What wetting pants and who is wetting pants here actually ?

    15 days of samme – no reaction from the government – state or center.
    I have not missed a single day of work and neither my colleagues to my knowledge. All private enterprises and central government organization where majority of “seemandhras” work are BAU. I am enjoying the decline in traffic and thinking of buying some land in hyderabad.

    who is pissing in pants ? savaal reddy knows well i think though he may not chose to tell it here

    • savaalreddy says:

      if you have such a dare… if your phants not in wet…(ofcourse if there is something in) give samaikyaandraa slogan on hyd roads my dear friend. hiding some ware and making big statements secretly in websites …. of course shows your courage!!!
      and in case of roads i also enjoying a lot…and we people imagining the hyd without settlers..

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal , go & see the slogans & postures of your pussy heores i have spitted on there faces every where in Hyderabad , if you are born to one father go & watch????

        • savaalreddy says:

          all that are your spitts.? mygod/…. i thinks its the outcome of a donkey!! you have such a quality??? wahhh.

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal , donkey’s have one more quality you forgot they have really big ….. , hope you understand!!! otherwise you will have to shout loudly!! AMMAHHHHHHHHHHH

          • savaalreddy says:

            just big is not enough my friend….only performance is important.. and you may not know that in olden days there was a belief that the donkey was the production between horse and unknown wild animal. thus its a hybrid animal. and interestingly female donkeys always invite male horses…. instead of male donkeys.(to give birth to hinny). thats the performance of of your so called b…i…g….——– !!!!

  55. Yadav says:

    Pandulu gumpu lo vastai , simham epudu single hand ey??????????

    We are looking,looking from last 55 years.

  56. savaalreddy says:

    who are wetting their phants is wellknown..who are proposing combined capital.. who are saying they have share in hyd. all these are not the symptoms of fear of telangana. if you people have such a dare and guts why always used to say that we will have no security in hyd. “seemaandrulaku rakshana koravadindi” dailogue.
    ofcourse you have dare devils who used to sit in nellore, vijayawada and commenting on telangana. and never come to telangana…. wah!!!
    and if the time comes to shame…. it is your leaders to fall their faces…who supported telangaana on dec 7th… and changed their word after 9th dec. within 2 days…. without any shame….!!!!!
    what a leaders…what a people….what a culture…………..yadha raajaa tathaa prajaa……………….. great!!!!!

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal , why dont you ask your dare devil leaders to come to Seema Andhra & ask for seperation why are you all barking here.

      Yes all the politicians are shame less i accept.. Who has given you Telengana to ask for common capital Hyderabad is the capital for AP .
      It also means you people did no have dare,brains hence asking for seperate state & wetting your pants in Hyderabad. If you really have dare go to Delhi & ask for Telengana why your gana , bajana on Telengana here in AP.

      However finally in your Te”langa”na itself the word “Langa” is there that shows your dare , culture & what not.

      • savaalreddy says:

        indians fight for independence in india…. not in britain. better to read history.
        and the common capital proposal came from andraass not from T people. you better to read atleast news papers.
        and did andraas have no dare and brain when they asked for a separete state from madraass? sorry…. here also you need atleast some knowledge of your andraa state.
        and i am observing that you people always wondering around langaas and fitness dances…etc.
        but mydear sir……. generally young people used to touch their wishkars agin and again … because they develops a doubt “whether they are they?… and they are for me?”.the above is seems tobe the same case.
        if i remove one word from Andrulu… what it pronouced?

        • Yadav says:

          Thats why KCR is dancing with a “Langa” Vijayshanthi & KK with “Langa” HM,s any way as you are telling Madras eg: Khalistan ,Kashmir,Bodoland,Gorkhaland have not been formed what you will say on this go & ask Nehru “Gaandu”!!!!!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            and again you are wonderin around langaas… better to check with a doctor first. you may have some mental problem…
            and all the movements you mentioned for states are not in existence in the past except telangana in the name of hyd state. and see here also you needs reading of history once again!!!

          • Yadav says:


            I know you & your ilk are in depressed state of mind so you go to doctor & get a check up first , there is “Langa” in your Telangana what can i do???

            Are you fighting for Telengana or Hyderabad state or Hyderabad city???

          • savaalreddy says:

            yadav ‘langaas’ are beteer than ‘dongaas’ oknaaa….

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal,I would rather say “Dongaa wearing Langaa” in the name of “Telangana”!!!!!!

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal , for you , dongaaas like TEJAC , Swamy Gowd are better , who has three plots in Telangana alloted to him on concessional rates , wheras he is eligible for one??? Wahhhhhh what a leader with gandhi cap!!!!! Atleast now open your eyes to find out, who is looting whom???

          • savaalreddy says:

            then what about looting thousands of acres of wakf land….. and a tri colour flag on the shoulder tooo…!!! the greatest patriot of india…!! observe your sins before argument my friend..

  57. kiran says:

    Fool Savalreddy. DO you know how many “seemandhra” people are in Hyd ? YEs they belong to hyderabad and hyderabad belongs to them so they will say they have a share – what do you expect them to say idiot.

    LEader of hyderabad is not from nellore or vijayawada – every one knows who he is – he is owaisi. And everyone knows kodanda , kcr , ktr pisses before him.

    • savaalreddy says:

      sects come from different places and falls on plants. can we say the plant belongs to sects? we know how to remove them by using correct pesticide.
      and if the question arise of pissing… it is telangana people who made the great nizaam pissed…. you are quoting someone….
      and it is none other than owaisi… your socalled “” pissed”" leader met kcr yesterday.
      now tell who is a FOOL!!!

      • Yadav says:

        Why to PISS on his face?????

      • vijay says:

        neelanti vadri valle samasya jatilamavutundi ,. hyd lo putti perigina varu hydbad ku chendara? telangana ppl nizamki vyatirekamgfa poradaru mari ippati nayakulu nizam ni keerthistunanru ante sayudha poratamlo baliayina telangana prajalaku labhinchina gouravam idena ? asalu sayudhaporataniki andhr anunchi madathu andakapothe cheyagaligevarraa charitra memu chadvadam kaadu neelanti vare chadavali, a aroju meenunchi emi asinchi telangan asayudha poratamlo dhana mana pranalu ichamu kevalam okke okkati adi telugu varu anna okae oka maata meela memunoru paresukolemu ala ani meeruenni titiitna chusthu oorukolemu kuda

        • savaalreddy says:

          saayudha poraatamlo chanipoyindi ayilamma… doddi komuraiah..bandagi laanti telangana vaalle.. rajakaarlaku chikki chitra himsalaku gurai vinikidi kolpoyina vaaru bhimireddy narasimhaa reddy taditara telangana virule…. moturu chaavaledu.. korataalaa chavaledu.. puchhalapalli ventrukaa nalaga ledu…
          ika emi ashinchaarannadaaniki… samaadhaanam……. lingaala pandu rangaredy raasina pustakaalu chadivite bayata padutundi. Khammam lo saayudha poraataaniki mundunna andraa vaallu endaru? aa tarvaata endaro lekkeste asalu kutra bayata padutundi. bhuswaamula bhumulu kollagotiina tarvaata aa bhumullo tistha vesina andraa vaallanu lekkalu tiste telustundi. sayudha porata viramana anantaram vijayawadaloni communist paarti serious kaaryakartalaku dabbulichhi telangaanaa velli bhumulu konukkomani swayamga cheppindante arthamavutundi…(vanga pandu warangal jillaku aa rakamgaa vachhina vaade!!) eemi aashinchaarooo!!
          ika poraata viramana nirnayam vijayawada naayakuladee… telangana valladi kaadu… raavi naaraayana reddy pustakaalu chadivite asalu nijaalu telustaayi my dear friend.

  58. savaalreddy says:

    ofcourse.. you people are more experienced…. naaa?
    wait.. here the news is coming… centre is going to piss on you!!!

    • Yadav says:

      Kojja Telengana waalu , why this nataka in AP then?? They have pissed already on your faces on 10 th Dec.??????????

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal , baccha gaa nuvvu nikkar eskunapuddu nundi , KCR Te”langa”na ,ivalu wastundu repu wastundu antunadu ivala variki raledu, meer andari velli vadi inti mundu dharna cheyindi??

      Dont disturb people who are working sincerely , you people dont have sincerety in work & fighting for Te”langa”na!!!!!

      • savaalreddy says:

        your comments shows your frustation. when people have no answers they starts filthy language. and i donot use like you because i am telanganaa not andraa.
        and i donot know why you people always chanting kcr’s name. now the movement is not in any one’s hand.
        and ofcourse you people have the sicearity in exployting…i agree.

        • Yadav says:

          Yes i know you are Te”langa”na??? Then who is Savaalreddy??? Same story same record from last 55years atleast change the tune!!!!!!!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            recent yadavs comments shows the brotherhood of andraas. and the real face of telugutalli cameout nakedly!! you people have no love or sincierity towards telangana people. moreover you have a bad opinion on T people. no respect.. no love…no honour.. and even no humanity too.
            you just wants the hyd….the charminaar..golkonda…birlamandir….indira park.. hi-tech city..imax theatre…the sites in hyd…..not the people. and river water of krishna and godawari… the jobs in telangana.. funds of telangana…the furtail lands cultivated under irrigated water in telangana…
            No and never you like the people .. love the people…here. the telugu spirit.. telugu land… united telugu state theory is uttarly a false!!!! its only a visa to exploytatation. atleast now sharmaaji the telugu lover can understand the truth .

          • Yadav says:

            I love Telengana Talli she is beautifull,i love all Telangana people you are mistaken Savaal. I piss & shit in Hyderabad daily. You need to reduce the intake of spirit, your KTR was telling the whole world today Hyderabad was the 4th biggest /richest state in India before independence then why you couldn,t irrigate your lands,just foolish arguement just because Nizam was richest he thinks all the people & the whole state was rich?? You are in the hands of such foolish people they are trying to grab power thats all be smart savaal!!!!!

            Andhra Pradesh is faltering beacuse of narrow minded politicians,who are creating divide we all are brothers , you people had been kept out mentally by your own politicians & not by the people /politicians of seema andhra this is our capital also, do you have any doubt??? Tell me a simple answer what has your Jaipal Reddy done for Mahboobnagar, what has KCR done to Karimnagar & Mahboobnagar, what has KomatiReddy done do eradicate fluorosis in Nalgonda, what has Ponnala done for irrigation in Telangana,what has Nagam done all these years the list is big????

          • Another funny argument Savaal reddy.
            Does brotherhood mean pamper everything about other brother. Whatever he does, whatever he says…
            A mother taunts, curses and even beats an errant child.

            Just because you felt inferior and insecure you will not become a holy cow and everybody starts taking care of you. You are just another Telugu, just another Indian, just another Human. Do not demand special status just bcoz you felt so.

          • savaalreddy says:

            your comment applies to a mother who give birth. but here …. the elder son give birth to mother… thats the difference. until 1953 you called your mother andhra maatha… after a new mother came in to scene in the name of telugu talli. and i dont know where the andhra matha had gone.

  59. Yadav says:

    That “Amma” of Congress doesnt know where to run what she will do for your KK ,KCR will keep smelling her “Langa” for “Telengana”"???????????

  60. savaalreddy,

    it is unbelievable the way KCR and you people think and talk.

    Here are a few points If you can think logically

    1. After Dec 10th reaction center cannot throw another surprise on SA people with single line statements. They have no option but to take all, I repeat ALL, into confidence before taking a final decision. Note that this ALL includes CBN the leaders most hated by you.

    2. Despite much claimed samme, none of the top 4 at center uttering a single word. The matter is handed over to a person who cannot make even recommendation, leave alone decision.

    3. Government at center is deep in troubles and very unlikely it can spare much time for T cause.

    And most importantly perception about SA people. T-vaadis failed to prove allegations against SA people. Despite your loud mouthing entire world sees Telugus as one. No social group or political establishment would like to make enemies with one region (not state or group) for the sake of a few big mouthed guys.

    • savaalreddy says:

      Prabhakara Rao gaaru…
      somany unbelivable things happened in past and present around the world. once britishers laughed at indian national movement. the great charchil after ha had a meeting with Gandhi simply said ” I imagine a lot. but he (gandhi) is…. afterall… a Half naked fhakeer…. with a smaal “ghochi”"….. but sir…. that half naked fhakeer removed the gochies of britishers !!! unbelievable!!

      so… do not depends on socalled logics. politcs not depends on logics…but on opportunity……particularly indian politics… most illogical ones.

      1. your…. “opinions of all”…. includes telanganas also!! Do the centre neglect the opinion of telangana compleetely?…” AA INTIKI EE ILLU ENTA DURAMOO EE INTIKI AA ILLU ANTE DURAM”
      2. the core commitee discussed the matter today. the matter now reached to top brass!! atleast now you understand the effect of the samme has not a simple effect.
      3. whatever the problems … the cong. taken this matter seriously. the meeting of core commitee attended by sonia gandhi indicates the seriousness…. ok
      you are claiming we failed. but… we are claiming you failed..who judges it? for us our bad experiences are our evidences..not the accounts in books.
      the world knows telugus and telanganaas… how can it forget the great telangana armed struggle… which has an impartant chapters in communist movement ?
      and atlast.. i do not have belief in any above logics including core committe meeting etc. i believe only in telangana peoples aspiration and thier millitant non-voilent movement… with sacrifises of lives.. salaries..and even the big festivals like dussera… risking jobs .. bearing the inconviences like non availability of buses… power… schools. even after the 17th day the spirit is the same.
      i only can say whether it is telangana or andhraa…. Dharamamu jayinchu gaaka !.. adharmamu nashinchu gaaka !!

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal, Sonia key getti ledu , 2G panchinattu, AP nee cheyala anukuntey,putta gettilu lekunta poidi Congress & Sonia Amma ku????10th Dec shock key inka kolukoledu papam????

        You want aspirations of Telangana people to be honoured , what about the aspirations of Seema Andhra people????This is Andhra Pradesh my dear Savaal not Hyderabad state or seperate Telangana state…wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I know it is illogical on my part asking you to apply logic.

        You give highest value to your own emotions hence you expect Sonia and center to act as per your wishes.
        What you people forget repeatedly is that Telangana is still part of India. Before it can cut the state like somebody’s birthday cake center has to consult important political and non-political people across the country.
        At least 3 politicians from center PC, Pranab and latest Azad indirectly admitted that 9th December announcement was made in haste. They are no ready to repeat that.
        They have to ensure no surprises from opposition when bill presented in parliament.
        (Spare me from Article 3, such things are framed to deal with extra-ordinary situations)

        Whole bunch of congress leaders, including the phoren returned, are unable to explain their own party’s stand. They continue to blame SA politicians.

        To which third party you have proven the allegations?
        Today even social activists like Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy are not coming neat TG issue.
        All the national leaders, as claimed by KCR, supporting T cause are silent today.
        Even BJP supported aspirations and not your ‘dopidi’ claims.

        I do believe in miracles. But they are not miracles if they repeat often.

        • savaalreddy says:

          across the country?……………… wahh!! how many people consulted when jharkhand forms? what is the case of chhattiesgarh, uttaraakhand?
          and how many national parties consulted before the annoucement of andraaa state?
          and once again… you are quoting logics…in the name of PC, Pranab and latest Azad ….. sorry….
          if dec 23 statement is there… now the regignations of mlas…. thretenigs of ministers ahed… the sammee is here.. things changed a lot!!! and moreover 2014 elections are ahed too…..
          in case of third party… mydear sir…. the first SRC is also a third party… you people honoured it??? JVP commitee in 50′s is athird party…you honoured it? atleast you honoured the partition commitee report? why???
          and the support of medhaa.. arundhati… they never attended the agitation in past or present…so the question of not participating doesnt arise. and i remember that medha came hyd last year (after the samaikya draamaa) and gave a statement in favour of telangana once again….
          And the important thing here is the T movement not depended on someone’s support from outside.
          and the argument of silence of national leaders… are they supported you? atleast in the samaikyaandra agitation time you got any single national leader’s support? for us they already given thier support in the form of letters that submitted to pranab commitee. no one stepped back.
          at last….. ok…. Telangana is still part of India.. andraa also a part of india too. and you should remember that telangana as well as andraa were separete states once.. by centre’s decision they merged on conditions… if centre decide to separate….. you shloud agree it too….
          i am repeating….. Dharamamu jayinchu gaaka !.. adharmamu nashinchu gaaka !!

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal, today Communists also have supported the formation of Telangana ,a letter was written by Karat. Wher was this Karat when Gorkhaland agitation was at its peak & his government in West Bengal was in power for last n number of years, why didnt he support Gorkhaland but supporting Telangana needs to be answered by him & his party????

            Yout T-JAC leaders have given a slogan ESMA -GISMA nahin jaanta? they dont care for the law of the land but you want Seema Andhra people to agree to centres stand, what a logic Savaal.Wah re Wah!!!!!!!!

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal, just because your Rao,s(KCR,KK,KTR,Harish) drama company beheaves like kids, you all need to beheave like kids grow up,just by wearing pant,shirts & shaving doesnt make a man,just because some states have been formed we also want our state is immoral & unjustified for a grown up its fine with a kids logic???

          • Your optimism is deserves great appreciation.

            Today Azad clearly stated that they have to consult others. Now that Pranab babu handling the matter, TG is more difficult. If he recommends division of state, he has to face Darjeeling back home.

            You repeatedly miss the same logic. If center can slap division on AP, it would had done in 2009 itself.

            If you do not know how Jarkhand etc are formed, please find available news and read it first.
            There was nothing like sentiment in Uttarkhand and Chattisgarh. Nor any opposition from parent states. There was sentiment in Jarkhand and initially Laloo opposed it. But center did not force it on him. The bill was tabled in parliament only after Bihar assembly passed the resolution.

            About SRC recommendation: Nehru himself said that there was no need to wait for another five years.

          • savaalreddy says:

            for first question you better to ask karath not me…and second comment “law of the land” silly…is presidential order not the land of law? you obeyed it? 610 GO is not law… you agreed it? law applies only to T people?
            and who asked to agree centre stand? we demand center to decision on telangana… you agree or not… thats not our business… center or state deals with it.

          • savaalreddy says:

            prabhakar should know that many states formed in india without assembly resolutions….. haryana state formed without assembly resolution……
            Haryana is one of the wealthiest states of India and has the third highest per capita income in the country at Rs. 67,891, including the largest number of rural crorepatis in India. Haryana is also one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia and its agricultural and manufacturing industry has experienced sustained growth since 1970s. Haryana is India’s largest manufacturer of passenger cars, two-wheelers, and tractors. Since 2000, the state has emerged as the largest recipient of investment per capita in India. The city of Gurgaon has rapidly emerged as a major hub for the information technology and automobile industries.

      • Savaal reddy,

        I can not help but raise logical questions, even though the other person cannot understand.

        We do not need great professors like Haragopal, Kodandaram, Chukka ramayya to explain impact of a strike on people like street vendors, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, bus/railway coolies, small and medium shops, tailors, barbers etc
        In TG such people have reserves for 17 days to survive and still going on?
        Great. You still call TG is backward and poor?
        Oh OK they have great resolve to see separate Telangana.
        But even small kids have the same resolve and they can survive without a square meal a day?
        Just mind boggling sir.

        • savaalreddy says:

          I think this question doesn’t require much to answer. you put the same question to yourselfe that why not you apply the same question in the time of the socalled samaikyaandraa agitation. whether andraa have no street vendors, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, bus/railway coolies, small and medium shops, tailors, barbers.. kids etc
          how they survive in that time.
          at last i thank you for your gratitude towards T-people. extend it and help them to reach their destination..

          • Yes. Both situations are similar.

            But major differences are
            1. Agitator did not make tall claims like all 5 or 6 crore SAs want unity.
            2. Some sections from other side even supported division of state. They were neither stopped nor called ‘drohulu’.
            3. Nor any leader claimed that those poor and daily labor participated in strike WILLINGLY.
            4. They did not disown the destruction.
            5. They did not stop anybody entering their region.
            6. They did not accuse government with ‘kutralu’ to disperse strike.
            7. Government employees did not participate in strike.
            8. Nobody asked police to join the strike.
            9. Nobody threatened police with consequences.

          • savaalreddy says:

            the statement that 50% telangana people supporting united state by parakaala to lagadapati repeatedly.. claims what?
            and droham calls droham.. is there any other word to replace it?
            and auto ricksha drivers also dailywage earners..they were participated. tapi workers formed jacs…wall painters…busstand colies..etc all participated in movement. so we claim. do you show any such case in your andhra?
            and destruction…what type of destruction? burned rails… bsnl cable wires worth of 20 crores? participating in a samme called a destruction? rokos on empty railstations a destructions?
            govt employees also citizens . they have right to agitate.
            the same applies to police….
            we threatened for their illiegal acts. any citizens have the right.

  61. @Savaal Reddy – Mine is not Telugu mania. It is love of mother tongue which all sane and rational people possess and have to possess. But that should not be excessive and degenerate into hatred of other tongues (languages). I don’t have that excess, rather I like other languages too – English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil (I know a little), Bengali, etc.
    The point I wanted and want to drive is there is absolutely no difference between a Telanganite and Andhraite. Both are one and the same. Their culture is the same. Just today my wife attended Satyanarayana Swami Pooja and came. I questioned her who is this Satyanarayana Swami. Her answer was – Annavaram Satyanarayana Swami. So all over Telangana this Vratam or Pooja is very common, more prevalent than in Andhra or Rayalaseema even, and the idol is in Andhra area. Likewise Tirupati Balaji. So believers have a common heritage – religion wise and even linguistic region wise. The sane thinking persons will forget the regional divide and concentrate only on salient points. For your information, Bhadrachalam was in Godavari district till 1959 when it was tagged to Khammam district, then newly carved out. In case of separation, if Seemandhras insist, there is no way Telanganites can retain Bhadrachalam. Likewise Munagala Paragana in Nalgonda district. This is recent history. But I wrote somewhere else that before 1760s the entire Telugu land was one piece under one ruler under Nizams, before them under Kutub Shahis. Going far back, under Kakatiyas. That way, Telugu land has more united phases than India even. So I naturally do not understand this mania for separation preached by Telangana separatists. That is against all history, all rational thinking and all desirable policy. I have only one word to characterize it – “collective insanity.”

    • savaalreddy says:

      Sharma gaaru…
      It is appreciable that you know many languages. Really… that’s great!! At the same time you are missing the complexity of the society. Sir.. there are two tamil states…(tamilnadu&puduchery) there are more than 7 English speaking states in north India.(seven sisters) Urdu spreads all over India. Hindi states are well-known.. About 9. And bengalines have two states (west Bengal and tripura) and a country like Bangladesh.
      Even after learning all these languages you still confine to a single state slogan! What’s the use of the learning of these languages?

      And….the worship of Annavaram Satyanarayana Swami really requires combining two regions. Is it actually shows the common heritage – religion. Not only annavaram swami but also tirupati balaji also worshiped by T-people too!! If that is the case what about kaasi? All Indians wish to die there. Then what about ayyappa.. Thousands of pilgrims from both andraa and telangana used to fallow diksha and the pilgrimage to shabarimala. And the saibaba? Most popular god worshiped in AP now. Today in every family in both andraa and telangana children named after Sai teja.. sai priya what?…shall we call it common heritage – religion?. Andraa and telangana should merge with maharastraa for this reason? Muslims worships Allah. Christians crist. What about them.
      And your bhadrachalam argument. So what? Tirupati is in tamilnadu first. It carved from tamilnadu merged with andraa ( the actual ownership is another story). Now Tamil people denied visiting tirupati? There are many Shakti pithaas… jyothirlingaas across the country. No one denies visiting. The question of gaining or loosing doesn’t arise.
      And the history….I already gave my argument back. None answered.
      Today every nation, race fight for own identity… this is the Yuga dharma..You can’t prevent them in the name of unification.. Brotherhood etc etc.. In Nehru words all this arguments are equal to “Expansive imperialism”

    • savaalreddy says:

      Sharma gaaru…
      It is appreciable that you know many languages. Really… that’s great!! At the same time you are missing the complexity of the society. Sir.. there are two tamil states…(tamilnadu&puduchery) there are more than 7 English speaking states in north India.(seven sisters) Urdu spreads all over India. Hindi states are well-known.. About 9. And bengalines have two states (west Bengal and tripura) and a country like Bangladesh.
      Even after learning all these languages you still confine to a single state slogan! What’s the use of the learning of these languages?

      And….the worship of Annavaram Satyanarayana Swami really requires combining two regions. Is it actually shows the common heritage – religion. If that is the case what about kaasi? . Then what about ayyappa.. Thousands of pilgrims from both andraa and telangana used to fallow diksha and the pilgrimage to shabarimala. And the saibaba? Most popular god worshiped in AP now. shall we call it common heritage – religion?. Andraa and telangana should merge with maharastraa for this reason?
      And your bhadrachalam argument. So what? Tirupati is in tamilnadu first. It carved from tamilnadu merged with andraa ( the actual ownership is another story). Now Tamil people denied visiting tirupati
      And the history….I already gave my argument back. None answered.
      Today every nation, race fight for own identity… this is the Yuga dharma..You can’t prevent them in the name of unification.. Brotherhood etc etc.. In Nehru words all this arguments are equal to “Expansive imperialism”

      • savaalreddy says:

        pl correct the following senteces as…
        the worship of Annavaram Satyanarayana Swami really requires combining two regions??
        Now Tamil people denied visiting tirupati??

  62. rachana says:

    Thanks a lot sharma garu for the informative posts.
    You said ‘The point I wanted and want to drive is there is absolutely no difference between a Telanganite and Andhraite. Both are one and the same’.
    It is difficult to disagree with this statement.Then how did the apparent urge for separation spring from? Let me try to answer that.
    Extending this argument ,there should be no difference between people living in india and pakistan too ( after all they were many more years together than separated).But we know there is huge difference.The difference comes from indoctrination.Majority of pakistanis right from childhood are indoctrinated in the name of religion .it is generally known that politicians fan religious fundamentalism when ever they are in trouble but in case of pakistan it is a continuous story.With fundamentalism the level of indoctrination also goes up.
    Similar thing must be happening in t-land too.” we were a separate country when you (indians) got independence,we did not get independence on 15th august,our nizam was one of the richest men in the world, these andhras are after our land ,our water blah…blah ..blah”
    I am sure about this indoctrination from childhood in t-land because even pre-teen children were also roped in the agitation.Another example is… harish led a campaign of tearing off pages containing maa telugu talli poem in the text books.Children are indoctrinated that that poem discriminates t-people.( The poem mentions (names with region in brackets)1. tyagayya( tamilnadu)2.krishnadevaraya(karnataka)3.thikkanna(andhra)4.rudramma(telangana)5.mallamma(seema)6.thimmarusu(?)If either a child or an adult has the capacity to use the faculty called brain,he (she) would have known that there is absolutely no dicrimation in that poem.But indoctrnation makes a person incapable of using many faculties.

  63. savaalreddy says:

    The statement… “there is absolutely no difference between a Telanganite and Andhraite”. Yes….. both of them have two legs.. two eyes.. ears.. Hands etc. I agree… but rachana gaaru.. the behavior… the customs.. The thinking style . And most importantly the development…also counts.
    And your argument “indoctrination from childhood in t-land because even pre-teen children were also roped in the agitation”
    Each and every religion and race have their own history. Remembering and recollecting it is not an offence.
    But you people make us history less in textbooks. “There is ANDHAKAARA YUGAM in telangana, until the formation of Andra mahasabha” this is the exact sentences in textbooks. Is it true? By mentioning this what did you want to make telangana pupils? The armed struggle is a symbol of andhakaara yugam? The regime of kuli khutubshaa is andhakaara yugam.
    Actually we don’t know our history until the movement started because textbooks donot reveal that. Telangana armed struggle not mentioned in textbooks.
    And most importantly on the formation day of AP…. you people started a custom to garland potti sriramulu and used to say that potti is responsible for formation of AP. textbooks distributed in telangana said the same. Is there any connection between AP and potii? This is the history your people spread. Thus we didn’t know our history for along time. We put in dark.
    And you are saying that from childhood the wrong propaganda done. But it is the truth that you people and your teachers used to say to the pupils in your region that ” T- people have no brain.. They have it in there knees.. Thus we can call them momelu… they won’t get jobs because of their inefficiency…”
    This… I learn from an andraa friend…in 80’s. The occasion I give you. The “peddapur camp residential school students got a number of ranks in 10 exams” my fellow wondered and asked me..
    Sir did you know the news that the karimnagar students got many ranks.. He is in a position that he can’t believe the news. I asked what’s the wonder? He repeated…… how this happened.. It’s un believable!
    I once again i asked what’s your objection?
    He said ” no sir it is used to say that the telangana people are “moddulu” the have poor performance…at studies.
    I asked who tell all this?
    He replied all including our teachers parents…
    Actually he is my best friend…. and he has no bad intetions..It’s not the act to insult anyone… I am sure… he is Brahmin and innocent…and good at character. He has no fault.. The fault is his elders.
    Many times in my life I faced such comments from the great Telugu brothers!!!

    • Yadav says:

      @Savaal, who stopped getting your history into the text books,we should get to the bottom of this actually who decides which history need to be put & which not, if its true its ridiculous..If your friends are speaking like that means they are not your true friends & i also dont support those kind of people.

      I disagree that he is Bhramin hence innocent , similarly you cant blame his elders for his charecter!!! You will find these kind of idiots in all regions , it has got nothing to do with a particular region,however i feel really bad for you to what has been metted to you by these guys , but i will still ask you one thing by getting Telangana also these friends of yours will be still around you , they are not going to vanish in thin air,so dont get into a coccoon or inside four walls , we need to accept in every society there are good & bad people & this can’t be a justification for a sepearate state……..

    • >>>> Actually we don’t know our history until the movement started …
      Do not make yourself a laughing stock.
      You do not know a great movement that happened 50-60 years ago in your region until SOMEONE told you.
      1857 mutiny was never taught in British run schools but the stories of valor as well as oppression were carried by word of mouth for about a century and then only came into textbooks. Neither the more than 2000 years old Indian history.
      Such things were carried in the society in various forms, folk songs, tales, ballards, literary works etc etc. An example is film Maa Bhoomi in which Gaddar sung ‘bandenaka bandi katti..” Thanks to this movie people outside TG learned more about armed struggle.
      Lots of people with communist links in Vijayawada and Guntur know about this struggle.
      But now you are saying you do not know about armed struggle just because it was not printed in textbooks.

      What you are trying to prove? You are not ready to know about yourself unless a government or an agitator tells you what you are? Or nobody in Telangana talks about armed struggle?

      Finally do you know anything about how those heroes of armed struggle were treated in free Hyderabad state?

      • savaalreddy says:

        When a student at the age of 10 or 15 years knows his history by textbooks….or atleast by the media. Generally…..students listen many stories but conform in textbooks. It’s so natural…..
        Our elder says that the moon is a god. Shall we accept? Text books reveal the truth that it is a planet. That is the credibility of a textbook. Now you laugh at!!!
        And your argument of 1857 struggle…. and mouth publicity….. They were Britishers they did it for their security… and jealousy. But who are you? For what purpose you people kept the struggle in dark?
        And moreover you called the history before andhramahasabha as Andhakara yugam…in your so-called textbooks!!
        That’s what I questioned?
        And the treatment of heroes…whether it is nizam rule… Indian rule… and also samaikya rule….its make no difference.

        • Savaal,

          There was so much literature about Sayudha Poratam, Police action both inside and outside academic zones. Did you ever read any book or writing by Sri Raavi Naarayan Reddy? Do you know where to buy Telugu/Telangana saahityam?

          Nee puttuka nee charitra neeku itarulu cheppalaa?

          Batukamma and Bonalu were not in textbooks. Did Telanganas stop celebrating them? Or they do not believe in them because they were not corroborated by textbooks?

          Muharram was not explained in any textbooks but almost every town in AP celebrates Muharram and they know background of it.

          • savaalreddy says:

            first of all you should know the difference between religious festivals and history. dasara, dipavali, batukamma.bonalu and moharram are festivals. the stories behind it are based on belief not on facts.they are our lifestyle. custom and culture. that needs no introduction or teaching.
            where the history is based on facts. it needs teaching.
            my argument is why that recent history not included in text books? instedof giving answer you are sujesting me to read somewhere…argue if you have an answer…

  64. savaalreddy says:

    You pose question that what Kcr did for karimnagar. Yes he did many.. He sanctioned special funds from prime minister’s fund to drinking water in hundreds of villages. YS at beginning not gave the simple matching grant. But after the intervention of big leaders of Delhi he released them. Now many villages enjoying the water. And it is KCR who succeeded in sectioning a railway line between Hyd to karimnagar when he was the minister in man Mohan cabinate. No one in karimnagar even not dreamed the line. I remember that on that year only two new rail lines sanctioned… one in railway minister laalu’s constancy and other in AP. even in siddipet where no rivers.. Streams available the drinking water scenario is very pitiable. Kcr succeeded to get water from man air dam in karimnagar dist at a distance of 75 KM from siddipet.
    Mr. PV narasimhaarao as a prime minister initiated the sanctio0n of Varada kaaluva of sriramsagar which is in pending from 25 years. Indira in 1975 gave the promise but not keep in her period. Again it is PV sanction a small rail line between peddapally to nizamabad. It is the first rail line in karimnagar after independence. He sanctioned double line to nandyaal in capacity of PM too. It is PV who gave a plenty of funds to develop the roads of warangal.
    Who said he did nothing to state.. Except the seemandraa media.
    And if it the case of ponnaala… devaadula the biggest irrigated project extended to his constancy for both irrigation and drinking purpose. The varada kaaluva extended up to nalgonda. What more T-people expect? And in capacity of Town development minister Jaipal sanction many funds to AP. ask the mayor of vijayawada and vishakhapatnam you get the answer. And for mahaboobnagar he did a lot. His contribution is significant in sanctioning of bheema and other irrigated projects. He gave a lot of funds to hyd. and warangal. The same did by bandaaru dattatreya also.
    And komatireddi… he sanctioned many schemes in his constancy to irradiate flooroosis. You may get the details from collector office if you apply in the form of rti act.
    The propaganda of seemaandra media against T leaders and ministers. .. Is absolutely false… within their limitations T-leaders did a lot for the region. And we people now thinking that if total power rests with T-leaders we will see wonders!!!!

    • PV worked for Telangana, Ponnala worked for Telangana, KCR worked for Telangana, Komatireddy worked for Telangana, Jailpal worked for Telangana.

      Then why you separatists say that ministers from this region were not allowed to function and all funds were transferred to SA region without their knowledge?
      Ponnala, Major Irrigation minister for 7 years, himself told Azad that TG was discriminated in budget as well as allocation.

      Your region is backward but poor people can survive for days and months without money.
      Your minister, elected members were not allowed to function but they sanction multiple crore major works in the region.
      You do not know your own history of last 50 years but you know we are different for centuries.
      Hyderabad was not developed in last 50 years but it is polluted by industries.
      Your ancestors fought Nizam but both are great.

      Endless contradictions Savaal.

  65. Yadav says:

    Savaal,it means these Congress politicians have done a wonderfull job , with there one hand tied???Its amazing still people of that region dont beleive them???

    Now i have understood these slogans discrimination,loot, jobs,irrigation/drinking water facility lost are just slogans??? You guys have every thing its just the other way round you actually want to loot people of Seema Andhra of the income now generated from Hyderabad & to use it in Telangana area only & show the wonders to whole world, this is your true color brother Savaal!!!!!! Wah wah aapka jawab nahin!!!!YS didnt gave the matching grant initially then what happend “Sabita” pushed him to give.???You people are really well versed in finding a villain from Seema Andhra in everything ,if YS/Naidu were villains how come you have all these industies in & around Hyderabad,how Devadulla extended by Ponnala,did Komati Reddy sold his home & lands to eradicate flourosis in Nalagonda?????????????If Jaipal Reddy has done so much then why KCR is giving the eg: of varsalu of Mahboobnagar is KCR also cohoots with Seema Andhra media.

    Savaal you people can fool some with this kind of arguements not all,i also would like that genuine issues to be resolved ,but not his kind of dictatorship that chattisgarh was formed this state was formed why not Telangana , it doesnt hold any water???

    Why cant Kashmir be independent i know you are not asking for independence , but the people of Kashmir want independence why there sentiments alone are not taken into account ,why the sentiments of whole country are considered,similarly Khalistan,Gorkhaland,Bodoland,Vidharbha.

    • savaalreddy says:

      yadav it’s once again you did the same mistake… jaipal helped the sanction of bheema but the bloody CMs not allocated funds enough to complete it. PV sanctioned varada kaluva by pressuring vijayabhasker reddy. The survey started. But the advancement betrayed. When PV did the PM. what is today.. It could not get completed even today. Take the example of potireeddy paadu when it gets started? When it completed? Only within a year. pulichintala is about to complete. polawaram completed its all canals. Now what is the position of praanahita project? Simple thing… annamaiah and telangana universities started at the same time. Annamaiah varsity gets completed with huge funds and it gets even the UGC reorganization.. But… what is stage of Telangana University? You know it? The buildings not completed… not sufficient faculty allotted…. when it get the reorganization of UGC?
      another example telangana engineers prepared a project report on praanahita(this same project projected as brain child of YS in the name of pranahita-chevella) and submitted to cm. at the time of order of making DPR the andraa chief engineer cut down the proposed irrigated area unto 30% and also he ordered the surveyors to look in to the objections of neibour states too. The same engineer not did the same when polawaram dpr prepared. But now it is objected by enamoring states too. This is the behavior of our beloved Telugu brothers.
      and atlast … it is well known that the partener who benifits wants unification.. who lose wants separation… thats all. the arguments behind unification are same….!!!!

  66. savaalreddy says:

    i missed one thing…. It is the Kcr who sanctioned the super multi speciality hospital in ESI hyd. in the capacity of central labour minister. I think it get started now…. and after several years the employees working in Esi got tranfered to thier required destinations with the order of Kcr.
    Kcr sanctioned esi buildings to siddipet.. karimnagar..and other places in karimnagar and nizamabad districts.

  67. Yadav says:

    Savaal,i can understand KCR eagerness do so much more for the development of Telanagana. I think we must use this positive attitude of his for the all round development of AP not only Telangana , by making him the CM of AP in next elections???????

  68. In my comments I gave a link to Gaddar’s one of the best songs: ‘Nannu ganna ammalara, Telugu Talli pallelara’ or you may go to our blog here and see the video. It clearly proves that up to just 3-4 years back Gaddar song highly of Telugu Talli and thought in the lines of all Telugus with no regional divide. Now he is in the forefront of one of the separatist organizations. So it is not the real divide existing but political circumstances and suddenly sprouting situation that drives some people who till yesterday did not think they were actually different and opposed to other regional Telugus. Pakistan and India are basically divided by religious divide and that everybody knows. Even so, all humanity is one family – vasudhaiva kutumbakam. Also notice some strange developments. 1969-70 all Telangana was rabidly separatist. They voted and got elected 10-11 Parliament Members of Telangana Praja Samiti defeating Congress. By 1972 or somewhat earlier TPS again joins (returns to) Congress. 1972-73 Jai Andhra movement – very intense and militant and demanding total separation and nothing else. But all Telangana leaders oppose that and stand for united state! And 1973 Six-Point formula. Telangana leaders agree even to the repeal of Mulki Rules once and for all. And for 35 years thenceforth major opinion in Telangana is also integrationist despite KCR’s gimmicks right from 2002 (that too due to denial of minister/deputy speaker post to him, which he himself would advert with grouse at various fora). And 9 December 2011 and afterwards, the entire situation again changes and now overwhelming majority in 8 Telangana districts (minus Hyderabad and RR which are not surely for separation) is for separation. But who knows about tomorrow? If the Centre is adamant and wants to keep Hyderabad as Union Territory and divide the rest only, perhaps the mood of Telangana people may change and can change too. But underlying all these one indelible bond of mother tongue is there for all the three regions. Savaal Reddy must visit our blog and read the presidential address of Sri Mandumula Narsing Rao at Andhra Mahasabha (Nizamabad) in which he underscores that ‘Andhra’ and ‘Telugu’ are both words of the same meaning and they take pride in calling themselves Andhras. So that is the cultural legacy of progressive, democratic Telangana renaissance movement. Unfortunately the present movement runs exactly counter to that legacy, but given a chance for well meaning democratic integrationists, I think this time also circumstances will again change for better and Telanganites will again veer round and cherish that integrationist legacy. Perhaps tomorrow they may even say to Seemandhras, especially the irascible Rayalaseemaites, counselling moderation: “Tammi, manamanta okkate. Memu chesina tappu meeru cheyakundri!” My earnest request is the glorious Telangana people’s struggle of 1920-48 and then 1949-56 was based on united Andhra culture and political set up and achieved that against great odds. The inspiring theme (of the marching song of Telangana fighters) in those days was: “Telugu Talli Biddalam, Telangana Veerulam, Mukkalaina Telugu Nela Okkatiga chesedam!” and they did it! Ayyalara, ammalara, meeru ippudu “Okkataina Telugu Nelanu mukkaluga cheyakundri”! All problems can be solved within the existing unified state setup and with constitutional safeguards and provisions like regional councils, backward areas development boards, district wise development plans, decentralization and local self-governance in reality, etc.

    • savaalreddy says:

      You said that “All problems can be solved within the existing unified state setup and with constitutional safeguards and provisions like regional councils, backward areas development boards, district wise development plans, decentralization and local self-governance in reality, etc.”
      But which problem solved in past 60 years? What happened to constitutional safeguards? Why regional councils removed without the consent of T people? Did your people sleep until the removal of mulki rules which were the safe guards of T people? With out any shame you people agitated in 1972 in the name of jai Andhra for job right in telangana. You nullified the local area eligibility from 15 years to 4 years. Who benefited?
      Even after 60 years of united state our share in secretariat is only 15%. Then how many more years you take to give our reasonable share in secretariat? Another 60 years? Or 100 years? When the GO 610 issued? Where is the implementation? When it be completed? After the retirement of unauthorized deputed employees?
      Once nelson Mandela taken to court of law. Judge asked whether you have to say anything. He said “Mr. Judge the person who complained against me is White.. The police who registered the case are white.. The prasisicutor who is arguing against me is white.. And at last the person who will deliver the judgment in this case is white… But I am a Black! Between all these whites how can I get the justice?”
      The same applied to T people. In the last 60 years the govts were Andhra. Majority mlas are Andhra. Many cms were Andhra… the secretariat filled with Andhra. The hods are Andhra… the police bosses usually from Andhra… how telangana people get justice?

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal ji , why are you people so obssesed with secretariat , government jobs , police bosses , i dont deny the genuine concerns facing the common man of all the regions are same , these are systemic problems & wont go away by just dividing the state , other thing only the government jobs is not the start & end of all thing in life , now a days you have so many oppurtunities not only in Hyderabad but all around India & the world , so dont crib about the things that effect a negligible percentage of people.!!!!!

      • Yadav says:

        Savaal, According to your Telengana University VC ,Md. Akbar Ali Khan , is on record that the student’s should write there own projects & the copied projects are not even worth reading>> He was participating as chief guest at the valedictory function>>>

        When your VC is on record about the worthlessness of his student’s , but you want jobs in the secretariat , if you guys are not of any worth what can one do???

        • Jai says:

          Two questions:

          - Did the VC say every single student is worthless? BTW what is the source of this “news”?
          - Why do you want to stay united with a bunch of worthless people?

          • Yadav says:


            > This is not the question of staying united or not , this is about worthless people’s claim’s of being out of job’s because of SA people…They should stop blaming other’s for there shortcoming’s??

            > TOI 22/10/11

        • savaalreddy says:

          pl. go to any engineering college in ap and ask students from where they get the notes. you get the answer. you ask about project reports from where they prepared and how much they paid for it. you get the answer…….it is in practice all over state.
          thats what our VCs at least said something to benefit the students..his comments also applies to all students.
          any how our VC said something good for students.. but your VC danced with cheer girls on the dais in his “veedkoolu sabha” by this what he teaches the students…. imagine!!

  69. Since this post mainly deals with the veracity of the purported saying of Nehru reg. Andhra, Telangana being like spouses, etc., I would like to know from the readers and administrator about another purported saying of Rajaji on the eve of separation of Andhra from Madras (1953). After the death of Potti Sriramulu, and subsequent violent incidents and then declaration of Andhra province minus Madras city, Andhra leaders are said to have asked Rajaji, then CM to let them use Madras as common capital for sometime and use the offices etc. there till a suitable venue can be found in Andhra and adequate arrangements were made but Rajaji is supposed to have fired on them saying: “No, Get out of Madras within 24 hours, you Andhra dogs!” Is it correct or anywhere near to correct. This separatists are parading very much in their writings and websites. For my part it seems hard to believe that a person like Rajaji would use so vituperative language or speak in that vein. I will be thankful if anybody can enlighten me in this regard.

  70. Yadav says:

    This whole Telangana agitation is just based on deriding people of the two regions & a particular community , whose MP’s have been vocal against seperation , its not based on genuine issues. If this agitation cant sustain for more than a year or two & comes intermittently as seen in last 55years is proof enough that its based on ego’s & nothing else.

    Atleast dogs are more loyal to the people around them , these people on roads are not even dog’s!!!!!!!!!!

    We are hearing now a days from KTR,KCR & other drama Rao’s,we cant satisfy every body when taking the decision like division , hence centre shouldn’t hold more negotiations , this is one more contradiction in there claim , similarly when integration was done may be all the people might not have been convinced but the decision was done , so one should respect it , when you are not respecting that decision, but you want the Seema Andhra people to respect the decision on division!!!!!! This is just autocratic ,dictatorial view point only my view should be heard & other voices are muzzled , thus its more imperative that until & unless any discussion on this issue is done in the floor of state assembly centre shold desist from making any statement & it should be conveyed clearly & loudly to these blackmailers,seperatists,terrorists on roads!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. savaalreddy says:

    Yes…………… dogs are more loyal…..just for a piece of bread. But in case of you people… we give shelter in the name capital when you people run a capital in tents. We gave share in our jobs too… we allow you to use our surplus budget to repair your Godavari, Krishna barrages. We let our villages sink in nagarjunasagar. We gave-up our whole power on telangana and allow you to administration. We gave up our Urdu as sarkar language. We minimize our mulki rules for integration. Thus we last our right of local area eligibility from 15 years to only 4 years. We send Lorries of food and cloths when Andhra experienced floods.
    But my question is what you people give in return? Exploytation……..Insults…nick names…called us terrorists…. where is your so-called dog loyalty?

    • Savaal reddy,

      until some big mouthed leader told you, you did not know about Sayudha Poratam.
      But you talk about events that happened well before you are born.
      some escapists pushed into fools paradise and you are not ready to come out.

      In the information age, a foolish paper called ‘Namaste Telanagana’ publishing blatant lies. Compare the news report on Darjeeling by your NS and The Hindu. You will understand how you people are fooled by your leaders.
      Better read such papers as it helps you continue in your fools paradise.

    • Yadav says:

      You didn’t give anything dont try to be a king/dora which you are not. It was your Hyderabad government which accepted for merger , we were better in tents , what share in jobs if you were only Hyderabad state do you think the same number of employement would have generated by government which is needed to administer the three regions, the total jobs would have been 1/3rd to what you have now so dont try to bloat about giving jobs.

      Nizam screwed your asses & collected taxes which was used , we seperated from Madras presidency hence didn’t have proper tax collection at the time of integration !!! Hoever the taxes were utilised for all the regions. Thanks for your support during floding.

      Your region has also been developed dont talk like a chauvinist no body is expolited this is no british era , still people say british were better than these indian governments. So wait for some time if at all Telangana is formed you will come to know who are the real exploiters???

      • savaalreddy says:

        yadav you said that ” It was your Hyderabad government which accepted for merger” but it is the truth that hyd people opposed the merger. NO IMPOSED VISHAALANDRA… Says Hyd pcc chief…it is the heading of a news published in indian express on the date november 21 ,1955. the pcc chief is jv narsingrao. he said it after returning from delhi.
        in the same month the andhra leaders begged for vishalandhra many times. ayyadevara kaleshwara rao, neelam sanjivareddy, vavilala and many others harried and worried for vishaalandra. and they said “” ippudu kaakapote ika vishaalandra eppudu sadyam kaadu”" “” SRC cheppinattu ennikalayye varaku agadam ante vishaalandra aasha vadulukovaalsinde” ” telangana prajanu “”"” eedovidhamgaa santrupti parachi”"” vishaalandra saadhinchaali”
        and in the resolution passed in andhraa assembly it was said that “”special”" protections wii be given to telangana…..the andra congress passed the same resulution. the vijayawada sabha.. guntur sabha …. like this everywhere in andhra harried for
        but the situation in telangana was different. in telangana districts except one dcc all dcc units opposed merger.
        SRC suggested take the public opinion in election for merger.but it was not done.
        you may ask then why assembly adopted the merger resolution? if you apply the same for 14f resolution………you can understand

        • Yadav says:

          In your Hyderabad state at that time communists won the majority of seats , but still the Congress government was formed why??? What locus standiii these Congres PCC chief has. When communists won the majority seats & they wanted integration it means majority supported as you talk now of these by elections!!!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            communists got seats for thier armed struggle against fudelists. not for united state. if election held as a plebisite for merger the result would hadbeen different.

          • Yadav says:

            Ok……. fine,then the same logic apply’s to TRS which had been loosing majority of seats from 2001 till last election’s. It means people never supported seperatism???

          • savaalreddy says:

            yadav it is foolish at your argument. After 2001 to 2009 with small are big mouth all parties sing the telangana song. Then how can you say telangana defeated? It is karimnagar by election which held on the basis of referendum… you may remember…babu argues samaikyandra… ys rajashekhara reddy said “yes it will be the referendum”!! People gave verdict that’s enough!!!
            If I ask which election support your samaikyandra????? In 2004 cong got more seats in seemaandra. It gave promise to form telangana too. In 2009 all parties sing telangana song. Ys rajashekhara reddy in the floor of assembly before election said cong is bind to telangana. Only cpm supported united state…it contested for many seats in seemaandra. How many it gain????

          • Jai says:

            Looks like some people get their history from movies, like the samaikya hero Rajagopal :)

            Communists won only 42 seats out of 175 in the 1951 elections. Even in Telangana they won only 36 seats out of 101. Communist party image fell sharply in 1957 and they could win only 22 seats.

          • Yadav says:

            @ Savaal ,Communists got 31% of votes & INC got 36% votes in Telangana region , then some PCC chief making a statement against integration doesn’t make that people were against it!!!!!

            No logic is going to work , plz. have a refrendum through out the state of AP on seperation or integration truth will be out???

            Just by imitating others, reading out old news papers ,reading text books of Prof.(Kodandaram , Jaishankar) wont help much , change the script no body is buying it or change your seperatist hero(KCR) from the flop movie “Jai Telangana”!!!!!

          • Jai says:

            @Yadav: First you said “majority of seats”. When I disprove you, you change gears to vote percent. Even here, going by your own (unsourced) data, communists did not get majority.

          • Yadav says:

            @Jai, you dont understand the discussion , you get in between with your own logic. As per Savaal do we need to think that PCC president at that time before integration represented the voice of 100% of Telangana people or its the view point of Hyderabad PCC.

            Do you talk/write every thing from the sourced & authentic data?? We are new entrant’s into this field we dont have the sources & proffesor’s who can guide us dilligently on these matter’s, you guy’s are far ahead of us atleast in this creations of myths & kattu kattalu……!!!!!!

        • satya says:

          @jai, Just to clarify you, communist party contested only in 77 constituencies and won 42 of those.

          • Jai says:

            Yes, the reds did not even contest all the seats. In today’s words, we can say “they ran away from many seats” or “అన్ని సీటులకు పోటీ చేసే దమ్ము లేదు” :)

            This is not because of pre-poll alliances. They did not have any allies.

            The reason is actually quite simple. The so called సాయుధ రైతాంగ పోరాటం was limited to just 3 districts out of 8. They won just 6 searts in the other 5 districts. The other 30 seats they won in Telangana were all from Karimnagar, Warangal & Nalgonda districts where they made a near clear sweep riding on the back of the 5 years of violence.

            CPI in 1951 was much less a pan-Telangana party compared to TPS of 1971 or even TRS of 2004. Yet their fellow travelers make tall claims (including majority of seats/votes by some guys)

          • satya says:

            on the similar lines, TRS did ran away from municipal elections in hyderabad. They can’t even put a candidate in recent kukatpally corporate.. And the reason is simple… The so called ‘telangana poratam’ is not exists in hyderabad. In fact, the TRS way of getting telangana or TRS’s single point agenda of telangana is outrightly denied in entire telangana as they got only 10 seats out of 50 they contested in 2009 general elections. They have no representation in 6 districts of telangana.
            Similar is the case even with BJP which contested alone in 2009 election promising telangana in 100 days but completely denied by people..

            similar is the case of sampoorna telangana praja samiti in 1972 (just after 3 yrs where u r claiming of great vicotries TPS and great movement) which won only 1 seat out of 50 it contested on telangana plank, and it has no ‘dammu’ even to contest in all seats as the movement is not exists in telangana.

            I think PDF can have a better voice of say in 1952 than what TRS or BJP or even the current CPI can boast of how may ever u deny it.

            you guys will not accept the voice of PDF which won 44 seats then, but will accept CPI which is unable to even contest in all and has won only a couple of seats..

            similarly you guys found wrong with kavuri when he asked the same question to BJP in parliament. there is a word called hypocrisy and there is a world with same name where T vaadis living.

          • satya says:

            and btw, Just as u mentiond PDF won riding on the violence for 5 yrs TRS is doing the same by whipping out the sentiments and hatred against other regions..

          • Jai says:

            A few differences, perhaps minor in your assesment:

            - Unlike CPI who was the “sole owner” of the uprising, Telangana is supported by most parties, politicians & people in the region, not just TRS
            - CPI lynched dozens of people including “doras”, their families, bystanders and “informers” unlike TRS (so far :)
            - CPI commandos were equipped, trained, armed & financed by KGB

            You guys keep harping about TRS’s seats conveniently forgetting the seats won by other parties supporting Telangana.

            Even in Andhra, BJP won 2 seats immediately after announcing “one vote, two states”. TDP & PRP did extremely well inspite of promising Telangana within 100 days.

            CPM, the only recognized party to oppose Telangana, won just one seat. The only party to fight elections on a single point status quo agenda was “Samaikyandhra Samiti Party” of a VMS officebearer. Ask “Kumar Chowdary Yadav” how many votes his “party” won :)

          • Yadav says:

            @Jai , few minor differences , which you might not understand!!!!
            > Congress never ever mentioned in 2005/09 on giving state hood to Telangana , i dont know from where you get this kind of aunthentic news..
            >YSR quote every body knows which he used in Rayalaseema about visas for Hyderabad & against mahakutami of (TDP,TRS …others) , that proves the CM was against seperation , then his word can be equated to be the feelings of the general public , as your Hyderabad state PCC chiefs or first CM statement that people were against integration!!!!
            >>> You should ask KCR how many votes his party had been getting since inception??
            >>> How many seats mahakutami won in Telangana every one knows because they promised Telangana!!!!!
            >>> Where was this love of Telangana for the people & politicians , they had been enjoying all the benefits of state & shamelessly preaching seperatism , your people should have boycotted each & everything associted with integrated state , you people cant even continue with samne for more than 30 days , what a shame to call its people movement!!!!

          • Jai says:

            Yadav, are these differences between 1951 CPI & 2004 TRS? I think you are used to ఆవు వ్యాసం :)

            Congress manifesto in 2004 included Telangana. After that they never officially said they will not give Telangana.

            YSR was only a local leader. Everyone knows decisions are taken in Delhi.

            Forget TRS seats, how many votes did Kumar Chowdary Yadav’s party get? Even if you treat Congress as neutral, the counts are:

            In Telangana: 59 (TDP: 39; TRS: 10; CPI:4; BJP: 2; PRP: 2) vs. 1 (CPM)
            In Andhra: 69 (TDP: 53; PRP: 16) vs. 0

          • satya says:


            >> CPI lynched dozens of people including “doras”, their families, bystanders and “informers” unlike TRS

            In the process CPI itself lost somany of its men.. and ur Gaddar, the protaganist of T should share some of the sins by CPI.. and TRS who is claiming they will implement maoist agenda after T is formed should be considered as anti T.

            >> CPM, the only recognized party to oppose Telangana, won just one seat.

            You may be forgetting this in 2004 TRS lost deposits in 17 seats out of 54 it contested to samaikhyandra parties. Also it lost another 11 seats to the same parties and of which in 4 segments it contested against CPI and CPM breaching the allaince.

            >> Congress manifesto in 2004 included Telangana. After that they never officially said they will not give Telangana.

            can you show the proof? Congress manifesto clearly indicated 2nd SRC.. There was no line that indicates (like BJP manifesto) they will give separate telangana.. and again there is no time bound too :)

            in 2009 they didn’t even promised it. Still they got the majority in both regions..

            >> In Telangana: 59 (TDP: 39; TRS: 10; CPI:4; BJP: 2; PRP: 2) vs. 1 (CPM)
            In Andhra: 69 (TDP: 53; PRP: 16) vs. 0

            If not congress it is the govt to consider the opinion of TDP (the next best party getting more seats in T) rather than heeding the demands of TRS which is no people support at any elections.

  72. If savaal reddy is so bigoted to equate his own fellow citizens, also his own Telugu people of a different region, with colonial or imperialist exploiters and equate the present regional chauvinist struggle to the status of a freedom struggle against an alleged (imaginary) oppressor ‘race’ or ‘tribe’ or ‘community’ – well, I don’t have an answer or any need to answer either. His stupidity cum frenzy is self-evident and only he has to introspect after careful study.

  73. savaalreddy says:

    prabhakar rao first you read the news properly..the start the i give a link…

  74. savaalreddy says:

    calling same telugu people talibans right for…terrorists right for you… ….Fascists right for you…and chauvinists also right for you…
    but the word exploiter is objectionable for you…..great!!!!
    i ask a simple question…. did andhraas get more jobs in ap than in andhraa state after merger…or not? if so who are the losers?

    • Yadav says:

      What else you call people who break statues on tank bund , attack innocent bus passenger’s, who object to other people’s constitutional right’s like freedom of speech , education , right to live in Telangana >>> there are many eg:::: like you have!!!!!!!!!

      If we go by your logic after 1956 , the people who might have got jobs there age would have been 25-30 yrs , so by now they all might have retired. However how many jobs do you think these governments have created in last 60 years??? For government jobs there would be a written test , interviews how can any one differentiate between people of different regions , obviously people would look for quality rather than satisfy there regionilism!!!!

      • savaalreddy says:

        Intelligence? We know what’s your intelligence and merit. Showing scared thread to Brahmin interviewers… touching ear ends in front of kamma officers…and many more…. I can’t give here. Oh… so intelligence…and great merit….
        ask pervaaram raamulu the ex chairman of appsc…how many phone calls from andraa leaders in a day he received in the time of postings…. how many offers… warnings… and many….. He explains you so called merit!!!!
        We saw how our merit killed in tenth paper valuations. A Kurnool teacher gave zero marks to telanagana merit student. When revaluation done he got 90 marks… but no action against the teacher taken so far.
        And we also learn how telangana merit candidates appeared appasc exams and who got 90% marks in written exam gave only 20% in interviews done by great chairman venkataramireddy of rayalaseema. And how rayaseema students who got less marks in written exam gave 90% to get good posts. dsp nalini is the victim. She got 90% in written and she was giving only 20% in interview. She marginalized to dsp post instead of a joint collector post.
        Is this the merit you people showed?
        It is not the story of today or yesterday… right from the 1956… The same story…
        After telangana agitation dropped by indira promises… she showed interest to correct the wrong things…
        She even appointed a committee to into the matter.
        Read “me and my times” written by c. narasimham an official who was the member of a committee appointed by smt. indira Gandhi to look after into telangana employees grievances. the head of the committee is Allahabad high court retired judge manhood begh and two members one is a. Krishna swami ayyangaar another is c. narasimham . He is an andraa official. He wrote the book me and my times. A chapter in the book discussed the findings of committee.
        He writes………

        పెండింగ్ విచారణ సాకుతో కొంత మందిని, ఆంగ్ల పరిజ్ఞానం లేదనే ఆరోపణతో మరికొంత మందిని తగిన అర్హత లేదనే సాకుతో ప్రమోసన్లు ఇవ్వకుండా మరి కొందరిని తొక్కి పెట్టినట్టు కమిటి విచారణలో స్పష్టంగా వెల్లడైంది.తెలంగాణా అధికారి పదవి విరమణ పొందడానికి కొద్ది కాలం ముందు అతడిని ఆంధ్రా జోన్ కు బదిలీ చేసేవారు. అతడు అక్కడ పదవి విరమణ పొందిన తర్వాత ఏర్పడే ఖాళీలో అక్కడి వారినే నియమించుకునే వారు. సినియర్ ఆంధ్రా అధికారులు బుడ్డి పూర్వకంగా కుతంత్రం తో ఈ విధంగా వ్యవహ రించారని గ్రివెన్సెస్ కమిటి గుర్తించింది. తెలంగాణా siniyar అధికారులను దాట వేయటం కోసం వేరు వేరు హోదాలతో అర్హత లతో ఉన్నత పదవులను సృస్తించారని కూడా ఈ కమిటి గుర్తించింది. తెలంగాణా వారికి దక్కుతయనే కారణంగా రెగ్యులర్ కాదర్ పోస్టులు భర్తీ చేయకుండా అలాగే ఉంచారు. పర్సనల్ ఫైలు వెంటనే దొరకలేదనే చిన్న సాకుతో సైతం తెలంగాణా ఉద్యోగులను pakkaku పెట్టారని గుర్తించింది.
        enough… want more of the chapter in this book?

        • Yadav says:

          @Savaal , you dont have Brahmin’s ,Kamma’s in Telangana???Sorry you have only Dora’s !!!!!!!!!!!

          If you can’t understand the difference of aptitude required for written & interview tests then god alone can help you, is it necessary for a canditate to get equal marks in both written & interviews??? , plz ask KCR to implement this rule when Telangana is formed!!!!

          Now i understand why your politicians & proffesors have been able to fool you people for so many years without you guys knowing it!!!!! Its still not late wake up from your slumber!!!!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            difference between written and interview…..a telangana person got 90% gets only 20% in interview? possible….and all rayalaseema reeddys gets 80%…. the chairman also belongs to same region just accidently…. thats correct….naaa!!! well…

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal ji , one more thing you guys have more regional feeling than the other two regions , so i dont think any one from Andhra or Rayalseema would have supported the canditates from there region as you people try to make it out , its the other way round . More over if you take the percentage of state government employees in the overall state obviously Telangana employees are more percentage wise……..!!! Hope this clears the air if you want to beleive , otherwise if you still want to listen to “pedarasi peddamma katalu” no one can help!!!!!

    • Where it is right for you

      beating politicians giving support to your cause
      also calling it peaceful agitation
      calling MKM a drohi even after giving ample support to your movement

  75. satish says:

    Hi guy’s,
    I would like to ask a question to my andhra friends,

    • Anyone will explain. But before that we have to confirm these are real facts.
      Please, do no refer to T material prepared by Late Prof. Jayashankar.

    • Yadav says:

      108 BLUFFS OF PEOPLE OF TELANGANA>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!

      1. Assuming that 90% of these reasons are contextually correct, the fact still remains that Telengana politicians have failed for their citizens since 1956. All these erstwhile landlords turned politicians have only become richer since the formation of the state by making their own people poor. How far it is fair to blame Andhra leaders and Andhra people?

      2. If Anjaiah, then the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was publicly humiliated by Rajiv Gandhi, is it not NT Ramarao stood up and shown the pride of Telugu people across the word?

      3. Now a days, there is a criticism that the Telengana Literature and Telengana intellectuals are not getting right place for their contributions. Does any one remember pre-1983, till NT Rama rao came to power, the plight of Telugu language in Hyderabad? If you speak in Telugu in public you were looked down? And suddenly after 50 years our friends are talking about recognition!

      4. Did any one have guts to speak about Telugu during the Nizam rule of Hyderabad state? Did you not learn the Urdu and lived with that for 175 years!

      5. If NT Rama Rao, YS Rajasekhara Reddy or N Chandrababu Naidu were selfish towards their regions – then why all these three slogged to bring international fame to Hyderabad at the cost of Andhra or Rayalaseema Regions?

      6. Y S Rajaskhar Reddy while he was CM, when took steps for the Kadapa district development – all these Andhra dominated news papers like Andhra Joythy and Eenadu cried so much for his favouritism.

      8. Did anyone say negetive when Vengal Rao developed Khammam district?

      9. Is is not their own Telengana People who have driven PV Narasimha Rao to Ramtek from Hanmakonda?

      10. What happened to Telengana Pride when PV was humiliated even in his death?

      11. Is it not, NT Ramarao and Rayalaseema people who welcomed and given PV Narsimha Rao a great victory from Nandyal?

      12. Why did YS Rajasekhar Reddy or Daggubati Purandeswari allocated IIT to Medak instead of Kadapa or Visakhapatnam?

      13. It is not with Telengana money that Godavari or Krishna barrages at Rajahmundry or Vijayawada have been built?

      14. What the MP’s and MLA’s for the Nalgonda or Mahboobnagar districts have been doing since 1956?

      15. Instead of foul mouthing Y S Rajasekhar Reddy all time, did Nagam Janardhan Reddy anytime bothered looking at problems of Mahaboobnagar. Nagam is more worried about Gali Brothers in Ananthapur or Idupulapaya in Kadapa?

      16. What did Jaipal Reddy do to Nalgonda district depsite being in the highly powerful position in Government of India for many years? Jaipal only knows how to switch the political parties and stick to power!

      17. Why did Jeevan Reddy contest against K Chandra Sekhar Rao and now going with KCR and using his foul mouth? When did he realise the injustices to Telengana? After YSR death or after smelling the opportunity for power?

      18. Yes, Potti Sriramulu is not connected with Telengana. But, I born and studied in all my school that Andhra Pradesh is single state and Hyderabad is the capital of the Telugus. Do you want me to study the previous history and say that Hyderabad state belongs to Muslims?

      19. When did K Chandrasekhar Rao realise that injustices have been done to Telengana? After enjoying all the power and emassing the wealth?

      20. Is it not NT Rama Rao gave K Chandrasekhar Rao and all those BC leaders from Telengana a political life. Where you would have been otherwise? Still getting crushed under the Telengana doralu (landlords)

      21. Where is Konda Surekha without Y S Rajasekhar Reddy? She was politically nothing until a decade ago

      22. What did Ponnala Laxmaiah do to Telengana Irrigation issues? Did he ever speak in Assembly or Cabinet?

      23. OK, may most of the lands around Hyderabad are owned by Andhra people? Is it not a fact that all those local people who could not do anything with those lands became super rich overnight? Are they not driving Honda’s and Benz cars?

      24. Is it not Andhra and Rayalaseema people whole heartedly supported Telengana movement and provided all the help? Andhra People may be clever according to Telengana people but they did not have vision to see that Hyderabad and IT boom 50 years down the line!

      25. If Viswanatha Satyanaryana got Jnanpeeth award, even eminent and well respected Dr C Narayana Reddy was given the same award. Could any one say if some is better or some is less?

      26. If Tikkana came from Nellore, Nannayya came from Rajahmundry, Pothana came from Warangal. Can any one say if one is better than other? If any one dare to, it is only to show their ignorance?

      27. Ramadasu came from Bhadrachalam (Khammam district) and Annamayya came from Kadapa. Is it not all Telugu people listen to melodies of these two every day? Did any Telengana people did not want to listen or see the Annamayya movie?

      28. Before criticizing Kasu Brahmananda Reddy how he handled 1969 issues, it is good to remember that Nizam and Razakars have massacared scores of innocent people in the erstwhile Nizam state. How could K Chandrasekhar Rao praise Nizam and his establishment?

      29. Well, from 1948 to 1956 – the Hyderabad state history is not mentioned mostly in schools. But, who is at fault? How many Education ministers came from Telengana? Is there any evidence to prove that Andhra or Rayalaseema people or leaders had a conspiracy?

      30. Is it fair to have the NIT at Warangal and IIT at Medak, when Andhra and Rayalaseema do not have a single National Institute? Did any one from Andhra or Rayalaseema made it an issue? Then why are you bothered about two JNTU’s in Rayalaseema?

      31. Irrigation and in justice? Last two decades, both major and minor irrigation ministries are handled by Telengana leaders. It is Nagam Janardhan Reddy and Kadiyam Srihari in TDP Government and Ponnala Laxmaiah and Sunitha Lakshma Reddy. All are from Telengana! And did not do anything to Telengana for the last two decades. Did they ever differ with Chandrababu Naidu or YS Rajasekhar Reddy on Telengana development? No.

      32. What is the track record of K Chandrasekhar Rao? Did he do any development to any of the constituency that he flip flopped all across Telengana? It does not need rocket science knowledge to know what he would do in future!

      33. Is it not Manmohan Singh fed up with KCR’s inefficiency when he was federal minister? Did he do anything to Telengana while he was Union Labour minister to Telengana or Telengana people? No.

      34. How KCR emassed so much of wealth from an Immigration broker to become on of the wealthy persons in the state? (Wikipedia: How many people this Dubai Chandrasekhar cheated to accumulate this wealth?

      35. If Ambedkar wanted Hyderabad to be second capital of India – all Telugu people will be happy and feel proud. But, who stopped it? Not Andhra or Rayalaseema people.

      36. Is Jaipal Reddy sleeping all these decades having born in Mahaboobnagar district and representing Kalwakurthi as MLA for four terms? or enjoying the plight of poor people? What way Andhra or Rayalaseema people are resposible for the flight of poor people? Who stopped building irrigation systems to utilize the Krishna waters in the district? How many MLA’s and MP’s did these people sent to Hyderabad and New Delhi?

      37. Andhra or Rayalaseema people have nothing to with the closure of Ramagundam Fertilizer factory. It was due to plant operational inefficiencies. Then that big man from Telengana “Kaka” Venkataswamy was doing? If he spent more time on these issues than on Presidential dreams – something could have been done

      38. What is KK (K Keshava Rao’s) track record? He never won a single direct election nor served the people of Telengana. Now this “fickle” minded “leader” wanted to do something for Telengana. Go to his official website ( No great track record even in Delhi?

      39. Lesser the said about V Hanumantha Rao is good for Telengana people. He is the best mate of KK during all his political career. Cannot even win at Amberpet (his home) where most of the people are not from Andhra or Rayalaseema. His home at Delhi is 11, Janpath and hence he always speaks for Madam but not for people.

      40. Andhra and Rayalaseema people are not responsible for the Naxalite problems in Telengana. What Chevella Chellamma, Sabitha Indra Reddy is doing being Home Minister? What did Jana Reddy do for the Telengana being the Home Minister earlier?

      41. Did Telengana merged with Andhra forcefully? Is it not a merger after passing resolution in the Hyderabad state assembly?

      42. Let’s agree that Nizam was richest man in the world but his citizens were very poor.

      43. Many Goverment Milk plants in Andhra also have been closed thanks to Chandrababu Naidu. Hence it was not just Telengana faced the problems.

      44. Why Andhra region was never industrialised like Telengana by Andhra and Rayalaseema leaders?

      45. Unfortunately AP government GO’s do not apply for IAS or IPS and other central services.

      46. Even in Bangalore, Kannadigas are minority. It is Tamils and Telugu’s who dominate the work force all across. How did this happen? Tamil’s and Telugu’s or Malayalees were willing to move for greener pastures and earlier -Kannadigas did not want to move even from Mysore to Bangalore? Hence they lost all those jobs to outsiders.

      47. Are you willing to agree if Muslims being the “natives” of Hyderabad for centuries, and if they ask for a seperate state for Muslims with Hyderabad, Rangareddi, Nizamabad and Karimnagar? They will have the same reasons as you are saying now – like robbers and thugs?

      48. Is it not true that Telengana, Andhra and Rayalaseema people killed the “lazy Nawabi” culture of Hyderabad?

      49. Will you support North Karnataka and Marthwada a seperate states as they were with you until 1956 as part of Hyderabad state?

      50. On your own admission, If more than 90% of the colonies are occupied by Seemandhra people, it is not fair to say that Telengana people are a minority in the Hyderabad metro City area?

      51. Do you know how many kaka’s, DK’s and KK’s from Telengana have become filthy rich like Seemandhra leaders and at the expense of common man? How did Dubai Chandrasekhar earn so much of wealth?

      52. Agreed, Lagadapati Rajagopal had some controversies with his business and accumulated wealth. How much did Madu Yaskhi Goud earn? What did he do to Nizamabad since he became MP except fighting with YSR and Lagadapati.

      53. Rosaiah cannot speak for United Andhra Pradesh but the D Srinivas, can speak for Telengana. Whom do you want to fool? What stops a Chief Minister representing a state to talk for the state?

      54. As per the The Hindu article ( The paddy boom was such that as many as 50 rice mills came up at Miryalaguda, the largest number at any single place in Asia.

      55. Now some Telengana people are saying that Telengana is nothing to do with Potti Sriramulu. And he fought for the liberation of Andhra and Rayalaseema from Tamils / Madras state. OK, there is no evidence that Mahatma Gandhi ever fought for the Hyderabad state liberation from Nizam. Actually, Gandhi did fight against British only. So, how Gandhi can be connected to Telengana and revered? Do not twist the facts. Potti Sriramulu was soldier who died for the Telugu people indentity.

      56. I can tell many Telengana names who live in the Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. Do not try to protray that all Telengana people are poor. Nama Venkateswara Rao for example is the richest MP in the state. Where is Khammam? Not in Telnagana?

      57. Can you tell for sure that none of the Telangana businessmen or Politicians took away the WAKF lands in Hyderabad or Telengana? Look this link: and tells what YS Rajasekhar Reddy did to return the lands. And see this, such lands have gone similarly in Visakhapatnam as well. Finally, according to this link, Andhra Pradesh is the best in India to protect the Wakf lands. And the main problem is, those Walf caretakers are the real culprits. Power does not know the religion? What do you say about the 100′s of thousands of Temple lands in entire Andhra Pradesh that have gone into the hands of enchroachers. So, do not link Religion with this issue.

      58. You say 150 odd forts in Telangana have been delapidated and not maintained. OK, could tell us which Andhra fort was taken care well by Andhra Pradesh Government? Bobbili fort has gone and so many. But, you see infront of you how Golconda is protected and developed. Suddenly you remember the culture and say Andhra and Rayalaseema people have even ruined little cared and unknown forts that yourselves do not know. Could you tell me the list of those 150? I would like to visit them in my next visit to India

      59. Hyderabad Central Univeristy – does it have any reservations for the Andhra People? This Central university is a national university, serving certain objectives. Go to this link and see the ticker on the university objectives. It does not talk about Telangana / Andhra Pradesh. Compete man! Go to BITS, Pilani or IIT, Chennai – there also you will see mostly Andhra students and facutly. Ask all those bright Telangana students who are robbing the Rajasthani or Tamil opportunities to come back to Karimnagar or Adilabad.

      60. Telugu film industry. Yes, it is dominated by Andhra (or for that matter few communities). But if some one got a talent, one can stop them. Prakash Raj the top star in Tollywood is not even from Andhra Pradesh. From where Shayaji Shinde came from? None of the present day Tollywood heroines are from Andhra Pradesh. This is millions of dollars worth business and do not expect reservations. Dubai Chandrasekar – is giving free entertainment on par with Brahmanandam. Enjoy!

      61. Telagana accent and comedy in Telugu movies. Even the so called educated and cultured Brahmins, in Tollywood movies are projected as comic characters. Do you want Brahmins to ask for a seperate district if not a state? If it is cultural norm – change it. Do you know Sardarji jokes? They brilliant people on the earth. Do not ask for a seperate state just because of a 5 minute comic scenes in Tollywood movies. I am happy to see Uttej in the movies and I do not think he is demeaning anything.

      62. Do you know how many decades it to start Polavaram Project? Do not come to conclusion that it is a cake walk to start a project in Andhra. How many lives and man years have been lost for the Visakhapatnam steel plant- do you know? Did any one die for an industry in Telengana since 1956? Even without asking you get IIT or IIIT or anything!

      63. Flourosis in Nalgonda. I agree that Nalgonda is having a problem. But, do not say it is just Nalgonda having problem in entire Andhra Pradesh. According to, there are as many districts in AP suffer from this problem. Prakasam district is having same level of problems as Nalgonda. This problem is nothing to do with Andhra or Rayalaseema people. This is an adminstrative problem. All the Collectors of these districts, if they were forced to drink the same water as villagers, then this problem would have solved in 1956 itself.

      64. Bonalu, Batukamma and Andhra people reluctance to understand. How many of you Telengana guys in US, Europe or Australia being citizens of those countries adapted the local culture and undestood and integrated with the local communities. I am telling you – Zero. Still all these guys want their own culture, and create ghettos to live in their world. First ask all those Telengana people to forget their culture and adapt to the foreigh culture? But you need dollars and Euro, and hang on there by hook or crook!

      65. What effort did Telangana people made to understand Andhra or Rayalaseema culture? Do you know the culture of Srikakulam? Why should I know, when it is not in my way of life?

      66. Hyderabad is not a Kashimir for Andhra people as it is for Pakistan. Do not get too emotional. My son is born there, so my nephew and my niece. I studied here and worked in Hyderabad. If my Father came to Telengana, so is Dubai Chandrasekhar’s grand father or KK’s great grand father. All Andhra and Rayalaseema people have right to live in Hyderabad or Nizamabad.

      67. Do not show over enthusiam to prove something incorrect See this As a matter of fact Mulki’s came to protect primarily the Telengana people from the Northern Indians or Hindustanis. Do you know the Karnakaka and Maratha people of Hyderbad state ever had the benefit of Mulki once they were merged into respective states? See this link and according to them, Telengana people are fortunate. How perceptions change amonst the cousins!

      68. How hungry are you guys? Not satisfied with so many big universities- you also want, Health University at Vijayawada or Mahila University at Tirupathi also to be moved to Hyderabad? Then you blame, Andhra and Rayalaseema people are taking away your jobs?

      69. Andhra Controlled Media? Who made Dubai Chandrasekhar a hero? Is not this Andhra Controlled media? He was not willing to contest an election & lost his face in public but, overnight he was made a hero by Andhra controlled media. Yes, this media is the real culprit for all the problems we have today.

      70. Telagana Sayudha Poratam inspired the West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and paved way for formation of Communist governments in those States. Excellent? So you want to pass the baton to Annalu (Naxalites who are sitting in the forests and universities) and seek their inspiration to join the insurgency movement to destabilise India further. You know where WB, Kerala and Tripura are today and their standing vis-a-vis Gujarat, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka! Wake up – China is NOT a communist country anymore. Seek positive inspiration.

      71. Did you ever read Rachakonda Vishwanatha Sastri novels? He is considered, perhaps one of the greatest authors from (North Coastal) Andhra Pradesh. I tried to read, but I could not understand. The reason being, he writes in colloquial Telugu of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts. Hard to read and hard to understand flow. I tried and found the same complexity with Kaloji Narayana Rao. And never attempted to read Viswanatha Satyanarayana. All these people are great. On writes in classical Telugu and other in colloquial. This is called diversity. Do you know the German spoken in Bavaria is so different and heavy that even the native Germans cannot understand easily. Instead of demeaning yourselves, try to enrich and motivate other people to read. Shouting and howling won’t do much. Did any one force you to read Sri Sri Mahaprastanam? Be proud of Telengana Telugu accent!

      72. Life won’t end by singing in Telangana song or garlanding Telanga Talli. Would any one dare to open a Telanga Telugu medium school and send their children to those schools? I challenge that not even Dubai Chandrasekhar will send his grand child!

      73. Why K Chandrasekhar Rao lives in Banjara Hills amongst the Andhra and Rayalaseema rich people? Please ask him to lead by example and go and live in Dhool pet ( and show solidarity. Incidentally, his home at New Delhi is in Tughlaq Road. What a coincidence!

      74. Suddenly few Telengana “fantics” have become agressive and exprssing feelings that Nizam and his rule was better than Andhra people and their company. Great guys! I wonder, why you did not support the Nizam proposal to join Pakistan than India or remain independent nation. You may forgive your enemies but do not forget their names.

      75. Hyderabad and natural growth? Well, everybody knows the situation of Hyderabad and the reputation till 1983. Do you think that Microsoft or Infosys or HSBC Tell me how many Telangana leaders have participated in buidling “Brand Andhra Pradesh” or “Brand Andhra”? None
      In stratight TELL ME KCR Contribution to this ?? Mr.Naidu developed Hyd into an IT HUB , WILL KCR Develop VIZAG into an IT HUB ?? , can he got to America and ask Mircosoft chariman to set up their company in VIZAG ???

      76. If you think Andhra people are thugs or robberers – get ready, the Dubai Chandrasekhar from Bobbili or KK from Machilipatman will strip you guys naked in public even without your knowledge

      77. Do you know how many districts in Andhra and Rayalaseema did not have a major industry? And yet, you call West Godavari a developed district than Karimnagar District.

      78. Do you have Mulkis implemented in the Karnatak and Marthwada parts of the erstwhile Hyderabad state when they were demerged in 1956? Why it is so unique for Andhra Pradesh only. If you tell a lie repeatedly do not think it would be truth. Stop calling Andhra people cunning, clever or arrogant. These are perceptions.

      79. Telengana peasant rule! What way Andhra people are connected with the cruelity of the Telangana landlords to their own people. See this and is it not true that all these people have been marginalized after 1956? Why did PV Narasimha Rao lost him Chief Ministership. Was it not, he wanted to implement land ceiling act and the Telangana landlords siezed him?

      80. Read this for some of the answers to 108. Do not make shocking statements like not a single acre of land was not submerged in Guntur while thousands were lost in Nalgonda district (Actually I did realise just now that some had made responses even bigger than 108, to bring forward the truth)

      81. FINALLY IT is not Andhra people who robbed TG but it is NIZAM who robbed TG people and became riches man in world in 1940s

      ASK YOUR SANTHOSH VEMULA -AUTHOR OF 108 Questions to come to Hitech City from America,I will show him how it got developed and how many IT Companies r there in HYD and how Telangana people got benefited with this, telangana lands rates have increased, telanagana people became rich ..

      It is not Telangana that is lost but Andhra people have spent their energy in these 50years in development of Telangana .. !!!!!!!!


      1) You should question your political representatives as to why they are not working for the welfare of the people. despite irrigation ministers are from Telangana, why they are not doing their work.

      2) Doras have not encouraged Educational Institutions in Telangana. If the backward community child goes to school, who will take care of their Gadees, land and buffelos. Whereas, Coastal Andhra people were under the influence of Britishers for many years. The parents do not mind mortagaging their land and house for encouraging their children to persue higher education. If you consider the employment of Banks, Insurance, public sectors etc., Andhraites are more, because of the above reason.

      3) Majority decides. If this movement is only for CM post, Andhraites should welcome a CM candidate from Telangana, nothing wrong.

      4) Right from the beginning, Andhra farmers are hard working having more interest in cultivating new crops etc., Sugar cane growing was taught by Andhraites in places like Nizamabad. Hence you would find more migration. In Raichur, Bellary, – cotton growing was started by the farmers from Prakasam, Guntur District farmers. More over, migration takes places to the areas where the localites does not intending to take up such work. for example – IN mumbai, you will find lot of Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, construction labourers from UP, Bihar and Mahaboob Nagar. Mumbaikers does not want to work in such areas.

      5) If you consider Khammam, Kaerimnagar, Hydrabad and Rangareddy are also part of Telangana – sorry, they are not back ward districts. You should be happy to know that Karimnagar is the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh, no more Godavari Districts.

  76. savaalreddy says:

    You people are vegetarians?
    andra state is born in a womb of violence…
    After potti sriramulu death you people behaved like pidaaries… you loot the rails… buses… burn the rails and to ashes.. Looted the belongings of passengers in Vijayawada. Want the evidence look the andra prabha dec 17th 1952 paper tens of photos looting rail published in the paper. You even loot goods rail… loot rice bags…

    Andra prabha writes on 17th dec 1952……
    విజయవాడ పరిస్తితి..
    విజయవాడ డిసెంబర్ 17 : నిన్న దాదాపు 8 గంటలు నగరం యావత్తు ప్రజా సాముహ పాలన లో ఉంది. అల్లర్లలో తరతమ భేదం లేకుండా చిన్న పెద్ద అనే తేడ లకుండ ఆడ, మగ తేడ లేకుండా అన్ని తరగతుల వారు పాల్గొన్నట్లు తెలుస్తోంది.
    ఎవరికీ అందినది వారు ఎత్తుకు పోవడమే కన్పించింది. కొందరు రైలు ప్రయాణికులు కుడా చేజిక్కిన వాటిని సెరవేసినట్టు ఇక్కడ ఆగి పోయిన దిల్లి ఎక్స్ప్రెస్ను సోడా చేయగా తెలిసింది…..
    ఆహార ధాన్యాలను పట్టుకు పోవడానికి సంచులు కాని , కండువాలు కాని లేని వారు కొందరు తొడుక్కున్న పైజామాలను విప్పి మూటకట్టి తీసుకు పోవటం కన్పించింది. ఒక స్త్రీ ఏమి తోచక కట్టుకున్న చీర విప్పుకొని మోయగాలిగినంత ముతా కట్టుకు పోయింది. లూటి ఆహార దాన్యాలకే పరిమితం కాలేదు. సిగరెట్ పెట్టెల నుంచి టైపు రైటర్ ల వరకు తినుబండారాల దగ్గరనుంచి ఆహార ధాన్యాల వరకు కనిపించిన వస్తువు నల్ల కొల్ల గోట్టుకు పోవడం జరిగింది.
    andra prabha also published a dozen photos on dec 17th 1952.

    enough…. you wants more?
    shall i open the naked truths happened in jai andraa movement? the loots.. the attacks on telangana piligrimis…telangana employees…
    the incidents after ranga murder… nadendla vennupotu.. you people killed a father of an exlady minister in bezwada. ataacked houses abused ladies. burned busses. looted the whole vijayawada city.
    and the disstruction done in samaikyaandra movement?
    you people bahaved like pidaaries…barberians.. and you are accusing telangana people…. wahh kyaa bath hai.!!!

    • Same childish approach to debate.

      You do not know your own history unless somebody writes in textbook.

      You can not carry out your movement in your own ‘non-violent’ style.

      Your brain fails to understand finer points.
      Nobody justified those violent actions in 1952.
      In fact media strongly denounced them.

      Compare it with your leaders and ideologues.
      Prof. Haragopal once headed Civil liberties.
      Today he justifies attacks by T-vaadis on individuals like Parakala Prabhakar .
      What right T-vaadis have to impose their demand on every individual residing in Telangana region?

    • Yadav says:

      When we are talking of 21st century , you still talk of 20th century , do you want to run the agitation the way we have run when Andhra was formed , then ask your KCR to die for the cause , why did he run & take IV fluids sitting in a AC room in hospital???

      Not even 5 students have commited suicide for your cause but your big mouthed leaders have now increased the count to 800 ha ha ha!!!! What a shame , first ask your leader’s to show the love showed by Shri Potti Sriramulu then compare the two agitation , you guys dont have any moral right to comment on the gr8 leader & the gr8 agitation of 1952!!!!!!!

      • Jai says:

        FYI Potti Sreeramulu consumed honey and coconut juice during his fast. Thankfully there were no TRP crazy yellow media, gossip sites and malicious netizens in his days. Otherwise they would have accused him of eating idlis and drinking beer in the bathroom :)

        • You do not know what Haragopal said in media two weeks ago but you know what potti sriramulu did 60 year ago.

          • Jai says:

            In the AJ article which your Admin demonizes, Prof. Haragopal said “అలాంటి వాళ్ళమీద ఎలాంటి వత్తిడి పెట్టినా అది à°…à°‚à°¤ హర్షించదగ్గ పద్ధతి కాదు. à°ˆ స్థితి రాకుండా తెలంగాణ ఉద్యమం జాగ్రత్తలు ఇప్పటికీ ఎప్పటికీ పాటించాలి”. Does this sound like justifying attacks?

            Regarding Sreeramulu, you can read it yourself in the news report on his last hours. Would you rather falsify it because he was a great man?

          • Did you watch debate on MAHA TV between Prabhakar and Haragopal?

        • Yadav says:

          BTW were you the one serving Gr8 Sriramulu. Thankfully there were no leaders in yesteryears ,like today’s chillar leaders making tall claims on number of suicides , opening of TV channel for a paltry sum , born with the silver spoon to eat public money , why silver get platinum “Sommu vakadithi sokku vakadithi ante idey emo” apt for KCR & gang!!!

  77. Munna says:

    neeku KCR meeda TRS meeda kopam ga unnattu undi tappa SA meeda abhimanam ani ee pakkana kuda kanapadatledu. Aina ee issue ninna monna noo 9 yrs back oo vachindi kadu, since 1955, Late CM B.Ramakrishna Rao. He expressed his view that a majority of Telangana people were against the merger to the central. Meeku ippudu nenu special ga cheppedi em ledani anukuntunna regarding, “Peddamanushula oppandalu”. andulo ee okkati kuda amalucheyledu.. anduna pratee daniki andhra ministers addu ravadam jarigindi, jarugutunee undi, ika meeda kuda jaragavachanee bhavana nundee vachindi ee agitation. andhra ministers anee enduku antunna ante AP formation aina appati nundi chususte Assembly lo 70% SA region ministers ee unnaru, oka bill pass kavadaniki kaneesa 60% voting kavali assembly lo. Adhikaram lo unna vallee vimukhanga unnappudu pratipakshamki adi balamee avtundi. Meeru Telangana agitation enduku anadamlo manchi uddeshamee.. kani tappani sari paristitullo ee prantalu vidipovachu anna mata aanadee AP Formation rojee peddalu nishainchindi…
    Mee peddalu manchi cheyadaniki mundu leru ani nenu cheppadam ledu kani cheyalsina vatiloo kaneesam 50% aina cheste prajalu ee agitation ki support chese varu kadu…. 100/- ravalsina chota 90/- kadu 70/- kadu 50/- vachina edo adrustam baledu anukune vallu kani ade 100/- ki 10/- kuda rakapote adi ardakaliki dari teesutundi, eppudoo okappudu ila viruchuku padutundi.
    antenduku meeku devabhakti undanee anukuntunna, ramayanam kuda bane idea undanukuntunna, Ravanudiki rendu paddatulu telusu – manchi chedu… kani devatalu, rushulu, munulu enduku ibbandi paddaru, manchi kanna tanu chedunee baga chestunnadani oo rakanga cheppalante idi ante… chala yella tarvata / chala ibbandula tarvata devatalaki, rushulaki, andariki ravanudi nundi vimukthi dorikindi.. oppandam prakaram anni jarigitee andariki bane undedi… evadiki vadu dobbi tinalanee kakkutti politicians valla ee problem vachindi…

  78. savaalreddy says:

    Yadav… whether your people changed your gender in 21st century? Changed the mindset that you fallowed so far? If so anyone convey regrets to the behavior in the past. If 52 agitations are so old… what about the after ranga murder incidents… nadendla vennupotu incidents… ok…. all those are also old…
    Then what about your behavior in recent samaikyandra movement…you remember on 10th of the dec after telangana announced…? The so called agitation started… the TVs telecasted some incidents… first of it… a mob run near a bus on its way. The leading person has a big stick in his hand… at the end of the stick a rock or a hard object tied. He beat the windscreen of the bus…front glass destroyed. driver saved his eyes by keeping his hands on eyes… and mob gathers around the bus and destroyed the total windows…the passengers gotoff the bus and runaway. its a popular TV bite telecasted hundreds times in allmost all TVs include national… to show there was a tremendous movement against telangana..
    TVs and news papers gave a big coverage to many more destructions… burning rails… buses… like burning the BSNL cable worth of 20 crores! Attack on singareni lorry driver for not giving samaikyandra slogan… attack on an MLA of rangareddy district on his way to Bangalore… attack on minister Shankar rao at kurnool…,.
    All these incidents occurred in 2009… Is it in 21st century or not?
    even now.. you still say you are vegiterians…?
    And your suggestion of style of hunger strike…
    Irom sharmila of Manipur performing the same agitation since 10 years. Food is given to her through nose. Her demand is to abolish the act that provides special rights to armed forces in Manipur. It’s an international issue now. Medha patkar started a pada yatra from Kashmir to Manipur yesterday in support of sharmila……. so sir… understand the on going changes… agitations…trends in the world. Then start argument. You people always stick to 18th century slogans… sentiments….policies…poor people!!! World is changed a lot!!!
    And in case of potti sriramulu…
    There was a big controversy on his hunger strike. You people claimed that he demanded separate state for telugu people. But the actual thing is he demanded madras to “andra” state.
    On 20 dec 1952 the news of sriramulu hunger strike published in Andhra prabha. (Andhra patrika not given even a single column)…

    మద్రాస్, అక్టోబర్ 19 : à°…à°–à°¿à°² భారత గాంధీ స్మారక నిధి ఆంద్ర శాఖ కార్యదర్శి శ్రీ పొట్టి శ్రీ రాములుగారు చెన్న నగరంతో కూడిన ఆంద్ర రాష్ట్ర సాధన ఆదర్శంగా ఇక్కడ ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్షను ప్రారంభించారు. దీక్ష నేటి ఉదయం శ్రీ బులుసు సాంబమూర్తి గారి ఇంటిలో ప్రారంభమైంది. à°ˆ దీక్షను ప్రారంభించే నిమిత్తం à°ˆ నెల 16 తేదీనే గాంధీ స్మారక నిధి కార్య దర్శి పదవికి శ్రీ రాములుగారు రాజీనామా నిచ్చారు. ….
    శ్రీ రాములు గారి ప్రకటన
    “మద్రాసు నగరం భవిష్యత్తు మద్రాస్ నగరంలోనే తేలవలసి ఉంది.మద్రాస్ లో ఉండే ఆంద్ర, తమిళ నాయకులను à°’à°• చోటికి చేర్చ వలసి ఉన్నది. నగరంలో à°—à°² ప్రజలందరికి న్యాయం జరగాలంటే నగరం తెలుగు, తమిళ ఉభయులకు చెందవలసి ఉంటుంది. ఇది ఎలా సాధ్యమో ప్రజలే నిర్ణయించ గలరు.” అని నేడు దీక్షను ప్రారంభిస్తూ శ్రీ పొట్టి శ్రీ రాములు గారు ప్రకటించారు…….
    ……. ఆంద్ర రాష్ట్రము, మద్రాస్ నగరం – వీటి చరిత్రను గురించి 1916 లగాయతు నేటి వరకు తేడిల వారిగా అయన విశదం చేశారు. 1926 లో సర్ శంకర్ నాయర్ తమిళ రాష్ట్ర నిర్మాణాన్ని కోరినపుడు మద్రాస్ నగరం తమిళనా డు లోది కాదని అయన ఏ విధంగా సూచిన్చారో గుర్తు కు తెచ్చారు…….
    This is the news item. But you people used to say that potti scarified for Telugu state. And willfully ignores his madras demand. His main motto is to get madras to andraa state. That motto not achieved.
    Also there are many other controversies….

    Potti Sriramulu started fasting in Maharshi Bulusu Sambamurthy’s house in Madras on 19 October 1952. On the midnight of 15 December (i.e. early 16 December 1952), Sreeramulu died.
    An interesting point here is… he started his fasting in Sambamurthy’s house and died at the same house. The organizers never shifted him to hospital at any stage… (Even after he went to coma)
    the facts behind the potti sriramulu fast and death discussed in the book ‘two score and ten’ written by gv Ramakrishna…IAS….who started his career in 1952.he is an IAS officer and served as chief secretary of andrapradesh……..and went on to hold several key posts in central government. The book said to be available on the net.
    he writes…
    the formation of the new state was the result of extended agitation culminating in the fast unto death of potti sriramulu. it used to said that even when he begged for food, his supporters saw the new state coming and kept him away from any form of nourishment, till he actually passed away a few days before the state was born…
    enough….!!!! wants more…..??

    • Yadav says:

      @Savaal , your statement its self is self explantory that your Telangana agitaion is run by disgruntled politicians & not the people. See how people/politicians of SA reacted on the anouncement of process itself , but what about your people there is no whimper of reaction when integration was announced or carried , why???? What this has to do with vegetarianism i cant connect!!!!

      Now what you people are fighting is not for Hyderabad then what. If you have so much love of Telangana build a new capital & develop those areas , any ways Hyderabad is more than 200 kms from Karimnagar , Adilabad other border town’s. Hyderabad & its surroundings are already developed , the people here dont need the development policy’s of KCR & Drama Co..???

      FYI these slogans sentiments , policies , poor people , expolitation are your dialogues of 21st century not of 18th century dont you think you guys have used this more often than any body else in this planet???? Are you too joining Patkar or KCR & Co. are thinking of joining her , take the same route forward & go to China & settle there we can live peacefully here>>>>

      As you people are showing fingers to our agitation for seperate Andhra to justify all the wrong being done by your agitators , similarly as our so called motto was not acheived similarly you will also not acheive your motto….!!!

      Similarly KCR was begging during his hunger strike for liquor & non-veg but his supporters provided IV fluid’s mixed with urine of SA people to him , but still you couldn’t see the face of your new state???? Better luck next time mix SA people shit in the IV’s>!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jai says:

        చూసినట్టే మాట్లాడుతున్నరు సార్, were you the waiter supplying the drinks?

        • Yadav says:

          What ever you talk have you been present on all those places , have you fought elections , were you there when Nehru was giving speech,have you given representation to Fazal Ali commission????

          Let KCR deny he didnt drink IV fluid’s mixed with SA people’s urine , why are you getting so upset you don’t represent his organisation or are you one????

    • satya says:

      @Savaal, look at ur own history..

      “తెలంగాణ హక్కుల రక్షణ ఉద్యమాన్ని సాకుగా తీసుకొని నిన్న విచ్చల విడిగా విహరిస్తూ ప్రైవేట్ ఆస్థులని, గృహ దహనాలకు పాల్పడిన అనేక మంది గూండాలను, సంఫ్హ వ్యతిరేక శక్తులను పోలీసులు నేడు అరెస్ట్ చేసారు. నిన్న పోలీసులకు, గూండాలకు మధ్య జరిగిన ఘర్షణ లో ప్రైవేట్ ఆస్థులకి విశేషనష్టం వాటిల్లింది.
      à°—à°¤ రాత్రి జయప్రకాషనారాయణ రోడ్డు లో లూటీలు, దహనకాండకు యత్నించిన అల్లారి మూకలను చెదరగొట్టతానికి పోలీసులు ఖాళీ తూటాలను పేల్చారు – ఆంధ్రప్రభ 30-1-1969

      ఆంధ్ర విధ్యార్ధుల సామాను దగ్ధం – ఇక్కడి ఇంజనీరింగు కళాశాలలో చదువుతూ, హాస్టల్ లో నివసిస్తున్న కొందరు ఆంధ్ర విధ్యార్ధుల సామాను కొందరు దుండగులు దగ్దం చేసినట్లు అధికారపూర్వకం à°—à°¾ తెలియవచ్చింది. – ఆంధ్రప్రభ 30-1-1969

      కృష్ణాజిల్లా రిజిస్టర్ అయివున్నట్లు నెంబరు గల ఒక లారీ ని ములుగు రోడ్డు వద్దు దగ్దం చేసారు

      టెలిఫోన్ ఎక్స్చేంజ్, టెలిగ్రాఫ్, హనుమకొండ హెడ్ పోస్టాఫీసు తదితర ప్రభుత్వ కార్యాలయాల్లో పనిచేసె ఉద్యోగుల పరిస్థితి దారుణంగా ఉంది. వీరిలో కొందరిపై గత రాత్రి దుండగులు దాడి చెయ్యటమో, వారి గృహాలపై దాడి చేసి లూటీలు చెయ్యటమో జరిగింది.

      సర్వేయర్ రంగాచారి మృతి. – నల్లగొండ లో ఎవరో దుండగులు ముట్టడించి నిప్పు పెట్టగా గాయపడిన ఆంధ్ర సర్వేయర్ బి. రంగాచార్యులు నేడు ఆస్పత్రి లో మరణించినట్లు తెలియవచ్చింది.

      గుంటూరు జిల్లా వారి గడ్డివాములు దగ్దం – గుంటూర్ జిల్లా నించి వచ్చి ఇక్కడి సామీపం లో దిండి గ్రామం లో నివాసం ఏర్పాటు చేసుకున్న వారికి చెందిన గడ్డి వాములను మొన్న సాయంకాలం విధ్యార్ధులు తగులబెట్టారని ఇక్కడికి సమాచారం అందింది. – ఆంధ్ర పత్రిక 30-3-1969

      వరంగల్లు లో రైసు మిల్లు దోపిడి – వరంగల్లు లో నిన్న అల్లరి మూకలు స్వేచ్చ à°—à°¾ విహారం చేసినట్లు ఇక్కడకు చేరిన వారతననుసరించి తెలుస్తున్నది – 30-1-1969

      పొన్నూరు కి చెందిన మాభుఖాన్ లారీలో కలప విజయవాడకి వేసుకొని వస్తుండగా వరంగల్ రోడ్డుకు అడ్డంగా రాళ్ళు పెట్టి లారీని ఆపేశారు. డ్రైవర్ ను బయటకు లాగి రు. 1000 విలువచేసే వాచీ, ఉంగరం తీసుకొని డ్రైవర్ను, క్లీనర్ను కొట్టారు. మోకులు, టార్పాలిన్ తీసుకున్నారు.

      and ur guys comments in ur phamplet paper are reflecting ur criminal attitude that u executed earlier.

      • savaalreddy says:

        any one kiss the enemy?
        i wonder .. even after such ‘treatment’ how you people dug yourself here without any shame….
        any how…. you give a nise information…. i am going to read and enjoy… jist now!!!

        • satya says:

          yeah.. Read and enjoy.. It will satisfy the Psycho and Sadist in you. Gandhiji was thrown out of the train in South Africa.. He did not leave the place in shame. He fight for his rights there and achieved it. May be u guys live with banchan dora attitude shamelessly. We dont..
          and By the way, Your KCR is kissing and telling I love you’s to the enemy.. u forgot?

          • savaalreddy says:

            one thing you donot know why the incidents happened. all these incidents happened only after killings of students in firing indiscriminately. and the incident in nalgonda was the result of abusing telangana students by andhra officer. and ofcourse the agitators were goons for andhra prabha and andhra patrika. they have given many cocked stories intht time.
            when in 1973 telangana employees were beaten and loted neither andhra patrika nor andhra prabha published the news. the piligrims attacked….abused women… collected money at the border of andhra was reported in times news paper but not in andhra prabha and andhra patrika.

  79. savaalreddy says:

    Prabhakara Rao
    Repeating the lies never work… you said media strongly denounced them. Only one paper condemn the attack after ranga murder…. everyone knows why the paper condemn and in what way it did it? He gave a series of ridiculous news items.
    One of them narrates…”" the women looks into ‘space’! She donot know how to lead the future… her house looted….everything destroyed by- —–.” this is the style…
    Actually what happened? Mob attacked her house… and destroyed the TV set and some house hold goods and takes away the money with them. Ok… but sir… the owner of the house is a lecturer… cant he get some money to lead the life. cant he get some money from friends…cant he get his salary in coming month… only destroying some house hold goods means destroying the future of the family…?
    This is the style of condemning stories. By your great media. Ok that’s there problem.
    And when it comes to after paritala incidents the total media kept mum. No attack condemned. No stories… more over…. media gave live coverage to the violent incidents and carefully tried to spread the violence all over state by asking each and every town reporters, leaders of a particular party…about incidents.
    Even media tried to expose paritala as a god of poor!!!
    That’s the greatness of Telugu media!!!
    Coming to telangana, Andhra incidents…
    In recent attacks by T people on buses on the way to hyd. from Vijayawada TVs give big coverage. After reaching to the destinations passengers asked about their experiences… naturally many condemned in Andhra style. One great mahila shiromani demands the govt. to shot kodandaram and kcr. Nothing will be happening… she assured. Anyhow here we remember that there was a strike for 23 days and all busses stopped throughout telangana. But on the particular day govt. tried to run the private buses with the help of police. Naturally agitators hurt.
    And passengers are well-known that there were disturbances in telangana and agitators stopping the busses too. It is risk to go. Eve though they traveled at their risk. And then accusing agitators. I ask one question if samaikyaandra movement on roads… they dare to travel. They like to travel? If telangana passengers travels to andraa in time of samaikyandra movement they welcomed and garlanded?
    We take the example of samaikyandra…
    You remember on 10th of the dec. after telangana announced…? The TVs telecasted some incidents… first of it… a mob run near a bus on its way. The leading person has a big stick in his hand… at the end of the stick a rock or a hard object tied. He beat the windscreen of the bus…front glass destroyed. Driver saved his eyes by keeping his hands on eyes… and mob gathers around the bus and destroyed the total windows…the passengers got off the bus and runaway. It’s a popular TV bite telecasted hundreds times in almost all TVs include national…
    Where your Media hide? When T people attack busses they telecasted the grievances of passengers… but in samaikyaandra time when the above bus attacked and the passengers runaway … what the media done. In this bus too…. there are women passengers… children… old age people… and no single bite of passenger interviewed. No mahila shiromani demands to shot lagadapati and shamyul…why?
    And one more thing when T people through some stones on buses Media started the phone-ins with andra leaders. Arranged many debates for hours…
    Why the same not done in samaikyandraa time….no single debate conducted…no phone-in s……… is there any answer with you???
    Instead… the incidents narrated as the anger of Andhra people… and the strenght of samaikyandhra demand. Media enjoyed by telecasting these incidents throughout the day….
    And about haragopal-prabhakar I will give my argument in next message… I have a lot to say….
    and your question” What right T-vaadis have to impose their demand on every individual residing in Telangana region?”
    I am asking the same what right you people have to impose samaikyavaadam on telangana people even they rejected it. Why you people agitating to keep telangana with Andhra? Even after telangana announced no single person in telangana demands or agitated for united state. It is the best evidence that T people want separate state… but you people still arguing…. demanding to unite. Wants united state forcefully. What is this dadagiri!!! Any person has the right to force to unite?
    which brain fails to understand finer points?

    • Savaal reddy,

      lengthy delirious blabber cannot change basic facts.

      You first answer a simple question.

      We people of AP have a democratic right to express our desire for living together or not?

      • Jai says:

        Quick synopsis: where were these worthies when buses were stoned and schools closed forcibly during Lagadapatis & co’s dramas during December 10-23?

        Simple question for you: how can andhras plan to “live together” with Telanganaites against their wishes?

        • Yadav says:

          @Jai,Where have you & your Telangana people have been living all these years was it in Timbaktuu?? If its AP then the same way???

          • Jai says:

            Sure and unlike Mali India is a democracy. Why can’t we change our mind?

          • satya says:

            @ADMIN, I suggest you to come up with comment moderation on this site. Please do not allow any indecent comments from both sides, and make this a place for Healthy debate. It is just useless to have a thousand comments that does not contribute to 10% of useful discussion. If you are unable to do that, atleast disable anonymous comments and keep only those of who log-in (thru google/wordpress or any other subscibtion) and post..

            Dont make this place as a ‘garbage’ of useless comments.

        • Jai,

          do not twist just everything. Read my question again.

          “right to express our desire for living together ”

          do you say “express” means “force”?

          T people do reject our wish/appeal/desire? Fine, no issues.

          But why T-vaadis demand that nobody should talk about unity?

          They obstruct conferences held as far away as Delhi.

          Whenever India approaches Pakistan for peace, it raises Kashmir issue. Does that mean India stop talking to Pakistan.

          • Jai says:

            Sure you have as much right to demand “forced unity” as others have to reject it. For the record I oppose obstruction of conferences whether in Delhi or Vijayawada and hope you do so too.

          • Jai,

            cut the crap.

            You cannot answer a simple question in simple terms? So be it.

            So called ‘muttadi’ in the name of T-sentiment has gone down very well all T people.
            Today Kondandaram faced it. Tomorrow it will be KCR’s turn.
            Soon your false movement, on false foundations, is going to collapse.

            Do not worry. Nobody will stop you from demanding Telangana for eternity.

      • savaalreddy says:

        no one objects any democratic desire. but the question is how democratic it is? srilanka the desire to keep tamilians not to agitate. we agree the desire until the justification done to them? the attacks of hamaas of palastine looks as terrorist activities. but what about their plights….ie… lost their mother land…their dignity? in the name of democracy shall we ask them to stay in peace?
        in case of you …you have the right of expression… no doubt.. at the same time you have to bear opposite arguments. and you have no right to force other to stay with you even after they wants to stay away.

        • Yadav says:

          Savaal , are we in democracy ??? if yes then elections are the manifestation of the desires of people & it has been prooved beyond doubt in last +55 years of elections what people wanted???

          Atleast now stop quoting Nehru’s statement & SRC which incidentally Nehru himself throwed in the dustbin & other places as you people have been doing of SKC report!!!

          Similarly nobody can force Kashmiri’s , Khalistani’s & n number of other’s of there democratic right’s but you can have the privilege of your democratic right , there should be a scientific reasoning to end these demand’s not ony your’s can be prioritized is the arguement . Telangana people can’t be more equal than other Indian’s who have similar demand’s!!!!

  80. Munna says:

    Prabhakar Rao,
    As per democratic right, yes you are having the right to express your desire for living as you wish. But together means both the people should accept to live… if you only willing and focing to live together, then it will not be consider as the democratic right….

    • Phanindra says:

      Let us go by majority as this is democratic country. Don’t you think majority views should be respected? Also don’t you think everyone should think broadly in the interest of one country and what is better for future? Aren’t we living together as one country?

      • savaalreddy says:

        Marjory…? then what was your majority in madras assembly when you people demand andhra state? madras presidency then consisted with andra, total tamilnadu and parts of kerala and karnataka. one the biggest state in india. you were in the minority. but you demand a state…where your majority principle gone?
        and interest of country….ridicules…. creating a state is against the interest of country? who said it? is there any evidence? jharkhand growth rate is more than bhihar now. the same situation prevails in uttarakhand… chattiesgharh. haryana development is considerable after divided from punjab.. the same applies to gujaraat. where as bigger states like uttarpradesh, bhihar and west bengal are poor states.

        • Yadav says:

          Savaal, you dont know your history until its taught by Jaishankar & kodandaram.

          In 1946 in the Madras presidency election’s , Congress won 163 seats out of 215 & its leader was T Prakasam. It was Kamaraj like KCR now who played politics & destroyed Congress. Andhra’s had majority each & everytime elections were held FYI. Kamaraj was a rat like some of Telangana people & played caste & language politics within.

          • savaalreddy says:

            Argue what is reasonable… I mention that “you people” means andra legislatures have no majority in madras presidency assembly… not cong or some gottam parties… for your information prakasham then not belongs to cong. he was a member of a front called united front. Which got more seats in elections. But the governor called rajaji the leader of cong. party to form the government. After achieving andra state Nehru inducted prakasham in to congress by offering him CM post. On the Andhra inauguration day Nehru himself gave a big explanation to press in Kurnool about… why he inducted prakasham and why he offered CM post. (Inner point: only after the offer came from Nehru… prakasham gave up the madras demand)

          • Yadav says:

            Savaal , congrats…………………… you have shown who the reall gottam is???

          • savaalreddy says:

            ok…. guess who has gottam parties in MADRASS asembly!!

        • satya says:

          @savaal, The madras assembly passed a resolution (twice) for the formation of andhra state.

          • savaalreddy says:

            Yaa… rajaji blessed by Nehru. Tamilians blessed by God. And they happily wash the mud. Who loose the opportunity? And moreover they capture madras too. What more they want? One shot two birds. Lucky fellows. !!!

          • satya says:

            Dont worry. Another tamilian (Narasimhan) came to wash your mud. I think SwamyGoud’s was washed during the samme and KTR’s was washed in railroko. wait for ur trun.

        • Savaal,

          why do you make fool of yourself repeatedly.
          You better stick to one point about yourself.
          All that you know is cock & bull stories spread by Jayshankar and KCR.
          You do not know any history, neither of Telangana’s immediate past nor outside world.
          Prominent participants of Sayudhaporatam wrote books, articles, poems, songs on that struggle. You do not know it but you quote something from a book by some IAS officer belonging to pre-independence era.

          Andhra state was formed only after Madras assembly passed resolution unanimously.

    • Yadav says:

      @Munna , just out of curiosity if tommorow Danam , Mukesh , Shankar Rao say they want seperate Hyderabad , you will quote the same logic of democracy & let it be seperate . Then why this central government is not granting the wishes of Kasmiris , Sikhs & other in NE of India , you mean democracy can be applied only in the case of Telangana???

      Where is the proof people of Telangana were against merger , all along you guys have been quoting Nehru’s statement , first chief minister state ment do you have any documentary evidence which was submitted by the general public to first SRC against integration , why should we beleive this is peoples opinion because everyhting for last 55+yrs prove to be contrary of what you people are claiming????? Fate of TRS in different elections???

      Gr8 logic of living together , it should have been applied prior to integration or immediately after integration , now SA people are also the stake holders in the state of AP & we have a responsibility to seeing the well being of our state , hope you understood????

  81. Munna says:

    Not only SA pple are the stake holders… Entire nation is a stake holder….
    because Hyderabad is developed not only because of SA’s or T’s. it was developed soo many pple visits and soo many multinational companies showed intrest to invest hyd. Because it is developing all the people includes SA, T’s are invested lot @ this place.. If the capital was Vizag, might be pple invest things @ there only…
    You are asking for proofs now for the agitations while merging.. it seems bit funny… please read once the 1950′s news papers(like Andhrapattika, you can get archives in libraries) on agitations and all.. You can get the report about B Ramakrishnarao the former Hyderbad State Cheif Ministers word to Primeminister Nehru as well. If you are not able to find any let me knw.. i will search and share with you the archive news papers links aswell..

  82. Yadav says:

    Whats so funny?? News papers alone cant be the basis of the sentiments of the people , if the word of first CM on this is so sacrosanct then the same can be said of YSR’s statement & Congress , which were for second SRC!!!!

  83. Munna says:

    If you belive that news paper is not the basis.. then there were nothing to show you the exact words (Unless there is some thing like Time Machine (like in some telugu movie)) to present in front of you only. And we strongly belive that the news paper at that time are prints the news as like exact replica of the situations not like the current media papers Mixing the news with their own understandable and willing matters.
    Till now i thought that, you are might not knw or not intrested to knw the facts.. But now I understood that you are not in position to accept the facts wchich are facts..

    • Yadav says:

      Its funny you want us to beleive reading the +55 yrs old newspaper but what the recent CM has said during his election campaigneering & his interviews which every body has heard , cant be taken at face value.

      Now i have also understood you cant digest the fact’s , you want to live in the world of fantasy created by your myth maker’s!!!! & keep puking the nonsense all over the place!!!!!!!!

    • Munna,

      your belief that news papers at the time printed genuine news is really laudable.
      But T-vaadis never believed in the news published neither then not now.
      Interestingly pattern of movement in 1956 is no different from today’s movement.
      1. Then ‘samghaalu’, Traders, Launderers, Students now JACs
      2. T drohulu inside T then and now
      3. Allegations that SA media publishing incorrect information.

      You can find all this in ‘Golconda Patrika’ archives at

      All the best.

  84. Munna says:

    If you think that the current situations in T region, are created by your so called myth makers, and this is fantasy world, then YES we people were live in that world only.. now we would like to live in a real world, would like to come out of the masks covering with a name of developments which till now these politicians covered on our faces… We no longer having any intrest to live with the same situation…. As per Srikrishna Committe suggestion, till now Central has didnt taken any footsteps among any point. If SA people are ready to help atleast some kind of development other than Hyderabad, they could have discussions with central on such suggestions to be together… How can T-vaadis can belive that even now central decides to live together with some package for T-development.. these SA politicians will help us in development. Because what ever package central will anounce, the methodology , policies, packages should be accepted in Assembly.. there are more than 65% MLA’s are from SA.. How can a common T-vaadi will have confident on bill pass?.
    T-issue is not a politician issue or a political issue.. it is a common T-people issue.. I accept that there are areas which are under developed areas in SA as well… but now the question is majority of the MLA’s MP’s are there from SA region even there districts underdevelopment only, how can they support for T-development? T-Development proposal (Gentlemen’s Agreement) is not yesterdays / Todays proposal.. It was agreed by all the members at the time of merging only… If as per aggrement in 1956, atleast 70% work completes, Do u think this will araise? There was a proverb saying “Chetulu kaalaka aakulu pattukoni labham ledu”. People waited waited and waited… Now they are not in position to wait any more… You might hate the current situation, But i can say compared to 1969-70 movement this is very silent… Just ask if you knw any people who have faced the movement at that time.. now people are able to think and they also accepted that the development so far was happened it is a mixed contribution only. That is why people are requesting for devide like brothers.

  85. Yadav says:

    @Munna , does it mean the political class which has been elected from Telangana for last +55 years , will be extinct once the new state is formed???

    Its really funny logic , have you heard any of your minister’s ,MLA ‘s, MP’s talk about the exploitation on the floor of assembly or Parliament???

    Why go that far upto passing of the bills , have they ever opened there mouth on these issues , why not???

    Ponnala & one more from TDP was irrigation minister for last 15 years
    did they ever speak in assembly or cabinet meeting’s no!!! Just because the people you elected are incompetent , every thing is blamed on the politicians from SA . There is a big list of Telangana minister’s who have failed in there duite’s to there people & i think you are very well aware of that as you have record of really old papers you dont need the time machine either, which would be usefull for you to educate your own people who are asking for seperation???

    As you know the Ramayana also very well , now you can tell your people who Ravana is & who is Rama???

  86. savaalreddy says:

    i will give some examples…irrigation minister ponnala went to srishailam dam and released the water to n.sagar by lifting the gates. and he started returning to hyd. the gates were closed and thy release of water stopper for rayalaseema irrigation by officials even before mr. ponnala reached hyd. when he asked about it officials said seema leaders demanded it. ofcourse the result was submerge of kurnool city with the flood water.. thats another case.
    another case… telangana engineers prepared a big project with pranahita water to irrigate lacks of acres of telangana land.(it is later called pranahita-chevella) they submitted it to YS. he ordered the chief engineer to prepare DPR. the CE gave an order in such a way that the mentioned irrigated land marginalised to50%. and he asked the officials to look in objections of neighbour states.( the same did not done in case of polawaram) after many criticism from tRS YS gave this responsibility to Telangana officials.its all on the records and the news papers.
    in such a situation what aT minister can do? if he raised his voice against this discrimination ha willbe dropped from ministry. T ministers cannot fight with andraa CMs. because you have the majority.
    so that now T people wants self-rule.
    and your ramayana ….. yes ravana captured sita … you people captured telangana. now you can under stand who is who….

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal , its not you telling Rayalaseema politicians or officials stopped flow to nagarjuna sagar canal , let Ponnala come on record & tell this to public who was responcible!!!

      YSR is from Rayalaseema he can take criticism from TRS & work why not from his Telangana minister’s??? BTW he is the one who has given free current & taken up so many irrigation projects for Telangana , which are not going to see the light of the day due to this agitation!!! Go & see with your eye’s how many acres have been irrigated in Nalgonda district & how green are the fields , how many rice mills have come up, just sitting at home ,reading jaishankar’s , kodandaram.s book wont help???

      • It seems the lift irrigation charges per acre would be anywhere around Rs. 18000/- (at the minimum) to Rs. 30,000/- (at the maximum) and it would require hundreds if not thousands of megawatts of energy for Pranahita-Chevella. Well, farmers cannot even imagine paying such amounts and if State has to foot the bill, who is to pay? – ultimately it is only the ordinary tax-paying ordinary public. Either way it is a mere waste of money. Only alternative is to concentrate on repair and renovation of tanks, and other minor and medium irrigation projects and taking up extensive watershed management activities. One has to learn from Raleighgaon (Anna Hazare’s village) and some other villages in Maharashtra which prospered and continue to prosper very much by local effort at successful watershed management.

    • Savaal,

      first you read stand of TRS and TDF on Pranahita-Chevella and then make rest of comments.
      In place they accuse that YSR scrapped PC project but in another place they say it is eye-wash as the power demand is very high and project is non-vialble.

      Hold! I am not shooting my mouth just like that.
      You can read TRA/TDF submissions to SKC.
      Also ask Uppunootala and Paalvaayi why they call this project non-viable.

  87. savaalreddy says:

    Silly … under jalayajnam no single project completed so far… it is not Potireddypaadu or Pulichintala to complete. Then how can you argue that many acres become green. Where you have seen.? The nalgonda case….. It is because of N.sagar… and of course musi project built by nizam gives some relief. Pranahita tenders not finalized so far…. devadula started in baabu time but not completed…why all this… take Sriramsagar case… when it started? Till today the total irrigated area proposed not achieved.
    And the rice mills in nalgonda…. yes… there are. a number of rice mills from the time of nizam….adilabad famous for cotton… nizamabad for turmeric and corn… warangal and badepally… miryalaguda…nizamabad…bhaisa etc were popular grain markets…
    for your information many rice mills closed their business due to losses…
    the total irrigated area under projects and tanks was more than the area cultivated now. That’s why we are crying…. tanks were neglected in Andhra rule which was saved for centuries by only a single man called neeradi. They were removed….
    And yadav first read what I wrote… I wrote srishailam water stopped not nagarjunasagar… who other than seema people stops it?

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal , you tell all story’s , being spoken from last +55years , please think about the people who are listening to these , you people are not fed up of telling these stories’ but now we are fed up of hearing these. I asked you simple thing has your Ponnala is on record that this was done by Rayalaseema politicians or official you answer that????

    • satya says:

      >> there are. a number of rice mills from the time of nizam
      Thanks for condemning the allegations on NTR that after he came to power there is a conspiracy on the ‘healthy’ T people by supplying 2 Rs rice instead of Jovar which made them fit…

      >> under jalayajnam no single project completed so far…
      You have any official data on which project in what level of completion? Do you atleast list all the projects taken up in jalayagnam? Or u have info only from pundit jayasankar school of myths & lies ?

      • savaalreddy says:

        you people dont know anything but coming to arguments without inputs..who said there were no ricemills in nizam state… all telangana agitetors said we are rich in agriculture in nizam period. but after merger the whole water resources(tanks etc…) negleted.. and the area under cultivation decresed…! all the proposed projectes from nizam period dropped. thats our main argument..
        on NTR …. actually NTR and his party is a big conspiracy of a cast from andhraa. he is the outer face of exployters….
        he is the fellow who abolished the regional commitee of telangana which protected the area from 30 years…he paved the way to capture telanga lands particularly hyd. lands by removing telanagana regional commitee.
        actually any person who wish to buy land in telangana should take the permission of this comitee. it’s a constitutional guarenty…from 1956.
        the MAN removed the commitee… and the andra eagles started to capture telangana lands from his time….
        if you observe… the migrations from andhra increased in NTR time ever before. he paved the way… no no the people behind him cleared all the hardles to capture telangana….
        when the patels, patwarries become hardles for them they abolished the system…. people offered rice at cheif rate to shutup thier mouth.
        and the BC encouragement also ment to beat the landlords’ hold on telengana politics. in the way they paved thier smooth way. if you take the BC factor… when in andhra… they never applied the formula in a particular “cast” areas… kodela ticket never offrered to BC. kodela minister post never tranffered to BC. but in case of telangana all the FC candidates put aside by BC candidates. this is the way to stop the progress of strong telangana leaders. tdp put a BC candidate against KCR in karimanager..ok.. when in case of YS it never offered…in lagadapaati case never offered.. in rayapaati never… in kavuri case never… in the sameway cong. never offer a BC candidate against babu.. and tdp leaders…
        it applies only in telangana…!!!!!!
        and jalayagnyam potireddipaadu complieted and water released from years….. if you have no information i cant do anything…

  88. This Savaal Reddy is extremely ignorant but would like to pose as if he is a know-all. First of all he should know that it was leaders from Telangana who insisted on Hyderabad being made the capital city of Visalandhra from the begining – right from the formation of the first Andhra State in 1953. In 1956 Sri Burgula had openly declared that he would not have opted for Visalandhra if Hyderabad were not to be the capital city. Then Savaal Reddy should realize that a capital city in any country is open to all of its citizens and in any state is open to all its residents irrespective of class, caste, gender, region etc. divides. It is only in Andhra Pradesh, and only the bigoted separatists from Telangana, who insist that Capital belongs to them alone. You see Maharashtra or people of Marathwada (from erstwhile Hyderabad State) denied free access to Bombay? Or Nizam Karnataka (Gulbarga, Bidar etc.) people denied free access in Bangalore? Or South Tamilnadu people denied free access in Madras. Likewise in any state. So the ‘deewangi’ of Telangana separatists is evident on this one point. And then Hyderabad was built in 1560s or 1570s long before the Nizam Rule was established by Golkonda Nawabs and at that time there was no Telangana or Andhra regional divide. The entire Telugu country was one. Even under Nizams, until 1760s entire Telugu country was one. So at least for 200 years in the beginning and then at least from 1956 onwards Hyderabad belongs to all Telugu people not only de jure but de facto. That is out of its existence of 400 odd years more than 260 years it is as a right the city of all Telugu people and of course others resident there also. And then persons like Savaal Reddy better read works of their own earliest and earlier separatist leaders to know that all of them declared that they were all Andhras. All of them declared that those in Telangana region and those in Andhra and Rayalaseema region were one Telugu nationality (Telugu jati). I wonder how persons like Savaal Reddy who cannot love their own Telugu speaking people from other regions, can really love people from other States who do not know Telugu even and so still remote. How can they love fellow Indians I question. So all the venom they now pour against fraternal Telugus of other regions is nothing but hatred of fellow Indians only and it would be tantamount to treachery of the nation.

    • Yadav says:

      Not only Savaal but a big population which includes these employee’s are being extremely ignorent.

      First these people get the statement of 9th Dec on the politic’s of hunger strike. There is a complete misinformation & twisting of the facts..

      >>The resolution prior to 9th Dec in the assembly was not on the acceptance on the formation of Telangana but a statement to be made to end the fast by KCR , this is made very clear by MIM’s Owaisi .
      >>Congress in AP never ever mentioned it will give Telangana it was for second SRC.The UPA in their National Common Minimum
      Programme (NCMP), 2004, of the Government included the Telangana issue also stating that “The UPA Government will consider the demand for the formation of a Telangana state at an appropriate time after due consideration and consensus”.
      Subsequently in the Presidential address to the Joint Session of Parliament on June 7, 2004, mention was made that “the Government will consider the demand for the formation of a Telangana State at an appropriate time after due consultations”.
      Infact in UPA-II (NCMP) there is not even a mention of Telangana.
      I am amazed how this KK ,Kaka,MP’s,MLA’s are shamlessly twisting the reality infront of us & talking about the same as the Congress has agreed to give Telangana!!!
      >>The word “Settlers” was used for the people who came to “Hyderabad State” in 1930′s ,on the invitation of Nizam to do buisness,agriculture at that time more than 20lakh people alone came to do agriculture.People came from all parts of present India,then how come this word is associated , relevant in today’s Andhra Pradesh & being used for people of SA??

      The whole agitation was started on the basis of exploitation when it fell on there faces by SKC report , they have started singing the tune of self rule. This is a unique agitation being run on twisted fact’s , without any morality & to benefit a few!!!

  89. Idea says:

    Burgula Ramakrishna Rao
    Chief Minister

    Shri U. N. Dhebar
    Indian National Congress
    New Delhi.

    My dear Dhebarbhai,

    5. Educationally Telangana is very backward as compared to Andhra. They are particularly backward in the study of English for which there are either no facilities or very poor facilities. They are, therefore, afraid that in the matter of service in a bigger province, they will be at a terrific disadvantage. While there are thousands of graduates and M.A’s in Andhra, there are not even a few hundreds in Hyderabad. No guarantees can level up this great deficiency. Services, therefore, are afraid of an adverse effect of the merger.

    6. Economically, Telanganites are afraid that they will be sufferers in Vishalandhra. On an average, Telanganites are poor people. They have no money reserves as some people in Andhra have. They are afraid there would be an immediate exploitation in land and even in trade, small and big. They have got many instances where Telugus from Andhra do not hesitate to exploit the Telugus from Telangana economically when they get an opportunity to do so. This is by far their biggest fear.

    These two points(5,6) in letter Burgula clearly establishing two points 1. Andhra developed than telangana economically,educationally 2.Burgul initially opposed visalandhra.

    • A big crap!

      This letter was a big bogey. There is nothing in it to say the letter was written by Sri. Burgula.
      There is no ‘From …’ in the copy posted by T sites. Neither this letter has signature or senders name.

      • savaalreddy says:

        A letter after signature submitted to concerned person … no one keeps with them…!! This letter taken not from T sites. Go and search in wikipedia… there the copy of letters appears…!! According to wikipedia burgula family members gave this letter to the them!!! When I approached them in mail they said this is the copy of the original letter keep in the files of burgula. Maybe the original letter which was signed available either from aicc office or debar’s house or his library.

        • Savaal,

          do not try to be smart.

          Wikipedia is well corrupt with so many falsehoods about Telangana. You people even wrote differences between Telanganas and Andhras during Mahabharata war.

          You first get copy of from AICC or Late Sri. Dhebar sources.
          The copy circulated by you people does not have even From head of the letter. In case you do not know this very copy was submitted to SKC. Interestingly one page is not submitted fully. First you show the original letter with names and sign of Sri. Burgula and then talk rest of the non-sense.

  90. savaaleddy says:

    sir…… the sentences…which you mentioned from burgula letter indicates of course.. educationally telangana was backward.. we agree..but economically… what he said? he said… On an average, Telanganites are poor people.. . it applies to andraa also… he said some people in andraa had money reserves..OK….but in telangana some people had great reserves of land… if you take this case… what was the level of land reserves in andhra? 20 acres.. 40 acres? hardly..! but in telangana… it was… 1000 acres also.. if you compare in this line how backward you were? the telangana landlords were enough rich to buy andraa landlords for 100 times…

    so the argument of economically backward is not correct…
    and the second opinion… burgula opposed merger …yes… but the man panth put great pressure on him.andhraas created a fear that the nizam loyalist will raise agin…the nizam prime minister submitted a complaint in UN against india’s attack on nizam state…. that will be a great danger… UN might revive nizam state again!!! this was the fear of panth
    anyhow.. at last you people offered burgula with CM post… some of news also published in andra patrika in 1956 that telangana will get first cm post after merger.. andhra with deputy….. but in last minute you people played worst delhi it was agreed that burula will be the cm….when he arrived hyd he came to know that andraa name announced!!….burgula understand that he was decieved!!! and kept in silence…for prestige…..after some time he was send to kerala as governer..for compensation…
    you people played the same game with prakasham earlier by offering cm post to him even he was not the member of cong. actually he was not agreed for andhra state without madraas even after potti sriramulu’s death. you people played the game. after the cm post offer he agreed. but on the very next day after achieving andraa state you people started games… within short time the govt. lost power. and prakasham went to ‘home’ forever…!!!!

    • Yadav says:

      @Savaal , you have answer’s for the malise in Telangana in your various reply’s. From your own account some people are holding large tract of land’s in Telangana which is the main reason for the frustration of the people , the same landlords are your elected representatives , they are not going to let you guys live peacefully. Politicians are there to play games but you should be aware dont sleep…That doesn’t make people of SA bad,start differentiating between the two……..

  91. Again Savaal Reddy is talking out of hat. What would hundreds of acres of land do if their value is quite meagre. I have a case in hand in which in 1963 about 145 acres of land around Hyderabad were purchased for a mere Rs. 6000/- or so by registered sale deed. That is an acre amounted to less than Rs. 100/- at that time. Then you can imagine in 1955-56 how still less the land prices would be. In contrast even at that time an acre in Krishna district, especially delta area, was costing not less than Rs. 10,000/-. That is how many small peasants sold away their properties in Krishna district and with that 10 or 20 thousand rupees they could purchase 50-100 acres or more in any district of Telangana and entrepreneurs as they were they made all those lands cultivable and reaped profits. In Jannaram, Adilabad district I know many Andhra (settlers) families and to this day the local farmers look to them for advice and guidance in agricultural matters. There is a village Kotagiri in the neighborhoods of Hyderabad towards Bhongiri or so, and Kotagiri 1 main village is local but Kotagiri 2 neighboring hamlet like thing is mainly Andhra (settler) families. To this day peasants of Kotagiri 1 go to and profit from the advice and guidance of Andhra farmers in Kotagiri 2. Haan, Before the Krishna Barrage and Dhawaleshwaram Barrage were built by Cotton Dora, the plight of farmers in Krishna and Godavari districts was also quite miserable. But since the 1850s it changed and they became economically developed due to the water facility and their own hard work and experience. Certainly by 1956, Andhra was socially, economically, educationally and politically more developed than Nizam Telangana.

  92. savaalreddy says:

    you have given an example of Krishna dist… Is this indicates the whole state richness? Now I am asking you to give the rate of an acre of land in anatapur dist on the same date and year that you have mentioned. What was rate an acre of land in srikakulam then?
    Silly samples…. silly examples…silly reasoning…
    If a person from Bangladesh go to Africa he can buy lacks of acres… so what? You say Bangladesh is most developed country? Silly…
    I have given examples of richness which applies to nizam state… you people always measures in terms of money. Our people measures in terms of wealth and Wealth in terms of gold… land and infrastructure etc… Our state is enough in total wealth and infrastructure. You are measuring an acre as a unit. Where richness of a state should be taken as a whole. Then our employees have good salaries.. Where your people have salaries less than us… is it not the truth? Why your developed state can not give good salaries?
    Yes….. telangana people always ready to learn anything form any one. They never feel shy… we learn Urdu from Muslims… we learn weaving systems and the bidi making from marathaas… prepare bakery items and making many non-veg items from Arabs… what’s the wrong in it?
    You people not learn English from Britishers? You born with English letters in your mouth? Everyday you are taking tiffiens like idly vada sambar etc..? Whom actually they belongs to? Not from tamilians?
    Having some knowledge of agriculture is an indication of GREAT development…? silly!!!
    You people not learn making biryani from telangana? Not standing in the que lines for haleem in time time of Ramadan in hyd? Where you taste first the taste of bakery items? Not in hyd?
    In 1956 you people had no enough power production in Andhra state. No enough buildings in your c…a..p ..i…t…a….l Kurnool. Had no enough funds to run the govt.
    A news paper wrote….
    ” andhralo tivra aadaaya lopam”
    kendra sayam vastene pedda nirmanaala konasaagimpu”
    ….andhra raastram dadapu parisramika hinamai… kevalam vyavasaya pramukyam kaladi avatam valla ee lotu tuvranga kanipistunnadi……
    idi 9.2.1956 naati andra artika swarupam…
    Where is the ” ecomically developed” scene???
    And your educationally developed… argument…. did you name a famous college… school… university in Andhra area? “kadavadainanemi kharmu paalu”
    I can give many examples…. osmania a famous university then and even now…
    nizam college and city college for degree….Hyderabad public school and st. anns little flower school for schools…sujata school is famous private school for jamindaars and rich people… v v college.. Av College…and many Marathi… Gujarati schools and colleges run under charity trusts… they were not money making institutions…
    and politically… ok you people were more developed politically… yes you can provoke persons like potti sriramulu and allow him to die by not shifting him to hospital until his death even he had gone in to coma… for madras. After his sacrifice you leave madras demand without any shame. You can destroy the railway wagons and loot even passenger’s belongings….in the name of movement.
    You offer cm post to a person who had a small number of mlas…to leave his madras demand… And send him from his post within short period.
    Ok I agree… in this type of political development… we were far behind you I agree…
    and socially… I don’t know what mean by this…so far I know society changes place to place…time to time…
    But we know that you are more S….O….C…I…A…L….!!!
    You people have no honor in other’s culture. Other’s language…other’s customs…eve other’s presense!! Because you are socially developed…na? This is showing your actual social development… !!
    what a development… what a culture… what a people !!!!

    • Saval,

      Mee KCR bhashalo cheppalante all that you can do is “bodigunduki mokaaliki mudipettadam”.

      You do not even know about yourself but keep on talking about Andhras, Tamils, Marathaas, Gujarathis blah blah…

      Do not defame Telanganas with your foolish arguments.
      Whatever was the situation in 1956, today Telanganas are equally well educated and progressive as other regions.

      You are capable of only slogan shouting and kindly stick to that.

      • savaalreddy says:

        An answer depends on question… first you read the question of sharma and then come to a conclusion. Ok
        And if telanagana “equally” educated…and progressive why T youth are not getting their share in govt. jobs?
        When we talk about underdevelopment you people starts about T development. When we ask our share… starts less education, backwardness…upland etc…etc…na?

        • You remind TRS’s Sravan. A loud mouthed non-sense talker. Keep on saying same thing again and again. Why do you continue to assume that Telangana youth got less jobs?
          You cannot read Girglani report properly, leave alone understanding.
          Net effect of Zonal violations, across entire AP, was few thousand vs 12+ lakh govt job in state. Again no proof that all these were lost by T region and gained by SA region.
          You people do not know what will be employment needs after separation, if happens.

          But you go on misleading the youth that 2 Lakhs jobs taken away by SA people.

          It was separatists groups confused about agenda. First it was backwardness, even before proof came out you switched to ‘atam gouravam’ which you could not establish as a basis for separation and resorting back to old arguments of ‘forced merger’. This is 3rd cycle in last 2 years like OUROBOROS.

          • savaalreddy says:

            it is your fault to understand a movement…. not of agitators..they are very clear…
            first of all you have to understand what a real agitation means…..the phases of a real agitation or rebellion or movement…or Revelation.
            my dear sir….. telangana 2nd phase agitation is not a money born agitation or an accidental agitation. the ideologists, leaders..had spend thousands of hours… on discussions. many agitations, revelutions all over the world..the reasons for success the failure .. l discussed . after a long discussion they chose a path which have many phases. they chose a long way.
            some of the phases……… gathering (samikarana) like minded to one flat form.. discussions…..meetings(medho mathanam) with intellectual cadre……create an organisation or a political party (samstagata rupam)….then propaganda phase(bhava vyapti dasha) to convey the importance of a separate state….rallies (bala pradarshana) to strengthen the telangana cause…participating in elections to have a voice in legislative Assemblies….then a movement (pratyaksha karyacharana) to pressure on govt. from both assembly, parliaments and people.
            this is a few summery of the strategy.
            you people do not have knowledge of it. and confused ….
            yes in propaganda phase… we certainly talk about the grievances… when we are in war we talk about self rule…
            this is not changing the words but phase!!!

          • savaalreddy says:

            T- youth are not fools to believe any lies… its their experience…in telangana where ever they go to any office, bank they find andra hyd the secretariat filled with andraas.. the commissionaires..govt agencies all filled with them … count the number you Will learn …the truth.them.. if you take private organisations our representation is nil. .but in andra area offices where are we? what is our percentage? that is the question…
            our merger is an agreement based on some conditions. if the condition are not fulfilled it will cancel…. simple!!!!

    • Yadav says:

      >>If Nizam was so good & offered all the goodies to you what was the reason for throwing him out???
      >> What do you eat in the breakfast daily,what is your culture??
      >>FYI man is a social animal , i think you are not??
      >> More than 60% of India’s peopulation is dependent on agricullture.It contributes 1/5th of the GDP,nearly 10% of our exports are agricultural product………. If you think this is silly………..then what you are?????????

      • savaalreddy says:

        Indira gandhi gave many things to this country. but people oppsed her for emergency. NTR gave rice for 2 rupees.. chira dhovati scheem..and housing scheem too. why he dethroned? people lives not only for food but also for freedom and selfrespect.
        i already said we donot feel shy to learn anything from any one. this applies to breakfast and food. but many of T people takes upma , chapathy for breakfast.
        ya…. we also want to be social animals….but not animal society where exploytation take place in the cover of brotherhood.
        and your comment on agriculture….absolutely irrelevent. richnes of an area depends on its wealth and infrastructure…

  93. Hi Savaal Reddy, again the same ignorance. Osmania University till 1948 was a Urdu university. Even Telangana people did not like it and so what standards you are talking about?

    Nizam College was affiliated to Madras University, not Osmania University. And those standards under Sri Aghornath Chattopadhyaya (Sarojini Naidu’s father) and others were in spite of Nizam’s whim and fancy. But for the British intervention (through Madras University) Prof. Aghornath Chatto may not have been allowed to reside in Hyderabad even.

    In the entire Nizam Telangana, apart from Hyderabad there was only one College, that too only for Intermediate classes only, at Warangal. This was the sorry situation till 1948 at least. Even in the United Hyderabad State until 1956 the situation did not improve, because the Education Minister of the first Andhra Pradesh Ministry talking immediately after the formation of the united Telugu State has gone on record, expressing his surprise and dismay that entire Telangana did not have the number of schools or colleges existing in one coastal district, and declared that in the united state, that situation would be rectified. So was it done.

    People like you suffer from the syndrome of COLLECTIVE INSANITY – I can’t find another word or cause for this malaise of yours. Otherwise you will not be so raging at the mention of the word Andhra or anything in support of Andhra. Please read your own Telangana history and you will find all Telangana leaders strongly supported and declared that they were all ANDHRAS. Further on the formation of the united state of Andhra Pradesh THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE VOICE OF PROTEST. All including till-then-separatists headed by KV Ranga Reddy and Channa Reddy welcomed it and KV Ranga Reddy had gone on record stating that the safeguards given to Telangana were as good as giving separate state to them. He was a staunch supporter of Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, who also, in turn, respected him very much and heeded his advice in most of the occasions.

    If you cannot respect and love your own neighboring Telugu from a different region albeit, you cannot be expected to respect and love any other neighboring Indian. Something is very bad and lacking in your mindset and you cannot be a patriotic Indian or for that matter useful and fraternal world citizen either.

    For your information, I am not from coastal Andhra. I am a Telugu born outside Andhra Pradesh, and then brought up in Rayalaseema for a short period in childhood, but since adolescence naturalized in Telangana (for more than 45 years) and all my family are Telangana natives. But I know that will also not satisfy bigots like you; but I don’t care. I only bring to your notice that there are several friends of mine, natives of Telangana, who do not like this separatist campaign at all, and stand for unity of all Telugu people and for the continuance of Andhra Pradesh. I also think, and hope, the number of such sane Telanganites is growing day by day, and soon the present crisis will be amicably solved retaining the united state setup and promoting the unity of Telugu people.

  94. Idea says:

    95% Semandhra people don’t know who was pottisriramulu,what he did for them.95% telangana people don’t know their 10 district names with head quarters without others help.94% andhra pradesh people don’t know chief minister,ministers home districts.100% AP people know their living area connected to Hyderabad as capital.Telangana movement is a artificial movement with fabricated facts.

    • savaalreddy says:

      what an idea sirji…..!!
      is there any relation between your questions? you mixed general knowledge questions with commonsense.
      people know about hyderabad not because its a living area but other reasons… like media publicity …capital city…tourist place..etc…etc…
      artificial movements run for days……. not for decades!!
      telanagana not based on fabricated facts like ” potti sri ramulu sacrificed for andra pradesh” statements.

      • satya says:

        after the T movement started by KaChaRa’s dummy fast in dec 2009, we heard of revolutions in tunisia, egypt and libya but they are all got succeeded in their efforts in less than a year. I think syria and yemen are on the way and probably they also could succeed. And these all happen without self immolations or suicides, Each time kodandam gives statement that “we will build egypt kind of movement or libya kind of movement or non-violencified militant movement etc.. but they could not succeeded. I think fake movements keeps continue like daily serials and reality shows. but they are not real.

  95. savaalreddy says:

    whether it is a sin to talk or study in urdu? i donot understand your stand that “osmania was a urdu university” so what urdu is not a language? is it not the indian language? people who are afraid of Muslims.. run away from urdu. but not T people…
    and one more thing… osmania university is the first university in india which have an indian language as a medium.
    and you said that T people not like it…..silly argument. not only T people neighbouring state people from karnataka and maharastra also came here to study in osmania.mirja ahmed begh gazhi who studies here become the chief engineer in pakistan. pv narasimha rao.the prime minister. g. ramreddy who is the founder the openversity in india…shivraj patil and many others studied in osmania in urdu medium.
    in those days all govt work done in urdu medium..govt employees must have the knowledge of urdu.. so students who want become employees happily studied in the medium. and i dont know how did you came to a conclusion that…… people hate to study in the university because the medium was urdu… absolutely baseless!!
    and your statement on niizam college…. i mentioned that the college is a famous college. students love to study in the college. affiliation is not a question. talent of students and faculty is important. aghoranath send out by Britishers….balagopal send out college by Andra rulers too!! legacy continues….in the form of demand of removal of kodandaram. the way of imperialists are same!!
    and about schools… this is the way you people misleading the people by showing or quoting “records”
    the minister stated the govt schools and colleges position. education means only govt. schools?
    from longback in telangana every major villi age have a ‘kanigir badi” a private school run by an educated Brahman. in major temple places vedic schools run with the funds given by landlords and nizam. and in every big majid there was a madarsa teaches arabic urdu. all this is not education? only govt schools and colleges means the education?
    if education was not there .. from where the employees of nizam administration came from? there are tahsildaars.. janglathdaars…abkaari officers..judges…layers…teachers…architectures… engineers.. doctors professors… from where all they come?
    if there was only one college in telangana how the seats of osmania filled with?
    and your comment like syndrome etc etc…shows your “patience” towards discussion.
    and your another comment “THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE VOICE OF PROTEST.” is ridicules…
    No imposed vishaalandra, says hyderabad pcc chief
    – november 21 1955 indian express
    pcc chief jv narsingarao said it. he aslo said “no belief in safe guards”
    this is the situation …..
    in an other ocasation in november 55 andra patrika he also said
    ఆంధ్రలో అవసరాలు ఉన్న వారు, అక్కడ బంధువులు ఉన్న వారు తప్ప అందరు తెలంగాణానే కోరుతున్నారు. తెలంగాణాలో నూటికి ౯౦ శతం తెలంగాణా కోరుతున్నారు. అధిష్టానం ప్రజల అభిస్తానికి వ్యతిరేకంగా నిర్ణయం తీసుకోనని చెప్పింది.
    burgula , kv rangareddy chennareddy were well known for their opposition for merger.
    but atlast they “agreed”…no… pressured to agreed merger.why? anyone can easily understand.
    nehru assured constitutional mandalies safeguards at the nizamabad meeting. an agreement called gentelmen agreement signed by both parties.
    leaders agreed but people?
    people burned burgula car …. you know it? what it shows?
    only one problem they have no leader or party to lead agitation…
    when the both available in 69 they showed their angry….
    and your comment on kv rangareddy… yes kv is strong supporter of telangana first….
    in gadwal meeting in 1956 he said” if T-leaders stand unite… andras will come to our feet”
    but after merger he himself become a supporter of neelam for his
    post… leader became supporter…..that is the pity of T leader in united state.
    and your another argument love and respect…. asking a separate state means no love and respect? ok… if you people have such a love and respect why dont you agree for separation? why dont you allow your brother to live with self respect. even after 600 youth sacrificed their lives.. you have no mercy… what a love it is? what a respect you have towards your brothers….wahhh!!! if this is patriotism certainly we are not…
    and your history.. growth… friends…nothing to do with this arguments…
    in 2001 an agitation started in nizamabad for bradguage railwayline by marvadies who settled there before 15 years. but… my dear sir….. even after 45 years of living here you are carrying same ideology you bought from andra. what is it….. brotherhood or andhrahood?

  96. @savaalreddy(svlr) – I don’t know whether svlr knows anything about the history of his own region. If there is no other alternative except to study in a foreign language, what people will do? They have either to migrate to other lands or adjust in their land with the foreign tongue. That’s what happened in Hdyerabad State also and people were compelled to learn, read and write and study in Urdu which was the language of hardly 15% of the population and the majority languages Telugu, Marathi and Kannada were suppressed. So much so that even starting Telugu primary schools was illegal and it was against such autocratic rule that Telangana people revolted through Andhra Mahasabha and Communist Party primarily and Hyderabad State Congress secondarily.
    You can’t compare a University with Urdu medium with another with Telugu or what was the general practice English medium in graduate and post graduate classes. So it is very difficult to talk about comparative standards and in any case Osmania University was not so standard a university even in those times. Madras University under which most of the Andhra Colleges were there till the formation of Andhra University (and many Rayalaseema colleges continued even afterwards under Madras University) was certainly of a higher standard than Osmania University even in those days.
    In the entire Telangana region those days (until 1948) there was not a degree college anywhere except in Hyderabad. High Schools were also very few. So much so that the first Education Minister of Andhra Pradesh was surprised that all the colleges and schools in Telangana put together were less than the number in one coastal district and committed himself to improve the position. Everybody knows much improvement resulted in the united state and now Telangana is in no way inferior to the other two regions, and in some fields has more facilities than those, in education.

    As for public employment under Nizam, 80-85% was reserved i.e. allotted to Muslims only. One may read the article of Bandaru Dattatreya (BJP leader – himself a separatist) on this aspect which is available on the net.

    Wild statements are no answer to the points raised by me. Show one protest voice after 5 March 1956 statement of Nehru declaring the decision to form Vishalandhra and more so on or after 1 November 1956. What happened in the surcharged atmosphere in 1955 to March 1956 is no answer. In the course of heated movements it can happen both ways. Tokala Raji Reddy, CPI leader, (now a separatist but then a staunch vishalandhra wallah) told me that Hayagreevachari and other Congress leaders who were separatists then came to attack him but since they were prepared and people solidly supported him and CPI, tables turned and Hayagrivachari was caught with other assailants. His (Raji Reddy’s) father requested Raji Reddy not to take the life of Hayagreevachari but only teach him a lesson. So even though they were in a position to annihilate their attackers they did not do so and after giving serious warning to Hayagreevachari [and on their apologising] they let them go. [This Hayagreevachari ultimately in 1990's or so was killed by the Maoists, then called People's War group, of course, for other reasons of their own]. So Burgula’s car might have been burnt when long before 5 March 1956, in the end of 1955 itself he took a definite pro-merger stance because at that time the separate Telangana movement was at its height in urban areas. That does not prove anything. After 5 March 1956 and more so on or after 1 November 1956 there was not a single voice of protest against Vishalandhra and the State Formation Day was a matter of general rejoicing for all, including Telanganites.

    That is the reason why we don’t want the state to break up at the instigation of wrongheaded and hotheaded separatists who don’t know their own history, spread all sorts of lies before the people, promise all heaven to the people, glorify the Nizam Rule and cherish all sorts of reactionary ideas (in progressive garb). They are motivated by ignorant and irrepressible hatred towards their own linguistic kin for no reason at all but extreme selfishness and mania and illusion that all will be heaven if the state is broken up. Also substantial numbers of Telanganites themselves are not enamoured of this movement and would like to retain the united state.

  97. savaalreddy says:

    “You said if there is no other alternative except to study in Urdu language, what people will do?” Ok… then what is the scene today… in what language children learning? Is it the mother tongue they are studying? Small kids making “kusties” with the foreign language…. how many of them know the meaning of the rimes they sing?
    Simple thing… students are going to school to built their career. Their motto is to get a good job or a good settlement in future. If engineering has bright future they choose it… if medicine they choose the same. Medium is not the criteria.
    You know the students whois appearing to iit exam spend 18 hours a day on study. Are they happily choosing the path? It is just because it requires such a hard work.
    It applies the same to hyd students…
    As I said earlier in Hyderabad state all the govt. administration running in Urdu. So students choose Urdu. Is this a symbol of backwardness or suppression?
    Did your people in Andhra state choose English just to know a foreign language?
    Now I am asking you… in which language administration run after merger. Where the Telugu had gone? When the Telugu entered in administration…. you know?
    And I strongly objecting your comment that “They have either to migrate to other lands or adjust in their land with the foreign tongue”
    Do you know what mean by a foreign language? Is Urdu a foreign language? This comment shows your “knowledge”…
    For your information Urdu is an Indian language. Urdu takes birth in India… in Delhi. And one more thing… the Urdu language that Hyderabad using is “deccani” it’s absolutely a local language…!!!
    You donot know the difference between local and foreign language and coming to arguments…wahhh!!!
    And you said this is the language of 15% people. You may depend on the data of Muslim population. But sir… the language also spoken by other religion people too. I remember where ever the creamy people met they talk in Urdu. Wherever two educated people met them talk in Urdu… thus Urdu is so fancy language like English today. Even today when we met our Muslim, marvaadi, and gujaraathi friends we talk in Urdu. In Hyderabad we use this language regularly right from buses to panshops.
    And your comment on “standards” is an illusion brought in your mind from decades. We know many times what is your so-called standards… and how did you maintain the “standards”. In the form of leackout of question papers etc…
    Maybe… your English standard was good. … Because of Britishers rule and Tamil teachers.
    And once more you expressed your Muslim phobia by quoting dattatreya’s comment. That 85% employees were Muslims… now what is the percentage of Hindus in employment? What is the percentage of Muslims? Are Muslims getting share of employment according to their population? Why not? Any one knows the community of rulers whether they are Muslims…reddies…kammaas…Brahmins…gets major share in many ways. That was in practice is in practice… wii be in future…!!
    And your comment that after merger education developed…
    Actually… in all fields development took place after independence in whole India. 5 year plans introduced. Many new schemes carried for all round development. Irrigation projects stared… green revolution took place… in all states in India.
    In one plan agriculture given priority after industry… like this….5 year plans continued. education recognized is an important factor of development from first year plan itself many schemes introduced like midday meals scheme…single teacher schools programme…black board scheme… vidya volunteer scheme …. Are some of the programmes taken by central and state govt. central govt started many universities all over India. Nitts were started….. You are posing as all the development carried kindly from Andhra. Silly….
    Count how many universities and medical colleges started in ralayaseema. Every district has a university from long period. Count how many medical colleges telangana had.
    And your “tokala, ekala “comments shows your’s innocence. CPI is well known vishalandravaadies. In many places they were attacked. Some times situation may turn reverse. Tokala instance shows his strength of his followers not vishalavadies. If it is so why communists all over telangana took police protection in those days. News papers like golkonda patrika published that news. And moreover the rivalry between hayagrivachary and communists in Warangal is well known topic to T people. Many people killed between their clashes. Onkaar lead communists those days the rivalry continues for decades. Ask any Warangal veteran citizen he tells hundreds of stories. The same took place between chakilam and communists in nalgonda district. This has no relation with vishala or T movement. Tokala cleverly put eeka in your head.
    And your comment on no voice against merger in a particular time…. May I ask is their any voice raise against telangana formation in seemandhra area when the promise made by congress and telugudesham? even at the time when all parties give their consent to telangana in rosaih meeting. Any small protest organized anywhere in that area? Why not? May I say that shows the people supported T formation? but politicians created all the hungaamaa?
    And it is wonder that even after this much of movement, election election challenges…hungar strikes… a general strike for 42 days people came to streets still you are in a fool’s paradise that majority T people supporting united state. ok the people belongs to your family..isnt it?
    Some people live in dreams… let them in dreams… ok sweet dreams sharmaaji…

    • @savaal reddy: By foreign tongue I meant tongue other than mother tongue. Not as understood commonly language of a different country.
      I am not in dreams, though certainly I have dreams. But you are in a frenzy and mania which possibly nobody can cure.
      Everybody knows that despite craze for English Medium since the formation of Andhra Pradesh Telugu the mother tongue of most of the residents has been made the official language and even in post graduate courses Telugu Medium is introduced and being studied. Perhaps if statistics are collected Telugu medium students may outnumber English medium students even. That is why even for the recent nationwide Medical Entrance Test there is strong resistance since they wanted to do away with regional language medium. Tamil Nadu succeeded though we did not but I hope within some months we will also force the Central Government to accept our stand and conduct the entrance tests in Telugu also. The merits and superiority of education in mother tongue medium is recognized by all sensible people.
      You are absolutely ignorant. In those days Communists were hunted since they just came out of their long drawn armed struggle and many were still fighting several cases foisted against them. It is ridiculous to suggest that they took police protection. May be in any public meetings held in towns, whichever side felt the danger of opponents’ attacks might have ordinarily intimated to police and police were bound to take necessary measures. I only cited the instance to show that such incidents can happen on both sides [when you said Burgula's car was burnt, etc.].
      KALOJI whom you now revere and brandish as a separatist preacher and father figure, was in those days a staunch integrationist and wrote poems in praise of Telugu unity and Vishalandhra. Some say he was even attacked and injured by separatists when he went to address a vishalandhra meeting. That’s why I requested you to study and know your own history.
      Bhindranwala was even running parallel government from Golden Temple for several months if not years. Whole of Punjab was in flames and worst sort of terrorism and bloodshed was unleashed by macabre terrorists and the entire government was paralysed for months. The sentiments and emotions were running so high that there was real danger to the country’s integrity even. What ultimately happened we are all now watching. So misguided movements may take a very sentimental, emotional, even violent and populist course but ultimately the saner counsels will prevail.

  98. Dear Savaal,

    yet another foot in the mouth response from you.

    >>>> you dint mention about the bogus native employees..and the Indira gandhi committee… so you agreed!!
    Do you have the number of appointments made on bogus certificates? I repeat tell the number.

    >>>> and girglani find outs depends on available reports from some departments. …
    Good. Girglani did not have complete data.
    Then why do you refer to a report that was based on incomplete data, as per your own argument? Even then what is the number?
    Girglani reported cases of violations. But what is the number?

    >>>> and if girglani said nothing about your employees why your leaders agitating against 610 go? employees of andhra area against it?
    You must be having extreme visions!
    Its true that some leaders are agitating on 14F and some demanding to make Hyderabad completely free zone.
    A few employees have even approached courts to save thier own positions. But who agitated against 610 GO?
    Once again tell me what is the number of Telangana jobs lost to SA under 610 GO?
    Do not jump again. The number quoted in GO was about all zones and not just Telangana zones 5 and 6.
    Come up with numbers. I repeat numbers for zones 5 and 6 in Telangana taken away by other zones.

    >>> ok come to challenge take a telangana district and a andra district and count the employees on the basis of their native places. will you show the telangana’s justified share?

    Good! First you publish the figures you have on any district.

    Dear sir, I stress again that please come up with numbers and stop rest of the nonsense.

    • Yadav says:

      @Prabhakar garu, these guy’s are weak in Maths , most probably they have studied it in urdu.,that’s the reason he is taking so long to come with any number’s. These guy’s dont want to see the reality , they want to live in fool’s paradise created by the Proffesor’s Jaishankar,Kodandaram,Hargopal…………………..& many more.

    • satya says:

      ignore sir.. this guy’s knowledge is from TV shows. His kind of argument is completely based on, “if they are telling lies why everyone in telangana believe it”? so do I. There is no independent research or what so ever.. His comments acknowledge he is one more sheep following the herd. Thats it

  99. savaalreddy says:

    Dear Sir…
    Just a number is enough? Or submit the names…. native places… cast…. creed…hieght… whieght…. and their family details… and second family descriptions…etc…Etc?
    Some people think themselves as clever people with their foolish arguments…..
    And about girglani report….. It is true that not total departments taken into consideration… this is not my statement but of girglani himself in a TV interview. And government agreed in assembly that violations occurred in the implementation of presidential order. That’s why a ministers’ sub committee appointed for the implementation of the corrections…. understand.
    And you asked why employees not gone to court. First you must have some general awareness… employees who got transfered to andra from hyd. Went to court and some of them got stay. T-employ leaders even accused the officials that they are paving the way to go to court by issuing defective orders. All this was published in news papers…
    And once again you showed your innocence by arguing that some people agitated against 14f and it why it was not done against 610 GO. Poor prabhakar 610 GO is a constitutional guaranty made by parliament act. No one can challenge in any court. Where as 14f is an exemption from presidential order. So it can challenge… that’s why the clause removed by central government recently….
    When I asked…..” whether andraas got more jobs after merger or not… then who were the loosers”… no one answered…
    First try to answer it…then come to arguments ok!!!

    • VSG says:

      Sir,can you tell district wise employees in secretariat or in total state govt employees?How many employees from Srikakualm,Vijyanagaram,Anantapuram,Kadapa,Adilabadh,Mahabub nargar,Medhak districts?you say jobs regionally,I say district wise,Mandha krishna and V.krishnayya say cast wise.what is the correct?KCR said in assembly lift the zonal system.

    • Yadav says:

      Savaal, “whether andraas got……”. As per your logic Telangana people spoke “Urdu” , Andhra’s spoke ‘English” , the people who got more job’s were people speaking “Telugu” in Andhra Pradesh….HAPPY.

      How can anybody be more clever than you , you are the student of Jaishankar,Kodandaram,Hargopal , you watch TV , read newspaper’s , you have the records of all the employees of government departments.

  100. Sri Lagadapati Rajagopal MP has gone on record stating that 45% of the Government employees are from Telangana region and there has not been any denial by any separatist leader to my knowledge. If that is so, Telanganites are not only not discriminated against but have got a bit too much of the cake than their proportionate due.

  101. savaalreddy says:

    If we take lagadapaati in to consideration… there is no movement at all in the telangana… all the employees are in duties during sakalajanula samme… secretariat has 47% of telanagana employees…all the telanagana people supporting united andra …except kcr and kodandaram.. And he has no connection with lanco industries too….14f cant remove by president of India….. In earlier by elections for 11 constueincies people not vote for telangana but for their promise that to reelect the resigned MLAs…. Cong never promised to give Telangana… to create a new state assembly resolution is compulsory… etc… states shouldn’t form on the basis of emotions (how Andhra formed?) …… If all this propaganda is true… and believable to you …believe him… no problem…
    And your comment no one denied… TNGO’s denied. Pl. verify news papers……….

  102. savaalreddy says:

    Prabhakara Rao, Yadav, satya, VSG and SHARMA…….
    You pose many questions… ok.. I will give the information with me… regarding the loss of telangana in the field of employment…
    The loss of jobs starts in 1948. Soon after Hyderabad state joined in Indian union vellodi appointed as civil administrator to help the military up to 1952. During this period thousand of employees brought from madras in the disguise that they knew English. The nizam state’s mulki rules violated. The same number of telangana employees especially Muslims removed from the services mercilessly. Vellodi’s and Indian govt. motto is to put aside all the nizam’s administration. It is estimated that atleast 22,000 non mulkies bought from madras.
    When a popular govt. came to rule agitation against non-mulkies broke out. 13 students killed in firing. Agitation was brutally crushed.
    After the formation of AP in ’56 exodus of employees from andra encouraged by govt.
    The telangana regional committee objections and TNGO representations regarding this problem not respected. In response of the infiltrations another agitation started I 1968. Employees went on strike for 11 months. 369 students killed in firing.
    In1969 govt conducted an all party meting with 45 leaders from different parties. An “all party accord” announced– according to this govt agreed that many jobs infiltrated by andra region people.1. It agreed to remove the unauthorized non-mulkies from services… and give the jobs to mulkies. An enquiry will be conducted on issuing bogus certificates. 2. Mulki rules widened to independent govt organizations 3. The telangana excess funds that transferred to andra will return back.4. The judgments regarding T employee’s seniority and promotions will be implemented.
    5. The educational facilities in hyd. will be improved.
    But no one of this accord implemented. Moreover the andra employees went to courts against muliky rules. Different judgments came. In 1969 Prime Minister Indira announced an 8 point formula. In1971 after defeat in telangana indira announced another formula called 5 point formula. Throughout out the period the infiltration continued.
    At last in 1972 Supreme Court upheld the mulki rules. Then andraas stated separate state movement and successfully removed the longtime safeguards by removing mulki rules and telanagana regional committee. Then the 6 point formula came. Presidential order came… whatever announced…. but not implemented. Atleast the presidential order not implemented. In the time of NTR jayabharat reddy committee appointed…then 610 GO came in 1985… This GO not implemented even after 26 years……!!!!
    And your comment to give the number…………… ok….. from 1948..
    The infiltrated… bogus certificated…appointed in the name of non locals (actually there is no reservation for non-locals… the rest of local posts should notified as general…but not did so)… escaped from GO’s by speed promotions….. Upgradetion of services to pave way to escape from GO’s…..deputated…. are……………….. 1.99.344 according to TNGO’s report….!!!!

    • satya says:

      savaal, why u talk abt TNGO report? show the same no. of Girglani report for which the link is given above.

      For rest of ur story, use it for R. Narayana murthy next movie Boru telangana.

    • “At last in 1972 Supreme Court upheld the mulki rules. Then andraas stated separate state movement and successfully removed the longtime safeguards by removing mulki rules and telanagana regional committee.” When Andhras also wanted separate State why Telanganites who just agitated for separate State in 1969-70 did not consent? Why they were even willing to get Regional Committee scrapped and Mulki Rules upheld by Supreme Court also abolished and accept the Six Point Formula, then constitutional amendment, etc.? Because they felt it was advantageous to remain united and also the new terms and conditions were enough and beneficial to them.

      “the 6 point formula came. Presidential order came… whatever announced…. but not implemented. Atleast the presidential order not implemented.” Who said so, SKC has conducted a thorough research on this topic and revealed that Zonal system has worked fairly well and 90-95% of local candidates for the lowest grade and not less than 60-70% local candidates in other grades subject to quotas and reservations were employed and equity done. Aberrations will be there in implementation of any scheme or project or agreement and that should not be taken as if a great injustice has been done. Girglani Commission report has not approved the exaggerated claims of Telanganites (not all but separatists like savaal reddy and vested interests like TNGOs) and it suggested practical measures to do away with aberrations, of which some have already been carried out and there is no doubt that aberrations will be set right.

      As per military government’s swift measures, we – I mean people like me – think the contrary. The measures were not so radical or swift. We would have wished hanging of many rogue criminals among the Nizam autocracy and confiscation of all their estates without compensation and distribution to the poor and needy. We would have totally disbanded the Nizam’s bureaucracy and put Nizam himself in jail and not as Raj Pramukh, etc. etc. Because Congress government itself was compromising and reactionary in Telangana with all feudal lords (who only the other day were faithful followers of HEH) flocking to Congress banner, so many concessions were given, etc. The merger would have taken place in 1953 or earlier itself and no concession or reservation would have been given to regional chauvinism. But all that was not to be because in national politics as also here it was the reactionary bourgeois and compromising sections that won. So much so that it has led to the reactionary separatist movement in 1955-56 with the active encouragement if not support from top leaders in Congress High Command and led by feudal lords and their henchmen here. From that time to this day the separatist agitation here is mainly led by feudal, capitalist landlord sections and currently other sections of the people are also dragged into it due to their ignorance and gullibility.

    • Kya bhaat hai!

      Dear sir,

      we asked the number of jobs looted not number of killings and deaths.

      Great listing of such things. Thanks for not including suicides in this.

      The number 1,99,344 is very interesting like pricing of Bata footwear.

      Anyways, where is TNGOs report? Can you provide a link or sources of it?

      Please avoid foreign libraries. I cannot afford membership there :-)

  103. satya says:

    haha…See how our T vaadis are trying hard to digest the facts on Nehru speech…

    • Yahoo says:

      “Gadey murdey ukhadna” , when all other arguements have failed these T-vaadi’s are falling on these so called outdated comments of Nehru ,Burgula. If they need the truth to come out dig there graves & bring them to life.

  104. Everybody, especially SavaalReddy may please carefully peruse this final declaration of the Girglani Commission:

    The people, the political leaders, the employees unions and the employees themselves should clearly realise three basic truths:-

    (a) that the deviations from the Presidential Order have occurred in respect of all the district cadres and all the zones and therefore they are a matter of concern not for any particular district or zone but for the entire State.
    (b) that the safeguards will also be beneficial to the local candidates of the entire State in all the 23 districts and in all the six zones.
    (c) that the Presidential Order which is a part of the Six Point Formula is not merely a guarantee of opportunities of employment being equitably shared by the local people of all the districts, but a part of the delicate political settlement on which the integrity of the State is predicated. It should therefore transcend any narrow, particularistic or individual interest and considerations. This basic truth has to be imbibed by the higher civil servants, and the employees themselves. It should permeate all their thinking and decision making in matters that impinge on the Presidential Order, directly or indirectly, perceptibly or imperceptibly. Just as the financial and legal aspects are always considered in making any proposal or decision, so too the Presidential Order aspects should also be taken into consideration.

  105. Girglani Commission Report is quite revealing and fortunately, unlike the case of SKC report, none of the separatist organizations seem to have not castigated it in any way and almost all of them speak approvingly of the Girglani Commission. But perhaps they did not care to go through its sane recommendations and findings. As for the so-called influx of non-locals (‘seemandhras’) into the justly due employment posts of Telanganites to the tune of some lakhs (wild allegations), this is what Girglani Commission has found:

    2.1.36 In a nutshell the statistics discussed above show as under:

    1) The total number of various categories of employees mainly NGOs & Last Grade employees enumerated is 3,85,564 in Government Departments.

    2) The total number of employees of these categories which are excluded from the purview of Presidential Order under various provisions of Presidential Order viz. Para 14 (b) to (f), which includes also those listed in GSR 526 (E), GSR 527 (E) and GSR 529 (E) are 31,281.

    3) This exclusion constitutes to 8.11 % of the total.

    4) The employees covered by Presidential Order, are 3,54,283.

    5) The total number of employees in Zone V & VI are 1,80,080.

    6) Out of item no.5 above, the break-up of Locals and Non-locals is as under:
    Locals Non-locals
    1,45,606 16,653

    One Man Commission (SPF) 240 Final Report

    7) Under item 6 above, the Non-locals constituted an aggregate of 9.25 % in Zone V & VI.

    It is needless to remind that Zone V & VI mean Telangana as a whole and Girglani Commission found that non-locals constituted an aggregate of 9.25% only. And if you take out at least 1.25% for people from other places in India (other than Seemandhra) which elimination may not be wrong or exaggerated, we can say Seemandhras constitute only 8% of the total employment (coming under presidential order) in Telangana. That is nearly 91% of the employment is of locals only. So separatists like Savaal Reddy et al have to answer how their calculations of lakhs of jobs snatched by Seemandhras have come about.

  106. Error: there are two negatives in the above comment, first sentence. Please correct to one negative only. It should be read: “None of the separatist organizations … castigated it in anyway…”

  107. savaalreddy says:

    You all the people can’t digest the truth. I know… you demand for number…when I mention you say something… truth is so hard… some times unbelievable. One must have dared to face the truth by reasonable arguments. I gave the facts… findings… i mention the whole looted jobs… by many ways… i mention bogus certificates which was the main reason for the agitation in 1956. Can girglany count it?
    I mention the upgrade many departments to escape from presidential order… can girglany find the number? I mention speedy promotions… to pave the way to escape from local reservations… can any one prove them…? Can girglany or oone man commission find how many people appointed in the name of non locals from 60 years? The quota non-local gave over a long period. Any where in the world you find a non-local quota? How can any commission or some one calculate these numbers?
    Any how…it is published in news papers in 1969…that…

    22 .1 1969 నాడు ప్రభుత్వం ఒక ఉత్తర్వు జారి చేసింది. ప్రభుత్వ కార్యదర్శి ఎం . టి. రాజు ఆ ఉత్తర్వు జారి చేశారు. అందులో ఫిబ్రవరి లోగా నాన్ ముల్కి ఉద్యోగుల తొలగింపు జరుగుతుందని ప్రకటించారు.ఈ మేరకు అన్ని ప్రభుత్వ శాఖలను ఆదేశించినట్లు చెప్పారు.. తెలంగాణా మిగులు నిధుల మదింపు నిమిత్తం త్వరలో ప్రత్యేకాధికారి వస్తున్నారని కూడా అయన తెలిపారు. తెలంగాణా హక్కుల రక్షణ సమస్య పై అఖిల పక్ష సమావేశం లో గైకొన్న నిర్ణయాలను వెంటనే అమలు జరిపే కృషిలో భాగంగా ఈ ఉత్తర్వు జారి అయ్యింది. సుమారు నాలుగు వేలమంది స్తానికేతరులు తొలగింపునకు గురయ్యే అవకాశం ఉంది.
    what it indicates? about the loss of jobs of telangana or not?
    And sir, this GO never implemented. No single employee removed or transferred. They went to court challenging the mulki rules. Years went on. Many retired. Promoted. And Presidential order hanged the mulki rules. Local rules relaxed. In the place of 15 years domicile… 4 years entered. In the way all the employees supposed to transfer by this GO escaped to safe zone. Because already 6 years went in courts. They become locals!! Who can count them? Even according to Govt. declared no locals then were about 4,000. Those were legally recognized non locals. According to GO an enquiry ordered to find the bogus certified locals. They were yet to find out. According to telangana regional committee and TNGO’s the non locals were 22,000. All escaped…
    After presidential order various local non-local quotas announced. But the implementation had done in different way. A non local quota implemented even it was not mentioned in PO. Actually the rest of local quota should treat as general quota. But it treated as non local quota.
    Whom do you find responsible for this? Who can find? In which way you can calculate the number?
    Sir…if you take the situation in 1960”s a job means what? In a united family system it has a cumulative effect. A job paves way to good education to some family members. An honor in society for the family. An investment atleast on agriculture. A job holder can provide good education to his brother. Sister…to son and daughter… they become educated and might become jobholders in future. In such a way go and count how much loss done to telangana…!!
    If you started count after many bogus…no local… promoted… upgraded employee’s retirement… The present number seems soooooooooo……….smaaaaaaaaaaal to you?

    Ok you give the mention of girglany… do you know what girglani said in an interview with ETV and eeenadu…..

    కమిసన్ కు ప్రభుత్వం సహకరించ లేదు.. ఓ ఫైలు మొత్తం గల్లంతైంది..రాష్ట్రపతి ఉత్తర్వుల ఉల్లంఘన భారీగా జరిగింది.. ఈ విషయం లో ప్రభుత్వం నుంచి కమిసన్ కు సరైన సహకారం కూడా లభించ లేదు. వివిధ నియామకాలకు సంబంధించి అడిగిన వివరాలు సరిగా అందేవి కాదు. ప్రజల నుంచి వచ్చిన ఫిర్యాదుల ద్వారానే చాలా సమాచారం తెలుసుకో గలిగాము ..
    జంకు లేకుండా నిబంధనలకు నీల్లు వదిలి స్తానికేతరులకు అవకాశం కల్పించారు.. కొన్ని ఉద్యోగాల హోదా పెంచారు……..
    What this statement indicates? The innocence of Andhra people?
    In these circumstances anyone can say the findings of girglany are the absolute correct figure? And atleast he gave a figure… ok … why not the report implemented? How many years you take… another time to pave the way to all Andhra employees retirement time?
    Always there is a lot difference between crime rate and arrest rate….
    You mention arrest rate as the rate of loss…
    Where as we are giving crime rate….that is the difference!!!

    • Yadav says:

      When Nizam himself is out of job , his Nizamiat has gone to wind’s , where is the question of following any outdated Mulki rule’s. Yes Andhra politicians were innocent to accept the integration… This groupism in Congress & settlement’s between two groups cant be legalised by gentleman’s agreement,six point formu;la’s.

      Similarly what is the legality of this core commitee & the decisions taken by it? Chidambaram is the HM & the member of core commitee , the announcement of 9th Dec was after the meeting of core committee so it doesnt have any legal sanctity , whereas the SKC was formed to look into by the HM. SKC is more importent to any government at centre than the statement of 9th Dec.

    • You have not answered my main question. If Girglani Commission has given a clear finding that only 9.25% of total govt. jobs in Telangana are held by non-locals, which is even less than the 10%-20% allowed by the existing law for non-locals, and Seemandhras cannot be more than 8% of this figure, where is the so-called loss, that too of lakhs of jobs, of Telangana entitlement? Can you make a lie the truth by repeating it many times and in many ways a la Goebbels? So, say either that Girglani Commission was also a sellout to Andhras and its report is totally framed up [which by the way none of the Telangana leaders have so far said] or else accept it and APOLOGISE for the lies you have repeatedly uttered.

    • @savaalreddy: ‘Non-locals’ quota means ‘open to all’ category which is colloquially and generally called ‘non-locals’ because ‘non-locals’ can compete and bag all the seats if they are eligible in open competition with the ‘locals’ in that category. Say 10% is for ‘open category’. Then if ‘locals’ who competed are very competent they can also bag much of the quota and if ‘non-locals’ are more competent, they can bag much of the quota; and it they excel in all respects, even the entire quota. So I am saying ‘non-locals’ are allowed (not given) 10% to 20%.
      Repeat Message: You have not answered my main question. If Girglani Commission has given a clear finding that only 9.25% of total govt. jobs in Telangana are held by non-locals, which is even less than the 10%-20% allowed by the existing law for non-locals, and Seemandhras cannot be more than 8% of this figure, where is the so-called loss, that too of lakhs of jobs, of Telangana entitlement? Can you make a lie the truth by repeating it many times and in many ways a la Goebbels? So, say either that Girglani Commission was also a sellout to Andhras and its report is totally framed up [which by the way none of the Telangana leaders have so far said] or else accept it and APOLOGISE for the lies you have repeatedly uttered.

      • savaalreddy says:

        sharmaji…. read once again the appointment order of girglani commission for which period his enquiry is limited. and also read his comments in his interview about the “cooperation” given by officials. and if you have an opportunity to see the T employees representations regarding the loss of jobs….. you read them as well. their argument is the number of posts lost since 1956 is 2 lacks. come to girglani…. was he counted the loss of jobs by changing the mulkirules? was he counted the upgraded posts and departments to escape from local cadre? was he counted the retired employees who entered into services illegally.? was he counted the cumulative effect? his duty limited to enquiry the implementation of 610 GO only. that was given in 1984. actually 610 GO given for irrigation dept.girglani report is not everything that give the whole picture of the loss of telangana jobs since merger. its a sample….which caught thousands of jobs gone illegally. by riding a horse which runs 50km.s you cannot expect 100km.s speed. if you fall love with united state..a telugu state…. love it.. no problem… but donot try to hide the facts. dont try to show a big sin as a simple mistake. …

  108. dsrao says:

    This person thinks government is only there to give jobs . JObs in government are very few and courts interfere delaying decisions if any one go to courts.
    why jobs and jobs and government jobs is the issue ? All the government employees are parasites and husbands to the people. They are most corrupt and live on people’s tax money which otherwise would have gone to people in the form of developemet/subsidies/welfare measures . Why should we pay taxes to feed these parasites who live like lkeaches on soceity.these are jokers who created divissive tendancies among people on regional lines.
    Most of these old bandi gouuds do not have basic functional knowkledge off computers . We have to computerise all sytems and procedures including records/office files/notes etc and preferably with suitable decison support packages providing pointers in case of deviations . By using proper software tools we should reduce government employee streanths to few thousands , and divert tax payers money towards developement/welfare activities.

    LEt us sack all the fellows who do not have computer literacy and employ new guys as per socalled GOs providing reservations if that satisfies you Mr reddy,

    Division of state is not job of employees . They are merely paid servants like you have at your home for washing dishes Who the hell these fellows are to go on strike? It is time to put them in their place and recruit new guys waiting for jobs . you can impliment mulki/or relevant GOs in force . we will never tolerate if some talks on jobs as if that is the most important thing for people who are waiting ofr developement/welfare measures/education/health/industrialisation etc

  109. RSR says:

    ‘govt job’ word still existence in TG only rest of world migrated to private jobs.Now days private jobs destination for who has good skills,talent,hard work,commitment,dedication….etc.Who has not this they hang,cry for govt jobs to sleep,bribes in those posts.No work full pay.

    • savaalreddy says:

      pessimist cant see future….. you are saying that govt. employees are for bribes and to sleep…..mydear sir……….. if all employees sleeps you have power supply?you have bus or rail to tour? traffic system to move? you have security if police sleeps? phone to talk?even a glass of water to drink?whether private or govt we are attending and performing duties until our duty time is over…. throughout the period we donot feel tention aboutthe security our families at our home… why? there is a system… ther is a feeling of security…be cause there is a government. … and govt. employees….!!! dont underestimate…!!

  110. VSG says:

    Separatists say Chennaraddy cheated them in 1971, how peoples movement stop with chennareddy party change or stand change? that was peoples movement? or chennareddy political movement?

    • savaalreddy says:

      after chowra-chowri incident…. gandhi called off the freedom movement…. .. even though people aspiring a big movement. ….that was stopped.
      dear sir….if king surrenders… the war stops automatically….. what the sliders can do? after chenna’s surrender people have no immediate captain. so movement stopped naturally.
      without having people’s aspiration no leader can run any movement….no movement sustain for decades with hired people….
      apply your theory to jai andhra movement… you wi!ll get the answer!!!

      • VSG says:

        సరిఇన ప్రత్యమ్న్యయ పార్టీ కోసం లేక మంచి లీడర్ కోసం ఎపుడు రాజకీయాలలో అవకాసం వుంటుంది.అది అపుడు చెన్నారెడ్డి వినియోగించుకున్నాడు, రాజశేఖరెడ్డి చనిపాయిన తరువత ‘రూం ఫర్ లీడర్’ పెరిగింది అది కే.à°š.à°°.à°•à°¿ దక్కింది.దీన్ని ప్రజవుద్యమం అనలేరు! లోకసత్తపర్తి కూడా ఇట్లన్టిదే. అది ఉద్యమమ? కొండపల్లి సీతారామయ్య పక్కకు వెళ్ళినంత మాత్రాన ‘అక్కడ’ వుద్యమమము ఆగలేదు,ఆజాద్,కిశంజి…..ఆగదు.గుజ్జర్లకు అసలు ఇంతవరకు మీరన్న కాప్టైన్ లేడు. జైంధ్ర మొవెమెంట్ సమస్య పర్ష్కరించాడ్ని లేదా రాష్ట్రము ఇవ్వండి అనే విషయం మీద జరిగింది,సమస్యను పర్ష్కరించారు, ఉద్యమము ఆగింది అంటేగాని ‘నొథింగ్ షార్ట్ అఫ్ తెలంగాణా స్తతె we విల్ నాట్ అచ్సుప్ట్’ అనే విధముగా నడవలేదు.నిజముగా తెలంగాణా ప్రజా ఉద్యమము ఐతే à°¬ à°œ à°ª భలపడుతుంది గని తే à°°.à°¸. కాదు.

        • savaalreddy says:

          my dear friend…!!
          there was movement for telangana when YS alive!! even in karimnagar byelection….when YS challenged the movement…called as a referendum…. movement faced and removed the ‘gochi’ of YS by electing KCR with 2 lack mejority!! all the meetings in which lacks of people attended valontarily were conducted in the period of YS..!! he may succed in dividing some MLAs from TRS but not people from the movement.
          and your comment about jai andhra…silly ….. ask any senior citizen what kakani used to say…madala used to say… subbareddy used to say in those days.even the tollywood supported the jai andhra movement… and demand centre to accept seperate state. many advertisements given watch them. the movement stopped only after PV’s departure from CM post!!! that is the fact… you cant hide!!!

          • VSG says:

            సర్! మీరు గోచి వుడటం, గెలవడం అనేవి ‘ప్రజాఉద్యమము’ అని చెప్పడానికి పనికిరావు ఇక్కడ నేను అన్నది ప్రజవుద్యమము,లీడర్ గురిచ్చి! రెండికి తేడ గ్రహించకుండా మీరు మల్లి మొదతకే వచ్చారు, ప్రజవుద్యమము అనేదానికి నేను ఉదాహరణలు కూడా ఇవ్వడము జరిగింది. కే.à°š.à°°.కరీంనగర్ గెలుపు అయన లీడర్ à°— గురించి, కాని అదే టైములో ఆలే నరేంద్ర రేసిగ్న్ చేసి గేలవలేదు. కే.à°š.à°°. ప్లేసులో ఆలే నరేంద్ర పార్టీ లీడర్ చేస్తే à°ˆ స్తితి à°•à°¿ వచ్చేదా? వచ్చేది అది నిజముగా ప్రజవుద్యమము ఐతే. కే.à°š.à°°. ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ మొత్తానికి à°“ పార్టీ పెడితే రాజశేఖరెడ్డి మరనము తరువత అది కూడా థర్డ్ అల్తెర్నతివె à°— ఎదిగేది, ఎందుకనతే కే.à°š.à°° రాజకీయ వ్యుఅతముడు కాబట్టి. à°’à°• పచ్చి అభాద్దన్నికుడా నిజముగ నమ్మిన్చ్గలడు కాబట్టి. అదే రాజకీయలకు పనికి వచ్చే qualification కాబట్టి. ఇక జైంధ్ర ఉద్యమము గురించి నాకు బాగా అవగానవున్న్ది. ఇక వై.సర్ కరిమానగర్ election challenge దాంతో ఆగలేదు తరువాత కూడా కంటిన్యూ అయింది తరువాత 2008 lo కే.à°š.à°° చచ్చి చేడి పద్దెనిమిది వేలు మెజారిటితో గెలిచాడు,పది హేడు అసెంబ్లీ లకు రేసిగ్న్ చేసి ఖైరతాబాదు తో కలుపుకొని పద్దేమిది గెలుస్తాను అన్నాడు, డిపాజిట్ కూడా రాలేదు.వెళ్లి జయశంకర్ à°•à°¿ రేసిగ్న్ లెటర్ ఇచ్చాడు.2009ఎలెక్తిఒన్స్లొ 53 à°•à°¿ పోటీచేసి పది గెలిచాడు.కరీంనగర్ బై ఎలెక్తిఒన్ నాటకీ వై.సర్ à°’à°• కాంగ్రెస్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి, తరువాతే వై ‘సర్’ à°— అయ్యాడు నేను వై.సర్ ని పెర్సొన్నెల్ వ్యతిరేకిస్త కానీ లీడర్ à°— గావురవిస్తా.

          • savaalreddy says:

            The strike and agitations of the total govt. employees, the total workers of rtc, singareni, the total school managements and students, temple employees, the cast organisations, auto rickshaw unions and a total of 140 different un organised workers unions etc,,, want a list more than this to show the people’s movement?
            only destructive activities shows the strength of a movement in your sense?
            and your comment on YS!!!
            how many seats he got in 2004…and how many in 2009?
            in 2004 only free power is the slogan!
            but in 2009 !….. 2 rs. rice…arogyasri..25paise intrest to groups…abhayahastam… fee reimbursement even to FCs… reservations to minorities…jalayagnam and many more more promises….BUT.. the result? just missed….in the demise of cong. govt.
            if any other clean and non con traversal was there in place of YS with such a big list of promises…. congres might get more than 200 seats!!!
            AND ONE MORE IMPORTANT issue … that is chiranjivi party…it eat a big number of votes… YS should thankful for lifetime to chiru bhai for his contribution which prevent him from defeat !!!

          • VSG says:

            ఏమ్ప్లోయీస్ తో స్త్రైకే సక్సెస్ చేయిచ్న్హడం ప్రతిపక్షం లో వున్నవాళ్ళకి పెద్ద సమస్య కాదు ఎందుకంటే స్త్రైకే కాల్ ఆఫ్ à°•à°¿ గొవ్త్మెంట్ ముందు పెట్టె డిమాండ్స్ లో స్త్రికె పెరిడ్, దాని వేతనము ఎద్జుస్త్మేంట్ వుంటుంది. సకలజనులసమ్మేలో eighty పెర్సెంట్ దాక సుచ్సుస్సియ్యింది ఏమ్ప్లోయీస్ స్త్రికె ఒక్కదంట్లోనే! మిగిలిన అన్నిట్లో ఫెయిల్ అయ్యింది. కెసిఆర్ చేసే ప్రసంగాలల్లో ఎక్కువ ప్రత్యమ్నాయ పార్టీ à°— వుంతన్నవి కాని వుమ్మడి రాష్ట్రములో చేయలేనివి తెలంగాణా ప్రాంతం రాష్ట్రము ఐతేనే గని పరిష్కారం కానివి చెప్పడు. ఎస్సి ముఖ్యమంత్రి, ముస్లిం డిప్యూటి ముఖ్యమంత్రి,నో కాంట్రాక్టు మరియు అవుట్ సోర్సింగ్ ఏమ్ప్లోయీస్, ఇంటికి మూడు ఎకరాలు………………….ఇలాంట్వి అవసరమా ప్రజవుద్య్మానికి? ఇవి ఉమ్మడి రాష్ట్రములో పరిష్కారము కావ? ఇన అసలు ఇయన ఇయన ఎలా చేస్తాడు? రాజ్యాంగానికి సవరణ చేస్తాడ? అయన పార్టీ అధికారములోకి వస్తే చేస్తాడ? ఇది కేవలం పార్టీని గ్రాస్స్ రూట్లేవేల్ బిల్డ్ చేయడానికి గానికే! ఇదే పెద్ద ఉదాహరణ ప్రజలలో ఉద్యమము లేదు అని చెప్పడానికి. లకే రాజారావు గారు కూడా బిఎస్ప్ పార్టీని పాడేరు ప్రాంతములో ఇవిదముగానే డెవలప్ చేసి, రెండు వేల నాలుగులో ఎమ్మెల్యే అయ్యర్రు! రాజశేఖరెడ్డి అందరి కంటే ముందుగానే అబ్య్ర్ధులను ప్రకటించాడు,చేసినవి చేప్పాడు,ఎవరితోనూ పొత్తులేదు,ఏమ్మయ్యం తో అవగాన మాత్రమె! కాని వోటు చీలకుండా మహాఫ్రోంట్ నిర్మాణం జరిగింది, మరి ముక్యముగా కెసిఆర్ తెలంగాణా లో నాదే అతి పెద్ద పార్టీ అని దప్పలుకుడా కొట్టాడు, ఏమిజరిగింది? ‘చిరంజీవి ఫాక్టర్ వలన’ అనేది సీమంధ్రలో చంద్రబాబు చెప్పోకోడానికి పనికి వస్తుంది కాని తెలంగాణా లో కేసిర్ à°•à°¿ వర్తించదు. టిడిపి తెలంగణా లో మంచి రెసుల్త్ సాధించింది కాని తెరాస ఫెయిల్ అయ్యింది గోవ్ర్మేంట్ నిలపెట్ట్నోడు లీడర్ అంటారు, 2004 లో రాజశేఖరెడ్డి కాంగ్రెస్ ని గెలిపించాడు అనే కంటే చంద్రబాభు అధికారం పోగొట్టుకున్నాడు అనేది కరెక్ట్. 2009 election వైస్సార్ ని leader ga prove చేసింది.

        • Prasiddha says:

          వియెస్ జి గారూ,
          మంచి విషయాలు రాస్తున్నారు గాని తెలుగు టైపింగ్ సరిగా లేదు.దాని వల్ల చాలా తప్పులు దొర్లుతున్నాయి.దయ చేసి శ్రద్ధ పెట్టండి.

  111. rachana says:

    ఈ పోస్ట్ లలో దాదాపు అందరి ద్వారా ( ఉదాహరణకి ఒక్క పేరు చెప్పాలంటే..మల్లికార్జున శర్మ) ఎన్నో విషయాలు తెలిశాయి.అయితే కొందరి ( పేర్లు చెప్పను) వ్యాఖ్యలు చదువుతుంటే ఓ విజ్ఞప్తి చేయాలని ఉంది. ఈ బ్లాగ్ లో మనం వెలిబుచ్చే వాదనా పటిమ ఆధారం చేసుకుని వచ్చే తెలంగాణా ఆగదు.. ఆగే ప్రత్యెక రాష్ట్రం రయ్యిన రాదు కదా ! మరి పరస్పరం పనికి వచ్చే సమాచారాన్ని ఇచ్చిపుచ్చుకునే బ్లాగ్ లో ఆవేశ కావేశాలకి తావెందుకు ఉండాలి?

    • admin Admin says:

      @ rachana Very well said. We request every one to heed this sane advice. We particularly appeal to Yadav and Savaal Reddy – both of whom are active and dedicated followers of this site – not to be abusive when expressing your views. Thanks.

      • Jai says:

        Rachana, Inguva Mallikarjuna Sharma grau is not an ordinary netizen. He is a renowned scholar, engineer and political activist rolled into one. He is a walking encyclopedia of communist philosophy, Indian history and Telugu literature. I find him the most erudite of the pro-CPM analysts in the state today (e.g. when you compare with fellow travelers like Telakapalli Ravi).

        While I disagree with Sharmaji (I did not want to prefix Mr. because he may not like it) on many core aspects including his communism, I do believe this blog has been fortunate in receiving his attention. His own blog is quite interesting though unfortunately he does not blog much these days.

      • savaalreddy says:

        Dear admn….
        you are entering at your convenient time and convenient questions….. when i question the ethnicity of your socalled chapter from selected works of nehru (given above) … you dint answer. still the question remains unanswered.
        you have given a side heading….”
        Hyderabad does not belong only to Telangana
        “India does not belong only to you or me but to all of us. Bharat Mata does not belong only to the people of Hyderabad or Uttar Pradesh alone. All of us are parts of India and the whole country belongs to all of you from the Himalayas down to Kanniyakumari. You cannot tell me that Hyderabad and Nizamabad belong to you and Allahabad and Delhi to me.. I too have a right in Hyderabad just as you have claim to the Himalayas, Delhi and other places.”
        according to selectedworks of works of jawaharlal nehru had given the above statement at nizamabad.
        but mydear sir….
        according to andhra patrika and vishalandhra which published the news item of nehru tour in nizamabad….
        nehru said
        these words……………………………….. ” హిమాలయాల నుంచి కన్యాకుమారి వరకు à°ˆ దేశంలో అనేక ప్రదేశాలు, భాషలు ఉన్నాయి. కానీ à°ˆ విశాల దేశంపై అందరికీ సమాన హక్కుంది.సమాన బాధ్యతలున్నాయి. దిల్లి ఒకరిది, నిజామాబాద్ మరొకరిది అనే భావాలు తప్పు. దిల్లి నాది కాదు.నిజామాబాద్ మీ స్వంతమూ కాదు. దిల్లిపై మీకెంత హక్కుందో, నిజామాబాద్ పై నాకూ అంతే హక్కుంది. à°ˆ ప్రాంతం à°ˆ ప్రదేశానికి చెందినదని , à°† ప్రాంతం à°† ప్రదేశానికి చెందినదని ఇటువంటి వాదాలు తప్పు.- à°ˆ దేశంలో ప్రతి ప్రాంతం పైనా ప్రతి వారికి సమాన హక్కుంది”..
        ఇదీ నెహ్రు అన్నది…… ఇందులో హైదరాబాద్ ప్రస్తావన లేదు……
        my question is that how the hyderabad entered in your socalled speech.– and how you come to conclusion that nehru said hyd does not belongs to telangana…. actually on the day nehru visited there was only hyd state not telangana…..
        so what i am arguing is whatever you mentioned above speech is a collection from PMO office. its a pre-prepared speech by PMO office. generally PMO prepares all speeches of PM in advance. depending on the situation PMs can change their speech.
        just depending on a preprepared speech you wrote a big article and alleging many people that ‘ spread blatant lies’ ….. is it the correct way?
        i am repeating my question ……….. how the hyderabad entered in your socalled speech?.– and how did you come to a conclusion that nehru said hyd does not belongs to telangana?

      • savaalreddy says:

        from my side …. i never started any uncivilised comments…… but sir…. answers depends on questions…response depends on comments….check the questions and comments for which i responded!!!.
        i am prepared to face any constructive criticism…..acodemic discussion.
        but sir…. telangana people never allow any impositions…. kahanies….. and vulgar comments!!

        • VK says:

          KCR is well known for vulgar comments. Is he not a telanganaite?

          • savaalreddy says:

            VK…….. mii comment VK!!!
            why are you hurry!! read my comment again…. you will get the answer!!! ok!!

          • VK says:

            Mr QuestionReddy,
            My comment related to the following sentence of your comment made on Nov. 23, 2011 at 7:10 pm.
            “telangana people never allow any impositions…. kahanies….. and vulgar comments!!”

            KCR knows nothing but vulgar comments and he is the champion of current agitation. If telangana people never allow any vulgar comments, how they made KCR a hero after hearing his comments/speeches?

          • savaalreddy says:

            my dear friend………..
            vulgarity varies from person to person….region to region…suppose “kolli”, ” bullebbayi” and “bullemma” are common words to you. but in telangana the word is abusive. a person’s private part called by this word……then which is abusive word. which is not….
            in actual sense vulgarity means abusive words in filthy language. so far KCR never used those words. the words relating challenges….strong criticism, awakening the people… comparing the others….. never treated as vulgarity!!
            in actual sense T people came to know the sweetness and greatness of T language by KCR speeches . even the hardcore rivals of TRS in telangana attends the KCR meetings for his speeches. the secret of sustaining the movement for 11 years is KCR’s speeches.
            you know he is most powerful speaker in the state enough to move the people.this is not my word but by media. do a vulgar speaker earns this type of credibility?

          • VK says:

            @QuestionReddy (November 26, 2011 at 12:20am)

            Once KCR said “Andhra Biriyani tastes like Peda (Gober)”
            Does Peda means something else in Telangana region?

            I don’t know what “Kolli” means but I do know some normal words in one language could be offensive in other languages (For example, we use ‘RANDI’ in respect but this word has vulgar meaning in Hindi. Similarly Hindi word for DOG could be offensive in Telugu) but you know very well I am not talking about region difference in the meaning of few words uttered by KCR.
            They are several stage performers in USA who cann’t utter a single sentence without using MF but still they are popular. So there is no correlation between vulgarity and popularity. Similarly, there is no correlation between popularity and getting votes in election. KCR may be good (doesn’t mean good in choosing words) orator for long time but failed miserably in every elections until recently.

          • savaalreddy says:

            the same argument!…
            my dear sir, you yourself said no co relation between popularity and others. then the same applies to elections…there is no direct relation between popularity… sentiment and election. election needs much more than a sentiment and popularity. votes depends on various issues. some times ration cards also plays key role.. if you give chance to voter to select between a good candidate and own benefit… they may choose the later…. because this is a pooooor country!!! people neeeds ration cards to save a lot from his earnings.
            that is what behind the elections…and the results!! you can not measure any thing in this results!!!
            if you verify 2004 elections…. TRS did well !!!
            BUT all andhraas including media consider only the results of assembly that shows the number less for the contested seats. but at the same time loksabha elections also held. in that results TRS got 5 out of contested 6 in telangana!! even in the sixth seat the candidate missed the party Bform. he treated as an independent candidate with other symbol. in this sense TRS did 100% what it shows?????? (note: actually TRS contested 10 to11 seats in those elections. 6 in telangana.. and others in andhra. this is because to satisfy the norms of election commission to allow TRS a common symbol in those election. even in andhra TRS gets a considerable votes without any canvassing. in hindupur the congress candidates slightly missed the defeat. in bobbili and an other seat in guntur district TRS got 25to 30thousand votes according to my knowledge….but no news paper gave this votes details in main edition of their respective papers. )
            for your information…..when it comes… face to face TRS did well in karimnager byelections tooo!!!! and KCR fought many elections in various places and districts in telangana including by elections after TRS started. no difeate so far!!!

  112. Bhai Savaal Reddy, the speech is in pdf form taken from the book Selected Works, obviously published officially. So no body is tampering with it. Perhaps Nehru himself or the editors of that volume might have edited to include Hyderabad along with Nizamabad. Why are you so worrying about this small matter?
    I already clarified that when political leaders tour a region, in a certain period all their speeches will be similar concentrating on certain main issue. So according to time and place they will change some details. When I go to Nizamabad I will take the example of Nizamabad and say Nizamabad belongs to me and my place, say Madras, belongs to you. When I go to Karimnagar, I will naturally change it to say Karimnagar belongs to me and Madras to you, etc. Suppose the speech version has to be published authentically some years later, I may edit it to give one particular name and I may think since all my speeches are in Hyderabad State why not I put Hyderabad in general in that place? So don’t worry about these petty alterations.

  113. savaalreddy says:

    i want answer from the admn. not from any other. if they are in not a position to give answer…… then….. we will discuss…..ok!!!

  114. VSG says:

    హైదరాబాద్ను కలుపుకొని తెలంగాణా కావాలంటే:1 రాజధానిగ హైదరాబాద్ వద్దు రెండు రాస్త్రలుకు వేరే కాపిటల్ ఒవ్న్ ఎకౌంటు or గొవ్త్ అఫ్ ఇండియా సహాయముతో డెవలప్ చేసుకోవాలి.,హైదరాబాదు పరిధి(hmda) లోని ఎలాంటి పన్నులు(మునిసిపల్, రాష్ట్ర, గొవ్త్ అఫ్ ఇండియా తక్షెస్ షేర్) హైదరాబాద్ పరిదిలోనే ఖర్హ్సుపెట్టాలి.2 హైదరాబాద్ పరిది కి సేపరాటే ఎలేక్ట్రిసితి ఆతోరితి వుండాలి 3 హైదరాబాద్ పరిది లోని ఏమ్య్ల్లెలు,ఎంపి ల తో సేపరాటే రెగిఒనల్ కౌన్సిల్ వుండాలి,119 ఏమ్యల్లెలుతో తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రము ఏర్పాటు కావాలి.
    ఆరు నుంచి ఎనిమిది లక్షల మంది మాత్రమె కదా అంధులు వున్నది హైదరాబాద్ పరిది లో, సో హైదరాబాద్ రెవిన్యూ హైదరాబాద్ కర్చు పెడితే బాగుపడేది మిగిలిన దేబ్బైదు లఖ్సల తెలంగాణా వారె కదా! ఎట్లాగు ప్రబుత్వ ఉద్యోగాలు తెలంగాణా వారికే కదా !

  115. savaalreddy says:

    parakaala gaaru…!!
    this is what telangana gained by merger. this is what the actual face of samaikyavaadam. is this the brotherhood?
    how can we call a person’s demand without any shame, on an asset which niether it is a heridetary nor he earned.

  116. VSG says:

    వై.సర్ నేదురిమిల్లి,కోట్ల ఇద్దరిమీద చెప్పులు, రాళ్ళు వేయించాడు.వాళ్ళని తోసేసి ముఖ్యమంత్రి అవలనుకున్నాడు, అలానే చెన్నారెడ్డి మీదకూడా. నిజముగా ఆంధ్రులుకు ప్రాంతీయతత్వముంటే ఎన్తోడు ఆంధ్ర కి ఎక్కువ చేసి, తెలంగానానికి తక్కువ చేస్తే, ఆంధ్రులుకూడా 1989 లో త.ద.ప ని ఎందుకు వోదిస్తారు? పైగా కాంగ్రెస్ ఐతే మల్లి తెలంగాణా వారికూడా ముఖ్యమంత్రి అయే అవకసముంటుంది కదా! కాంగ్రీస్ లో ముఖ్యమంత్రి మార్పుకు, ప్రాంతీయ తత్వానికి సంభందం లేదు.

  117. Up to 1760 Aurangabad was the capital of Nizam State. After that the Capital was shifted to Hyderabad.

  118. dsrao says:

    I am now convinced that nehru has stated exactly as quoted by the admin after going through the publication mentioned by admin.
    what NEhru felt or did is immaterial because we telugus fought since 1885 for formation of separate state and identity for telugus on linguistc lines. Gandhiji promised us in 1919 and of course after independance his promise was fulfilled by nehru by supporting linguistic state formation.

    Nehru also committed blunders.After all he took the kashmir issue to UNO and gave special status to kashmir. so how does it matter as to what nehru did. Regarding hyderabad nizam state,India conquered it and none of the present day separatists or their fathers /grand fathers could do so against nizam . It the the right of the conqueror to merge or organise the areas on linguistic lines because the telugus were separated in phases only after 1776 where in the the guntur/machilipatnam was leased out to bristish .subsequently , coastal andhra and rayala seema were also leased out.All this happened in maximum period of 150 years out of which last latest 60 years, telugus were together. Natural law of limitation give 12 years only to claim any right. That closes all the demands of separatists. If they open 1956 , we will have to open 1776, 1800 and 1830 which are years of breaking / leasing out areas of our vishal telugu seema .

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